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Blog log from R1 of 2016: Richmond vs Carlton

Blog log for Richmond vs Carlton, R1 of 2016

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Wright roves a Casboult contest in the pocket and tries a banana from 25m that goes wide. (Q1 0:21)
Casboult marks a Murphy pass from the wing on the lead 40m out in front, but kicks wide. (Q1 3:41)
Lambert marks on the lead at 40m on the flank, but Gibbs encroaches and gives away 50m to ensure the opening goal. (Q1 5:39)
Griffiths gets over the back of Weitering on the wing, and goes long to the square where Menadue is behind the chasing Blue defence to mark and goal. (Q1 9:14)
Wright marks in front of Morris near the boundary 40m out, his set shot drifts across the face and is rushed. (Q1 13:16)
Grimes drops a high ball at CHB, Phillips roves and gives to Tuohy who finds Lamb near the hotspot. Lamb kicks truly. (Q1 14:24)
Morris bombs long and blind to the pocket, but it’s easily killed over the behind line by two Blues. (Q1 16:26)
Vickery beats Jamison one on one to mark a Menadue ball just inside the 50m mark on the flank, Rowe gives away a very silly 50m penalty for contact for another easy goal. (Q1 18:55)
Boekhorst hits Walker on the boundary 35m out on a fast break around the outer wing, he goes inboard to Gibbs at 40m on the flank. Gibbs sends the ball straight and true. (Q1 21:08)
Walker has the sit over Vlaustin and uses his body to manoeuvre to the fall of a long Cripps ball at 30m on the flank. He misses badly, though. (Q1 22:25)
Kreizer gets a handball outside a pack at 35m on a slight angle and tries a snap across the body off his left boot… just squeezes inside the near goalpost! (Q1 23:55)
Everitt it was with the goal assist give. (Q1 23:55)
Ellis kicks long from the next centre bounce to a pack 20m out, Vickery contests, Edwards roves the crumb behind and goals off the left boot. (Q1 25:10)
Menadue strips Murphy in a tackle 30m out on the boundary but gets in his back. Murphy gets up and screws in a lovely goal to wrest the lead back again! (Q1 27:51)
Docherty passes to Simpson at half forward, who goes very short to Murphy at 35m on the flank. Murphy misses to the far side. (Q2 1:39)
Edwards bounces a ball to Riewoldt in the pocket after mowing down Jamison on the wing, but Riewoldt catches it fat and kicks OOTF from 30m. (Q2 9:27)
Brandon Ellis burns the ball from the BP to the HFF, straight to Kerridge. But the set shot sails wide from 50m. (Q2 11:55)
Graham receives outside a pack on the wing and passes to a short lead by Everitt near the hotspot. Everitt just manages to avoid the goalpost for his first major. (Q2 13:29)
Houli receives outside a pack on the HFF and goes inboard to Vlaustin for a snap off a step from outside 50m… it flies through, was it touched by Kreuzer off the boot? No, goal. (Q2 16:32)
White roves a Martin drop on the last line of defence but his kick goes OOTF on the HBF, the kick comes back in and White jumps too early 20m out on the flank. Vickery goals. (Q2 21:30)
Townsend clears from the next centre bounce with a low bullet to Vickery in front of White 40m out on a slight angle. Tyrone misses. (Q2 22:45)
Big pack at the Tiger hotspot, time for the strongmen and it’s Martin who bullocks his way through with a classic fend and give to Vickery for his third goal! (Q2 25:56)
Cripps dances free of a Cotchin challenge in a pack after a stoppage on the HFF, and uses his vision to find Graham at 40m on a slight angle. Graham hits the post. (Q2 30:16)
Kreuzer starts a rebound from the HBF with handball right up the guts, Murphy has Cripps over the back to run into the open goal! (Q3 1:43)
Griffiths hits Riewoldt on a double lead to the flank 20m out. He goals, his first score of the night. (Q3 2:56)
Lamb spoils a Vlaustin kick across halfback down to Gibbs, who gives to Buckley for a flying snap from 40m on a slight angle… wide. (Q3 4:42)
Edwards has Griffiths over the back of two Blues on a fast break on the HFF, he has Menadue on his own in the square for the simple mark and goal. (Q3 5:38)
Edwards streams away from the next centre bounce and bombs to the square, off hands for a behind. (Q3 6:30)
Miles catches Cripps HTB on the HFF and goes short down the line to Rioli 45m out. The nephew of Cyril just misses. (Q3 7:16)
Rioli takes advantage after a free for front on contact by Kerridge on Riewoldt and bounces a grubber into the post from 20m in the pocket. oh dear. (Q3 9:01)
Tuohy shows vision behind a pack at half forward to poke a kick to Wright in space at 40m on the flank, he turns and just manages to squeeze his snap inside the goalpost! (Q3 9:01)
Casboult is somehow all alone to mark unopposed in the pocket 20m out from a long but slow Kreuzer ball from the wing. Levi misses. (Q3 13:08)
Phillips floats across in front of a big pack at the hotspot to clunk a long ball up the guts by Tuohy. He hoofs it through with no problem. (Q3 13:08)
Kerridge goes low and hard from the HFF down the line to Walker who puts up his left hand and claws it down in front of Grimes. Walker puts the Blues in front with a goal! (Q3 13:08)
Walker contests at much the same spot with Grimes doing enough to prevent the mark this time, but the crumb goes to Wright who goals from 5m! (Q3 20:01)
Vickery dives in front of Jamison to mark a Townsend ball to 40m on the flank. Vickery hangs it wide right. (Q3 22:44)
Martin delivers a trademark fend in the centre and bounces a ball to Corey Ellis at the hotspot, who somehow has time to butter up and snap across his body for a goal off the left. (Q3 23:58)
Mad scramble after a long ball to the Blue hotspot, Townsend catches Wright high off the contest to give away an obvious free. Wright pops through another one for Carlton! (Q3 27:43)
Casboult takes a contested grab over Townsend at the hotspot from a long Boekhorst ball from the HFF. He misses again. (Q4 1:55)
Townsend goes short from traffic in the centre square to Lambert on his own at true CHF. Lambert doesn’t score. (Q4 3:40)
Townsend sends a high, hopeful ball from the pocket to the hotspot, Hampson contests and gets a free for an arm chop by Kreuzer. He misses. (Q4 5:02)
Riewoldt misses the target with a handball on a fast break at half forward, but Edwards mops up and passes back to Riewoldt at 30m on the flank. Jack goals. (Q4 6:25)
The most likely scenario from here is that Richmond falls over the line to an undeserved victory. (Q4 8:09)
Weitering is stripped in a tackle in a pack 40m out on the flank, Lloyd crumbs, spins out of a tackle and snaps across his body for a fine goal! (Q4 8:33)
Riewoldt picks up a bouncing ball at 40m on a slight angle, has a little look but goes himself off the left… wide. (Q4 9:40)
Lambert has the ball on his knees on the flank 40m out, he gives to Lloyd who snaps truly again! But did Jamison touch it off the boot? Video review, umpire’s call, goal. (Q4 13:11)
Kreuzer kicks blind from defence to the wing, the ump pays deliberate OOB, Riewoldt marks 30m out on the flank but inexplicably passes to Martin, no mark, moment lost. (Q4 19:56)
Kerridge burns the ball horribly on the HBF to Menadue, who has Miles to run free down the HFF and slam through what might be the sealer! (Q4 22:27)
Gibbs passes to Everitt at 45m on a slight angle, he goes back quickly with time ticking down and sails through a nice finish to keep Blue hopes flickering. (Q4 25:50)
Walker roves the spillage from a Boekhorst tackle on Astbury in the pocket but a desperate lunge by Brandon Ellis smothers the attempted snap over the boundary. (Q4 27:12)
Repeat inside 50s to the Blues, Cripps roves a contest, rides a tackle and snaps from 40m on the flank… drops in the square and is rushed. (Q4 28:57)
That was the last chance, no time to get two scores. (Q4 29:53)

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