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Blog log from R20 of 2015: Richmond vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Richmond vs Gold Coast, R20 of 2015

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Deledio roves a Day drop on the wing, speeds away from a slow-looking Malceski and hits Riewoldt on the lead at 45m on a slight angle. Li’l Rooey goals. (Q1 6:21)
After a series of Sun attacks that don’t work, Lynch marks a Russell ball in a wrestle with Chaplin at 25m on the flank. He boots the first Gold Coast goal. (Q1 14:41)
Lambert passes to Vickery on the boundary 25m out, he gets up after diving on the lead to screw around a nice goal! (Q1 17:51)
Lambert roves a throw-in 25m out and bounces through a goal off his right boot! (Q1 19:45)
Riewoldt marks at half forward, turns and passes to Deledio 20m out on a slight angle. Lids goals. (Q1 21:07)
Grigg chases a long ball to space in the pocket, collects it with two Suns on his ginger, tries a left foot snap from the boundary 30m out… it sails through! (Q1 25:07)
Aaron Hall runs away from the next centre bounce and lets fly from 55m on a slight angle… it’s a monster goal! (Q1 25:51)
Lloyd misses a mid-range snap from the pocket. (Q1 27:03)
Lynch turns the ball over at half forward to start a Richmond counter, Vickery marks 30m out on a slight angle and goals as well. (Q1 28:18)
Suns have 3 HTB frees from 21 tackles. Tigers have one tackle. (Q2 3:21)
Aaron Hall takes three bounces down the wing and lets fly from 50m on a slight angle after running a long way… but just misses. (Q2 6:55)
Lloyd roves a bouncing ball and bounces through a goal from 30m on a slight angle, despite a lunge from Malceski. (Q2 10:50)
Shaw roves a Nicholls contest at half forward and snaps rather daintily to an empty square… Russell gets there first to toe it through! (Q2 13:50)
Grigg gives to Ellis who misses from 40m on the flank. (Q2 15:20)
Lynch marks deep in the pocket 25m out and gives to Matera who misses. (Q2 16:47)
Newman catches Malceski HTB on the wing and passes to Vickery who beats two Suns to mark at 30m on a slight angle. Tyrone goals. (Q2 18:35)
Lynch marks in front of Batchelor 20m out in front but sprays it horribly for a very disappointing behind. (Q2 23:31)
Dixon gets an obvious free on Rance for a hold in the square sitting under a long ball, he kicks truly. (Q2 25:06)
Newman is front and centre for a big pack 40m out, his snap lands in the square… and bounces backwards! Vickery gathers but is claimed HTB, Suns clear. (Q2 25:51)
Lynch marks a second or two before the HT siren at the hotspot in a mismatch with Hunt. He walks in to the boos of the Tiger faithful, and also kicks truly! (Q2 27:51)
Cotchin to Newman to Martin at a stoppage in the pocket, Martin’s checkside snap is wobbly but it goes through from 25m for the first goal of Q3. (Q3 1:30)
Lambert runs from the next centre bounce and goes long to the top of the square, Newman pushes off the lame Malceski and marks running back with the flight 10m out. He goals. (Q3 2:43)
Dustin Martin runs down the flank after roving a contest on the wing, has two bounces and gives inside to Lloyd for a snap off his left from 30m. (Q3 5:59)
A lull as Jack Martin is stretchered off. (Q3 9:44)
Grigg snaps across his body from 40m on the flank after a stoppage in the pocket with an assist clearance by Deledio, May can’t stop it bouncing through! (Q3 15:56)
Oh, correction, it was Deledio with the goal, not Grigg. (Q3 15:56)
Maric leaps and clunks a big pack grab at the hotspot over Cameron for his first goal. It’s now a procession, sad to say, as the undermanned Suns keep losing soldiers. (Q3 18:01)
Lennon gives to Grigg whose snap from 40m in front drifts across the face. (Q3 19:03)
Lloyd breaks tackles at a stoppage at the hotspot and snaps his third major. Floodgates have opened and the black & gold army are rushing through. (Q3 20:00)
Boston marks on the HFF, his set shot from 40m drops in the square, Lynch roves Maric’s spoil and goals on the line! (Q3 23:16)
Riewoldt passes to Deledio at 40m on a slight angle. Lids misses. (Q3 24:48)
Aaron Hall kicks long to the hotspot, Dixon contests, Garlett beats two Tigers to the crumb and delivers a nice finish around the body! (Q3 29:19)
Vickery intercepts at half forward and gives to Lennon for a miss from 55m on a slight angle. (Q3 32:45)
Lambert takes a contested grab over Saad at 40m on a slight angle. His set shot starts right but swings left and through for the first goal of Q4 junk time. (Q4 1:08)
Lynch marks at 30m on the flank and just shaves the inside of the goalpost with the set shot. (Q4 4:31)
Thomas marks 25m out on a slight angle and goals. (Q4 7:05)
Dixon gathers a bouncing inside 50 by Aaron Hall and gives to Boston for a flying snap from 40m on the flank… wide. (Q4 9:22)
Boston gets another chance with a snap across the body from 30m on the flank, this time he kicks truly. (Q4 9:48)
Dixon marks near the boundary 45m out, he hits the square but Maric rushes it easily. (Q4 11:06)
Ellis marks a long ball by Newman to the square behind the Sun defence for an easy goal. (Q4 12:15)
A downfield free against Morris for a very soft challenge on Russell gifts Lynch a free at the hotspot. Lynch misses. (Q4 16:03)
Vickery contests 20m out, the ball flips over the back where Riewoldt is able to volley it home from 10m under not much pressure. (Q4 16:46)
Dustin Martin marks a long Lennon ball near the goalsquare over Kolodjashnij, and goals. (Q4 17:43)
Riewoldt marks in the pocket then centres to Deledio 25m out on a slight angle for his third major. (Q4 20:05)
Dustin Martin gets a holding free on Kolodjashnij 20m out on a slight angle, plays on and snaps his third goal with ease. (Q4 23:18)
Dustin Martin misses a snap from the HFF. (Q4 24:35)
Vickery marks a Cotchin pass in the last minute 45m out on a slight angle. He boots his fourth goal, confirmed after video review. (Q4 30:37)

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