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Blog log from R19 of 2015: Adelaide vs Richmond

Blog log for Adelaide vs Richmond, R19 of 2015

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Conca roves a pack on the HFF and gives inside to Martin who finds Maric at 25m on the flank. Big Ivan kicks truly. (Q1 2:03)
Jacobs down to Betts at a throw-in 25m out in the pocket, but the quick snap is just wide. (Q1 8:11)
Newman wheels onto the left boot after marking on the wing and tries a long, high centring ball to McIntosh in the corridor 40m out… Jenkins fails to spoil, Kamdyn mark and miss. (Q1 9:42)
The kick-in misses its target, McIntosh marks the return ball 25m out on the flank but it’s reversed after Vickery is pinged for contact on van Berlo off the ball. (Q1 10:33)
Rance’s rebound kick to the HBF is straight to Dangerfield who goes straight to Rance’s man Walker 20m out on the flank. Tex misses, disappointingly. (Q1 12:57)
Another turnover at halfback by Richmond on the rebound, Dangerfield pokes a very short pass down the flank to Lynch 25m out. Lynch also misses badly. (Q1 13:35)
Newman receives on the end of a chain of Tiger handballs after a stoppage on the HFF and passes short to Grigg at 40m on the flank. Grigg sails through a beautiful set shot. (Q1 18:40)
Houli drops a mark 40m out on the flank, his man Cameron was waiting behind, he turns and runs his full measure before snapping truly from 25m. (Q1 20:52)
Ellis sharks a Thompson give on the wing and bombs long… Brown roves but Martin catches him HTB then plays on to Ellis who snaps truly across the body from 30m on a slight angle! (Q1 24:46)
Jacobs to Sloane at a throw-in 30m out, thence to Dangerfield who misses from the boundary off the left boot. (Q1 27:17)
Sloane passes to Lynch near the boundary in front of Chaplin 40m out. Lynch threads the needle in the last 20 seconds before QT! (Q1 28:04)
Conca’s attempted centre clearance ricochets to Sloane who delivers close to the pass of the season from the wing to the hotspot, low and hard! But Eddie misses after the QT siren. (Qtr Time)
Jenkins leaps over Hunt and clunks a Dangerfield ball 50m out on the flank. His set shot is a centring ball that doesn’t work, Tigers clear. (Q2 1:44)
Lennon marks just inside CHF and decides to hit the top of the square but the Crows clear. (Q2 3:14)
Hunt’s panicked kick to the HBF goes to ground, Walker roves and snaps at full tilt from 45m… narrow. (Q2 5:39)
Walker marks in front of Rance 55m out in front, and goes back for the set shot. Tex roosts it over the line to give Adelaide the lead! (Q2 7:19)
Vlaustin is pinged for a spoil without looking at the ball, free to Lyons 40m out near the boundary. He centres, no score results. (Q2 10:29)
Cameron roves another nice Jacobs tap at a stoppage in the pocket and runs into the open goal! (Q2 11:24)
Vickery marks on the HFF and sends a low ball to the hotspot, Hampson contests, Riewoldt is front and centre, Sloane tackles but Riewoldt’s kick is good! (Q2 13:00)
Cotchin flies for a Vickery ball 30m out on the flank, the crumb falls near Grigg who tries a volley, well wide. (Q2 15:01)
Betts pushes Grimes in the back and marks on the behind line from an errant Lyons snap from the HFF, ump pays the mark not the free, Eddie misses, footy gods grin. (Q2 17:00)
Laird passes to Walker to mark on the lead right on the boundary line 30m out. Walker hits the behind post OOTF. (Q2 20:15)
A calamitous turnover at halfback by the Crows with Hartigan missing a target, Lennon mops up and gives to Martin who goals on the lope from 40m on a slight angle! (Q2 21:45)
Credit to Vickery for pressuring Hartigan for the turnover. (Q2 22:00)
After Jacobs again bosses a stoppage on the wing, Henderson passes to Walker diving in front of Rance at 40m on the flank. Walker goals as the HT siren sounds! (Q2 27:31)
Cameron misses from 35m on a slight angle to kick off Q3. (Q3 1:30)
Dangerfield intercepts 50m out on the flank but misses the set shot. (Q3 3:29)
Walker marks three strides in front of Rance at 40m very wide on the flank and also misses. (Q3 4:53)
Jenkins roves a Sloane contest at the hotspot but gets tackled by Chaplin which pushes his snap wide. (Q3 6:14)
Smith catches a dithering Rance HTB in space at halfback, 50m out on a slight angle. He misses as well. (Q3 11:49)
Jacobs gives outside a stoppage on the flank for Lynch to try a right foot snap from 45m… across the face. (Q3 17:53)
No goals this quarter, plenty of activity but a lack of finishing. (Q3 18:10)
Martin goes for the crumb from a contest at the hotspot but fumbles, two Crows tackle him and hold on, the ump pays holding the man. Dusty goals, finally. (Q3 18:55)
Martin runs from halfback on a rebound, Walker involved, Lyons passes to Jenkins 20m out in the pocket for the instant reply. (Q3 20:33)
Thompson receives a handball in a phonebox at 45m on the boundary, dodges clear for a left foot snap but it’s well wide. (Q3 22:04)
Jenkins marks unopposed 25m out on a slight angle after Cameron drops Chaplin off the ball to free him up. Jenkins goals, footy gods frown. (Q3 23:10)
Houli dives and forces Knight to fluff a kick on the wing but it sits up for him to regather and give to Dangerfield in space on the HFF, he goals from 55m! (Q3 27:11)
Walker marks 45m out wide on the flank mere seconds before 3QT. He starts it right… it stays right. (Q3 28:38)
Martin outmarks Brown at the top of the square from a long Lloyd ball, and kicks the first goal of Q4. (Q4 2:21)
One might have thought that burst from Adelaide late in Q3 might have put this game to bed, but the Tigers are made of tough stuff under Hardwick, and won’t give up. (Q4 3:13)
Betts kicks long from the HFF but Jenkins marks it over the behind line. (Q4 8:29)
Rance is pinged for a hold on Walker on the boundary 30m out. Walker misses the lot, OOTF. (Q4 9:43)
Betts runs back ahead of two Tigers right on his ginger and marks a Crouch ball 20m out in the corridor, and cops one for good measure. Eddie gets up and seals the deal. (Q4 12:19)
Vickery juggles a mark over Talia at 35m on the flank, a ball Talia should have spoiled rather than trying to mark. Tyrone goals. 9:00 on the clock, still four kicks in it. (Q4 17:09)
Chaplin is very unlucky to be pinged for front-on contact on Walker 20m out in front. Tex does the work of the footy gods by missing it. (Q4 20:35)
Betts marks a Sloane ball in front of Rance on the HFF, plays on and hits the behind post OOTF. (Q4 24:58)
Houli gathers a Cameron ball to the flank 25m out but Mackay catches him HTB with a classic chicken wing tackle. Mackay goals in junk time. (Q4 26:55)
Betts marks a Lyons ball well in front of Batchelor at 35m on a slight angle. He boots his second goal. (Q4 28:55)

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