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Blog log from R18 of 2015: Essendon vs Western Bulldogs

Blog log for Essendon vs Western Bulldogs, R18 of 2015

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Langford handpasses the ball to Melksham just on the boundary 30 out from goal who goes for a very accurate snap off a step, but it’s touched on the line for the first score today. (Q1 4:27)
Zaharakis flies through the middle of the ground with his pace and kicks long to Daniher who plucks it out of the air ahead of Talia. From 40 with no angle he swings it left. (Q1 5:52)
Tom Campbell takes a mark on the half forward flank, and hits the man on the mark with his kick forward, making it fall for Crameri. He gathers 45 out and snaps it through! (Q1 12:12)
Bontempelli marks on his chest ahead of Hibberd 35 out from goal on a little angle, but fails to make the most of the opportunity and misses to the left hand side. (Q1 16:54)
Grant gathers the ball on the boundary line inside 50 and squares it up to Stringer who drops the sitter before hurriedly snapping from 30 and missing for a behind. (Q1 21:09)
Zaharakis gets the ball in the middle of the ground and goes wide to Stanton who combines with Hibberd to run it into the 50, but Hibberd’s shot from 35 misses. (Q1 22:59)
A lot of running action from these two teams in the first quarter, it will be interesting to see if they can both keep up this high paced, low scoring action next term. (Qtr Time)
Grant receives from Picken running through the middle and nails a kick to Murphy on the flank who chips to Wallis just inside 50. With a 45 degree angle he slots it through. (Q2 2:32)
Bontempelli marks on the wing and goes for a run utilising a quick one two with Dahlhaus before going long to Grant 30 out. With a little angle he misses badly. (Q2 6:02)
Tom Campbell marks strongly at the 50 arc which allows for a quick kick to a contest between Crameri and Heppell which Crameri easily wins. He marks and goals from 15 out. (Q2 7:14)
Grant gathers just ahead of Gleeson in the middle of the ground and bolts forward before delivering to the tip of the square where Crameri marks and runs in to goal again! (Q2 8:54)
Crameri looks to be in for a big big game today as he marks ahead of a Bulldogs clearance out of the middle. He goes back from 45 to kick his fourth but misses to the left. (Q2 10:18)
Tory Dickson steals the ball away from Stanton’s kick in 40 out from goal and runs in to kick himself one in a seven point play. (Q2 10:59)
Liam Picken now has a shot on goal after a holding the ball free as the Dogs look to squash the Bombers but his set shot from 40 misses even with no angle to bother him. (Q2 12:33)
Tom Campbell thumps it forward from a ball up on the wing and a punch from Bontempelli helps it forward to Stringer who has a pot shot from 50 but misses to the far side. (Q2 13:49)
Daniher gains a mark of Wood on the 50 arc and pops it over to Goddard near the boundary 35 from goal. He misses but the kick in gets chopped off by Stanton for Essendon’s first! (Q2 16:20)
Hooker charges at the footy to cut off a Bulldogs forward entry but floors his team mate Giles instead, allowing Stringer to gather and snap a goal from 30 out. (Q2 20:30)
Dickson runs for the ball inside 50 and gives a quick hands after gathering to Wallis for a quick centering snap to Murphy 25 out. With very little angle he misses. (Q2 21:54)
johannison continues to run riot off the half back flank as he delivers a great ball to Stringer who leaps in front of the pack to mark 20 out. With a little angle he slots it! (Q2 23:20)
This match is turning into a completely Bulldogs dominated goal fest after an initially hotly contested Q1. Bonts runs free at half forward and delivers to Stringer for his 3rd. (Q2 27:46)
Laverde runs through the middle and hits Goddard on the lead wide near the 50 arc. He quickly swings to his right and pops it up for a Langford mark and goal from 25 out. (Q2 29:31)
That last Essendon goal was the first goal they have got from their own play, and there’s less than two minutes in the half. that is not a very good sign for how the match will go. (Q2 30:17)
Daniher grabs an intercept mark deep in the defensive 50 but turns it over to Wallis who pops it to Redpath 30 out from goal. As the siren for half time goes he misses to the right (Half Time)
Crameri snaps at goal and misses to start the third term, but he gets it back for a second shot at it after the Dogs rebound and this time his shot goes through! (Q3 2:49)
Hunter goes with great courage for a mark on the 50 arc knowing Steinberg was charging at him, and chips it to Redpath in the pocket. From 20 out he misses badly. (Q3 10:07)
Daniel gets spun in a tackle on the flank but manages to sneak a kick forward which allows Dickson to run ahead of the pack, gather and kick a running goal from 30. (Q3 12:10)
Langford gets out by himself on the wing and goes long to Hooker running back to goal. He marks 30 out on a 30 degree angle and does well with the kick, slotting the goal. (Q3 15:35)
Zach Merrett sneaks himself a goal after hanging back from a throw in deep inside 50 and making the most out of a quick handpass from Heppell, snapping it through the big sticks. (Q3 18:14)
Dogs immediately hit back after a free kick for holding the ball goes Crameri’s way just inside the 50 arc lets him go back and add another to his tally. (Q3 19:43)
Crameri bags himself his 6th goal as a Bulldogs clearance out of the middle goes into his hands 30 out from goal. (Q3 20:16)
The Dogs look to turn this into an ugly thrashing as they work it out of the middle with ease to Dickson 35 out from goal. The guy doesn’t miss, and this shot is no different. Goal (Q3 22:11)
Gleeson fires a handpass to a team mate in the defensive 50 but it hits nothing but shins, allowing Johannison to sprint past with the pickup and goal from 45. (Q3 25:36)
Boyd uses his run to wheel around Gwilt on the boundary outside 50 and deliver inside where Stringer just out works Hibberd to gather and run past for an easy fourth goal. (Q3 27:16)
Daniher kicks the first of the last term, gathering the ball after a high kick into the pocket from Jack Merrett and dodging a player in the goalsquare. (Q4 1:02)
Daniher marks strongly against Morris just outside the 50 and pops the ball over to Ambrose in a slightly better position. From 45 with a 45 degree angle he misses to the right. (Q4 7:33)
Tory Dickson gets himself a fourth goal after a marking encroachment allows him to get within striking distance after a 50 metre penalty. (Q4 12:03)
Melksham snaps around the body at goal from 15 out, but it knicks the post on the way through. All this does is allow the Dogs to go forward and Crameri kicks his seventh! (Q4 19:19)
Crameri’s seventh was probably the best of the bunch (so far) as his run through the middle of the ground before the shot from 60 was brilliant. (Q4 20:20)
Daniher marks next to the boundary post and goes back to Jack Merrett 35 out in a better position, but his shot is wildly out on the full. (Q4 21:21)
The helmeted young man Caleb Daniel gets himself a goal from a mark 40 out and then gets himself another shot after a pass from Hunter lets him mark and goal from 30! (Q4 24:04)

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