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Blog log from R16 of 2015: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Blog log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R16 of 2015

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McEvoy marks a Roughead ball from the wing to 30m on the flank in front of Grundy. Big Boy goals. (Q1 1:07)
Reid marks behind Gunston at 45m on the flank but shanks it OOTF trying for extra distance. (Q1 2:57)
Lloyd is paid a questionable mark from a very short Cunningham kick to 20m on a slight angle. He misses, footy gods smile. (Q1 4:57)
Jack roves a Nankervis contest at the hotspot but tries a left foot checkside from 20m, it misses. A right foot snap would have been more advisable. (Q1 9:41)
The Hawks go coast to coast from the kick in, Jetta whiffs a long ball to 20m on the flank, it flips over the back for Hale to run into the open goal! (Q1 10:23)
Hodge kicks long from the wing ot hotspot, Gunston spoils down in front of himself, toepokes to the square then volleys home! (Q1 14:22)
Shiels kicks long from the next centre bounce, Lewis roves and pokes a pass to Roughead 15m out in front. Roughie goals as well, Hawks have the jump at Homebush! (Q1 15:53)
Schoenmakers roves a pack 20m out on the flank and gives to Gunston who turns and shoots around the corner… it’s another one for Hawthorn! (Q1 19:07)
Schoenmakers passes low and hard down the flank for Gunston to dive and mark in front of Rampe at 30m. Gunstall boots his third major of Q1. (Q1 21:08)
Again the Hawks swarm the centre bounce, Lewis goes to Roughead at 45m near the boundary. Roughie misses. (Q1 22:28)
The Swans almost go coast to coast from the kick in but Jetta choose to try a snap from outside 50m, McEvoy gets back to mark in relief in the square. (Q1 23:58)
Lewis bombs long after the Hawks boss the first centre bounce of Q2, Richards holds Gunston 25m out on a the flank for an obvious free. Gunston misses. (Q2 0:39)
Parker goes short to Franklin who marks in front of Lake at 40m on a slight angle. Buddy kicks straight, but ruled touched off the boot! (Q2 3:56)
Schoenmakers gives to Smith who has a paddock to run into up the guts, he takes three bounces, Swans trailing behind like like dolphins in his wake, and bounces through a goal! (Q2 8:54)
Isaac Smith misses a snap from deep in the pocket. (Q2 10:40)
Rioli leaps in front of Hodge and marks a long Litherland ball to the flank 25m out. Cyril misses. (Q2 14:47)
Jones runs ahead of Roughead up the wing and passes to Franklin at 20m on a slight angle. Buddy goals. (Q2 17:10)
Kennedy to Hannebery for the next centre clearance, Gibson is pinged for buffeting Franklin at 35m on a slight angle. Buddy boots his 700th goal. (Q2 18:22)
Long centre clearance by the Swans again, the ball lands behind the pack at the hotspot and it’s Franklin behind who is able to gather and run into the open goal! (Q2 20:02)
Hodge receives outside a pack 40m out on a slight angle and misses with a snap across the body. (Q2 23:55)
Hannebery misses off the left behind a big pack at 30m on the flank. (Q2 25:04)
Kieren Jack passes very short to McVeigh at 40m on a slight angle. McVeigh doesn’t score. (Q2 25:55)
McVeigh is again free at half forward for a handball, he baulks McEvoy and shoots from 45m… over Gibson’s head for another one for Sydney! (Q2 27:27)
Burgoyne rides a tackle and passes short to Litherland 45m out on a slight angle. Litherland roosts a surprisingly pretty set shot for a big goal just before HT! (Q2 32:05)
Rioli wrestles with Kieren Jack and marks a high Birchall ball 35m out on a slight angle. Cyril walks in just before the HT siren and goals. (Q2 33:39)
Lake starts a rebound from halfback, Breust roves on the wing and gives to Rioli who has space to run and bounce, he lets fly from 55m on a slight angle… it’s good! (Q3 0:27)
Lake fluffs a defensive mark from a Goodes ball to the hotspot, it spills to Cunningham but his quick snap is wide. (Q3 3:00)
Breust picks up a loose ball on the wing and kicks to space at half forward for Isaac Smith to mop up, burn off Kieren Jack and give to Roughead for the goal from 25m! (Q3 6:54)
Franklin catches Lake HTB as he dithers on the flank 45m out. Buddy misses. (Q3 9:35)
McVeigh wins a hard footy 20m out in front and gives to Parker who has two Hawks challenging, but manages to poke a grubber between them for a quality finish. (Q3 11:54)
Brandon Jack marks at 40m on the flank. He misses as well. (Q3 14:14)
Rioli marks on the HFF and passes to the pocket for a short lead by Schoenmakers in front of Grundy. Bootsy kicks straight from 15m. (Q3 17:24)
Kieren Jack roves a stoppage in the pocket, baulks clear of a few Hawks and snaps truly off the left boot from 25m. (Q3 19:11)
Hawks win the next centre clearance, Roughead gives to Shiels for a snap off a step from 40m on a slight angle.. that’s the instant replying goal. (Q3 20:35)
Puopolo roves a Lewis contest and gives to Roughead who runs into the open goal. (Q3 22:18)
McVeigh passes to Franklin to mark on the lead 45m out near the boundary in front of Lake. Buddy misses. (Q3 23:40)
Puopolo wrestles with Nick Smith and juggles a long Shiels ball 20m out in front. He goals. (Q3 27:20)
Hannebery gives outside to McVeigh for a miss from 40m near the boundary. (Q3 28:36)
Puopolo strips Jones of the ball in a tackle on the wing, gets a rush of blood and shoots from 55m on a slight angle… wide. (Q3 29:41)
Rioli flashes across a pack 20m out on a slight angle to mark a long Birchall kick, no one went near him. Cyril goals. (Q3 30:23)
Hannebery it was who was nominally on Cyril there, but was left watching in his wake. (Q3 31:21)
Gunston marks the first centre clearance kick of Q4 at 45m on a slight angle. He kicks truly to begin garbage time in style, if it wasn’t already in session. (Q4 0:41)
Breust it was with the goal assist kick from the centre. (Q4 1:11)
Breust runs around the pocket and goals from the square then gets smashed afterwards with a high bump by Jetta, not the first time the Swans have done that tonight. (Q4 4:48)
Lake catches Franklin HTB in the BP, the Hawks rebound around the outer wing, Isaac Smith passes short to Roughead at 35m on a slight angle for his fourth major. (Q4 6:27)
Suckling delivers a trademark 65m bomb for another Hawk goal in between three Swans. The home Homebush crowd sounds bushed with this ambush. (Q4 9:13)
To make things more miserable for the hardy Swans fans remaining, heavy rain just started falling. (Q4 12:28)
The ump calls a short kick to Burgoyne in the BP as too short, he coughs it up under a tackle to Kennedy who grubbers a goal from 25m. (Q4 15:35)
Kieren Jack marks at 40m on the flank and misses. (Q4 17:06)
Breust smashes into Richards but holds onto a chest mark as they come from opposite sides of the fall 40m out in the corridor. He gets up and goals. (Q4 20:13)
Roughead gets a free playing in front of Grundy at 50m on a slight angle, and roosts through his fifth major. (Q4 22:04)
Roughead hits the post from a set shot from the HFF. (Q4 24:11)
Mitchell passes to McEvoy leading from the square in front of Nankervis to 20m on a slight angle. Big Boy goals again. (Q4 27:56)

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