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Blog log from R15 of 2015: Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast

Blog log for Western Bulldogs vs Gold Coast, R15 of 2015

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Ablett gets the first major of the day! Miller works it out of the forward stoppage, and it pops out straight to his captain, who spins in one speedy movement and hammers it home! (Q1 1:32)
Long bomb in and Lynch takes the strong mark out ahead of Talia in the one on one. Tom goes back and nails it from 30! (Q1 2:14)
Lynch gets to the drop zone of the Ablett contest after the long kick in, and finds Rischitelli unopposed in the goal square. Michael trots in and sends through another! (Q1 8:47)
Redpath sends through the Dogs first of the Day. Long bomb in and the Thompson spoil on Redpath goes straight to a Suns counterpart, who feeds it off to Jack. He goals with ease! (Q1 14:43)
May goes long to the Talia/Dixon contest and Charlie takes a strong grab in the one v one. Charlie goes back and nails the major from 25 on the slight angle! (Q1 15:02)
Lonergan goes short into the unopposed Matera, who marks 40 out from goal on the flank. Off the left peg, Brandon sends it straight through the middle! (Q1 18:34)
Lynch receives the free kick for illegal contact in the marking contest against Talia, 45 metres out from goal on the flank. Tom trots in and misses to the near side. (Q1 28:07)
Grant intercepts the Miller handball at pace and then drills in the pass to Tom Boyd who got a step on Day to take the uncontested mark. 45 out, he misses to the right hand side. (Q1 30:00)
Kolodjashnij turns it over through the corridor after an adventurous kick allowed Dickson to intercept and get the ball moving forward for the Dogs.The pill pops out to Dahlhaus… (Q2 7:31)
Luke finds Redpath waiting out the back opposed to Thompson, and he makes no mistake in taking the grab and slotting the goal from 25! (Q2 8:18)
McKenzie turns it over straight to Daniel out of defence. Caleb then misses his target in Stringer, and Jake could only soccer through a minor from 20 out. (Q2 12:42)
M.Boyd to Dahlhaus to Talia all by foot and Michael will now line up from 35 directly in front, with May losing him in traffic. The fullback makes no mistake! (Q2 14:32)
Malceski goes straight down the middle and Lynch takes the strong grab opposed to Roberts. Lining up from just 20 out, Tom sends it through! (Q2 19:08)
Stringer gets to the drop zone after the long bomb in, but it goes further afield to the eagerly awaiting, and unopposed Macrae.Jackson spins, but his dribbled shot misses from 20. (Q2 25:47)
Hall kicks the first of the second half after Wood lost him around the stoppage, allowing Aaron to run onto the pill and snap truly from deep in the pocket! (Q3 0:35)
Lynch to Lonergan who in turn finds Day on the lead ahead of Morris. From a step inside 50 on the flank, Sam slams it home! (Q3 2:17)
Roberts gives away an undisciplined 50 metre penalty to Matera, after Brandon took the mark pressed up on the boundary 30 out from the Ablett pass. Matera takes full advantage! (Q3 7:35)
Day to Miller out of congestion via hand, before Touk slams it on the boot, pressured, 25 out from goal. He misses to the right hand side. (Q3 9:36)
Wallis has a flying snap out of the myriad of bodies, but his shot from 20 misses to the left hand side. (Q3 12:07)
Macrae grabs the scraped entrance into the forward 50, he has time on his side, but is unaware, missing the quick snap to the far side from the pocket. (Q3 15:20)
Long bomb in by Wallis and Redpath gets out the back of his contest with Thompson, taking the mark 40 out from goal on the flank. He misses to the near side. (Q3 16:36)
Wallis goes in long and again Redpath gets some separation on Thompson and takes the mark deep in the pocket. He turns and misses once more. (Q3 19:22)
Dahlhaus finally gets the major the Dogs have been missing time and time again.Picken went into Redpath, who forced the ball to ground level.It pops out to Luke, who goals from 35! (Q3 23:19)
Dahlhaus gets to the drop zone after Grant works it to ground, he flicks it off to Hunter, who misses from 45 on the snap. Yet another minor score for the Dogs. (Q3 28:37)
Wallis to Hunter who centres with an up and under. It bounces out to Matthew Boyd, who has a quick dribbler towards goal from 30, but he bounces it the wrong side of the post. (Q4 1:11)
Bontempelli kicks a much needed goal in this dour contest. Out of the stoppage, he receives from Macrae, sidesteps Lonergan, and hammers it home off his left peg from 40! (Q4 4:02)
Miller flicked it off to Sexton who in turn chipped it to the hard running Malceski who marked 40 out from goal directly in front. Nick goes back and sends through a quick reply! (Q4 5:33)
Johanissen turns it over straight to Lynch coming out of defence. Lynch in turn has a shot at goal from a step inside 50, but he too misses. (Q4 7:37)
Stringer marks out on the lead ahead of Tape. From outside 50 on the flank, Jake sends through another major for the Dogs to keep them in the contest! (Q4 8:52)
Macrae receives the free kick for high contact against Kolodjashnij in the attempted tackle. Jackson lines up the set shot, and has another from 35 on the flank! (Q4 10:04)
Hallahan to Shaw to Ablett and in turn Gary finds Lynch out on the lead. From 35, pressed up on the boundary, Tom hits the post. (Q4 11:52)
Murphy to Wood to Redpath in a brilliant coast to coast move which ends with Harbrow giving up a free kick for illegal contact in the mark contest to Jack. He slots it from 30! (Q4 13:07)
Picken can only get it wide of congestion to Day by hand.Sam flicks it off to Miller who again finds Hall by hand. Aaron spins around and makes it count from 25 on the sharp angle! (Q4 15:08)
Bontempelli goes long and out the back to the Wallis/Tape matchup and Seb can’t keep his feet after a minor push by Mitch. In turn he strolls into goal for the quick reply! (Q4 16:56)
Stringer to Daniels back out to Stringer all by hand. Jake, in turn, goes whack with a curling right foot hoof from 45!Massive major for the Dogs, Jake kicking the goal of the day! (Q4 18:05)
Macrae now goes long out the back and Dickson marks ahead of Shaw running back with the flight. Tory trots in and hammers the Dogs into the lead with 8 minutes remaining! (Q4 19:38)
Murphy, Dahlhaus and BONTEMPELLI! The Dogs sped it from one end of the ground to the other, allowing Luke to flick it off to Marcus who finished truly from 50! (Q4 21:38)
Talia marks out on the lead ahead of Tape after Hunter’s chase allowed Grant to find Michael. From 50 out, boundary side, he misses to the near side. (Q4 23:27)
Murphy flicks it out to Stringer off the half back flank as 90% of the players were in the Dogs defensive 50. Jake went out the back to Dahlhaus, who finished from the pocket! (Q4 28:10)
Talia gets the chance to finish off the game with a final shot at goal after the siren, and he goals from 25! Incredible comeback by the Dogs, one win closer to September! (Full Time)

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