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Blog log from R1 of 2015: Hawthorn vs Geelong

Blog log for Hawthorn vs Geelong, R1 of 2015

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After Roughead forces a turnover at half forward with a tackle on Enright, Puopolo marks at 40m on a slight angle for the first goal. (Q1 1:23)
Stoakes and Hill chase a ground ball 30m out from the Hawks ball, they halve the contest but Roughead comes in with Lonergan going to ground to mop up, baulk and goal. (Q1 6:24)
Correction, it was Smedts not Lonergan. (Q1 6:34)
Kelly passes to Hawkins near the boundary 40m out. The Tomahawk threads the needle with a quality set shot! (Q1 8:24)
Breust intercepts an Enright kick from the last line to 40m on the flank, in between two Cats. He misses. (Q1 11:07)
Hawkins leaves Lake sprawling on the ground in a marking contest at 40m on the flank, turns and passes to Clark on his own in the square for an easy goal. (Q1 11:54)
Gunston gathers a fluky ground ball 40m out on a slight angle, two Cats bump each other on the chase, he straightens lugubriously but misses. (Q1 13:55)
Roughead catches Caddy HTB at the hotspot as the Cats again fail to rebound from the last line. He goals. (Q1 14:55)
Johnson has time with a shepherd by Blicavs on the HFF to measure a centring ball to Clark to mark with ease at 35m on a slight angle. Clark goals, just! (Q1 16:30)
Johnson misses an unlikely snap from the pocket. (Q1 18:24)
Hill burns off Bews on a run down the members’ wing and passes to Puopolo at 40m on the flank. Poppy misses. (Q1 21:00)
Caddy misses a mid-range snap on the end of a coast-to-coast rebound from the last line started by Bartel. (Q1 23:35)
Stokes gives to Motlop who has traffic inside him 20m out in the pocket, he sums it up and tries a banana off a step… it squeaks in! (Q1 24:25)
Cockatoo marks a quick ball by Johnson to 50m on a slight angle, Motlop comes in and tells him to go back for the set shot. He does… and misses. (Q1 26:06)
Hodge passes very short to Lewis on the HFF, he goes back for the set shot but chooses a pass down the line to 30m where Mitchell marks. Mitchell pops through the goal. (Q2 2:25)
McEvoy taps to Rioli who kicks quick and long to the square where Smith is on his own to mark. But Smith is put on the impossible angle and doesn’t even score. (Q2 4:40)
Suckling misses a snap from the HFF. (Q2 5:07)
Duryea goes long to the square where Rioli jumps over Blicavs and marks over the much higher man. Cyril goals. (Q2 7:15)
Langford roves a Rivers fumble and snaps a grubber on the turn at 25m on the flank… rolls into the far goalpost. (Q2 8:55)
Bruest has time to settle after receiving outside a stoppage on the HFF, but he misses from 40m on the flank. (Q2 10:05)
Gunston juggles and marks a Lewis ball in front of the outmatched Motlop at 30m on the flank, who looks around for the support that wasn’t there. Gunstall drills the goal. (Q2 12:31)
The Hawks stream through the centre, long bomb by Hodge to the hotspot, Rioli roves the McEvoy contest and gives to Breust to run into the open goal. (Q2 14:26)
Puopolo is on his own out the back of a contest 35m out and it falls perfectly for him, he turns and boots his second goal. (Q2 22:01)
Johnson passes to Caddy at 40m on a slight angle. A melee develops off the ball, but eventually Caddy takes the set shot and converts. (Q2 25:39)
Burgoyne saves a score by tackling Cockatoo in the act of kicking 40m out in front. He butters up and the Hawks rebound… McEvoy clunks a Rioli ball at the hotspot and goals. (Q2 27:42)
Johnson misses a mid range snap to begin Q3. (Q3 1:35)
Breust leaps in front of Smedts and marks a Rioli ball to 45m on the flank. He goals. (Q3 3:53)
Puopolo sits on Bews’ back in a six-man pack to take a big speccy 25m out on a slight angle. He boots his third major. (Q3 8:15)
Motlop marks a low Bartel ball from the boundary to 35m on the flank. He misses. (Q3 9:33)
Breust marks a Hill ball on the lead in front of Bews at 40m near the boundary. But he tries a pass, no score. (Q3 11:10)
McEvoy gives to Suckling at 55m on a slight angle, two Cats converge, he kicks to the square… was it touched or did it bounce for a goal? Review confirms, touched. (Q3 12:37)
Roughead roves a Hodge kick to a pack at the hotspot and misses off the left at full speed. (Q3 14:09)
The Cats fail to rebound past halfback, Puopolo gives to Anderson who goals from 25m on a slight angle. (Q3 15:09)
It has been all one way traffic since quarter time, this game. Hawks have the monkey off the back, and have trained it to play Dixie on the piano for them. (Q3 15:37)
Motlop misses a highly pressured snap from the boundary 25m out after a give by Stokes. (Q3 16:07)
Lewis wins a one-on-one in the centre with Bartel and passes to Breust at the hotspot with Smedts out of position. Breust goals again. (Q3 17:42)
Suckling hits the post with a mid range snap, it’s well into junk time now though. (Q3 25:20)
Hawkins, who has done precisely bugger all since Q1, catches Lake HTB at 35m on the flank and kicks his second major. (Q3 26:38)
Puopolo roves the centre clearance kick to McEvoy at the hotspot and gives to Breust for yet another easy goal. (Q3 27:54)
Roughead roves a stoppage on the wing, busts through the pack Brereton-style and snaps his third goal from 55m on the flank just as the 3QT siren sounds. (Q3 30:55)
Gunston marks a Mitchell ball at 45m on the flank, but his set shot falls on the line and is rushed. (Q4 0:51)
Caddy marks on the boundary 40m out and misses. (Q4 3:01)
Bews roves a chaos ball by Motlop to 30m on a slight angle and goals off the left boot. (Q4 5:23)
Lonergan spoils a long Frawley ball to the hotspot to the front of a pack, Anderson volleys it flush into the goalpost from fully 35m. (Q4 7:51)
Duncan misses a set shot from the hotspot. (Q4 9:42)
Rioli misses on the run from 15m on the flank. (Q4 11:15)
Hill roves the kick in to CHB and finds Rioli on his own at 30m on a slight angle. Cyril misses again. (Q4 11:47)
Rioli tackles Guthrie in the pocket, the ump inexplicably pays the HTB free to Anderson as secondary tackle. Anderson hits the post from 20m. (Q4 12:51)
Langford roves a Roughead contest in the pocket and misses from 20m as well. (Q4 14:47)
Enright misses a snap from 40m on a slight angle. (Q4 16:36)
Clark rises in front of Gibson and marks a long Lang ball to 40m on the flank. He goals, that’s his third. (Q4 19:52)
Lewis passes to Breust at 40m on a slight angle for his fifth goal. (Q4 25:03)
Kelly intercepts a Gibson handball at 40m on a slight angle but misses the quick snap. (Q4 26:47)
Motlop also misses from 45m on a slight angle after the Cats break up the kick in. (Q4 27:06)
Langford is front and centre for a McEvoy contest at the top of the square but misses. (Q4 27:50)

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