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Plenty of Fisher: 2010 Round 1 projections v3 (3/4)

R1 projections v3 (3/4)

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Injuries have meant players like St Kilda’s Sam Gilbert have to abandon plans for positional changes and return to familiar roles.

Nearly there.

FB: Heath Grundy, Craig Bolton, Martin Mattner
HB: Tadhg Kennelly, Lewis Roberts-Thomson, Rhyce Shaw
C: Kieren Jack, Brett Kirk, Ben McGlynn
HF: Ryan O’Keefe, Adam Goodes, Jude Bolton
FF: Jesse White, Daniel Bradshaw, Lewis Jetta
Fol: Mark Seaby, Josh P. Kennedy, Jarrad McVeigh
Int: Shane Mumford, Paul Bevan, Nick Malceski, Nick Smith
In: Smith
Out: Daniel Hannebery
Iffy: Kennedy, McGlynn, Malceski, Smith
Waiting: Ted Richards, Patrick Veszpremi, Ed Barlow, Daniel Currie
Injured: Craig Bird, Kristin Thornton, Brett Meredith, Lewis Johnston

I admit I may have been caught up in fan hoopla over Hannebery. He may have broekn the five-year long-distance running record at the Swans last week, but that doesn’t mean he’s a lock for round 1 yet (see last year when Matthew Lobbe did much the same at Port). Smith goes back in to provide lock-down duties as a small defender on Milne. The best news for Sydney is that Bradshaw looks ready for battle.

St Kilda
FB: Steven Baker, Zac Dawson, James Gwilt
HB: Farren Ray, Jason Blake, Sam Gilbert
C: Jason Gram, Lenny Hayes, Nick Dal Santo
HF: Stephen Milne, Nick Riewoldt, Brendon Goddard
FF: Andrew McQualter, Justin Koschitzke, Adam Schneider
Fol: Steven King, Clinton Jones, Leigh Montagna
Int: Ben McEvoy, David Armitage, Brett Peake, Jarryn Geary
In: Blake
Out: Sam Fisher
Iffy: Geary, Peake, Gwilt, McQualter
Waiting: Sean Dempster, Luke Miles, Tom Lynch, Steven Gaertner
Injured: Raphael Clarke, Michael Gardiner, Jesse W. Smith, Jack Steven, Robert Eddy
Suspended: Andrew Lovett (club)
Retired: Jarryd Allen

It seems the Gilbert Experiment is over for the moment, as he will be needed in the backline once again to cover for Fisher’s injury. Otherwise, there’s nothing much of interest here in the complete absence of any indication that Lyon will play kids like Miles or Gaertner. Which is as it should be, I suppose.

Port Adelaide
FB: Paul Stewart, Alipate Carlile, Jacob Surjan
HB: Nathan Krakouer, Chad Cornes, Domenic Cassisi
C: Travis Boak, Steven Salopek, Justin Westhoff
HF: Jason Davenport, Warren Tredrea, Kane Cornes
FF: Brett Ebert, Jay Schulz, Daniel Motlop
Fol: Dean Brogan, Robbie Gray, Danyle Pearce
Int: Matthew Lobbe, Scott Harding, Mitchell Banner, Cameron Hitchcock
In: Harding
Out: Matthew Broadbent
Iffy: Harding, D. Motlop, P. Stewart, Banner
Waiting: Michael Pettigrew, Nick Salter, Jackson Trengove, Daniel Stewart
Injured: David Rodan, Hamish Hartlett, John Butcher, Josh Carr, Daniel Bass, Tom Logan
Suspended: Troy Chaplin

I was hot on Broadbent early in the preseason but his disappearance from the NAB after the first week has me worried, even though no injury reports have trickled through. I’m stilll projecting Banner to play as I think his preseason was too good for even Choco to ignore. Daniel Motlop is reportedly doubtful to play after playing a half in the SANFL last week and pulling up with a sore hamstring, so Daniel Stewart may get his debut. The job security of both of the Stewarts, however, has to be severely questioned with a host of players of varying levels of experience and quality gunning for both of their positions.

North Melbourne
FB: Lachie Hansen, Scott D. Thompson, Scott McMahon
HB: Leigh Harding, Nathan Grima, Michael Firrito
C: Brent Harvey, Andrew Swallow, Liam Anthony
HF: Corey Jones, Aaron Edwards, Matt Campbell
FF: Lindsay Thomas, David Hale, Ben Warren
Fol: Hamish McIntosh, Daniel Wells, Jack Ziebell
Int: Todd Goldstein, Brady Rawlings, Ryan Bastinac, Sam Wright
In: Wright
Out: Levi Greenwood
Iffy: Edwards, Jones, Rawlings, Wright
Waiting: Daniel Pratt, Ben Ross, Robbie Tarrant, Gavin Urquhart
Injured: Ed Lower, Ben Cunnington, Greenwood
Suspended: Drew Petrie

In this scenario even though Wright is not like-for-like with Greenwood, Rawlings moves back into the tagging role that Greenwood was earmarked for, so Wright can play the halfback sweeper role that Rawlings was supposed to ease into. There’s also a case to be made for Leigh Adams and Cruize Garlett, of those not named above, though I think the Roos have enough small forwards in that 22 as it is.


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