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Rookie reload: Round 12 rookie elevations

R12 rookie elevations

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The new rule allowing a free rookie elevation after round 11 is now in force, with two teams already using it.

The most noticeable of these, and the most fantasy relevant, is Port Adelaide who have nominated Danny Meyer, who they recruited from Richmond last year. Meyer is a 22-year-old medium-sized inside midfielder. His career DT average of 35.1 across 17 games and four years is hardly a bold advertisement for his prospects, even if he is currently at the basement rookie price, but nevertheless he is as good a chance as any to provide a warm body on the run home to fantasy finals in your midfield.

The other rookie to have been named this week under the new rule is Cruize Garlett of North Melbourne, albeit on an extended bench for Sunday’s game against the Crows. As a small forward he has a lot of competition for spots down at Arden St, although the recent fractured cheekbone sustained by Ben Warren may well give him a window of about a month to push for senior selection.

As for the other clubs:

Adelaide: Even if there were any hot prospects you wouldn’t be touching them under the Craig regime.

Brisbane: Will most likely elevate Joel Tippett or Daniel Murray to cover their depleted ruck stocks, which is slightly unlucky for Daniel Dzufer.

Carlton: Greg Bentley is back on the rookie list after temporarily replacing Adam Bentick, but Darren Pfeiffer would be stiff not to get another gig at some stage.

Collingwood: Small inside midfielder Jarryd Blair is attracting rave reviews in the VFL and would be first cab off the rank if injuries don’t increase the need for other player types.

Essendon: Former stick insect Christian Bock may be elevated soon to cover the Dons’ depleted ruck stocks. Let’s hope he only plays at the Dome where the wind can’t blow him over.

Fremantle: Not a huge amount of interest here, maybe Casey Sibosado if he’s brought in as a permanent third tall forward to replace the likes of Adam Campbell and Ryan Murphy.

Geelong: Fantasy coaches would like to get a look at Ranga Ediriwickrama but the Cats will probably use the new rule to keep Shane Mumford on the senior list after Brad Ottens returns from injury.

Hawthorn: Of course they’ll be elevating Zac Dawson… wait, what’s that? Traded him to where? Oh bugger. Ex-Lion Haydn Kiel would be the only one close to ready, but he’s not a great fantasy prospect in any case.

Melbourne: Nothing of value here at all.

Richmond: Too early to tell who Rawlings’ favourites are, but you’d expect he’ll pop a surprise or two from the Coburg team he has been coaching all year. One name that should interest fantasy coaches is Jarrod Silvester, a 24-year-old tall defender. Probably only draftable if one of the existing young tall backs goes down, but worth keeping an eye on for Super Coach in particular.

St Kilda: The Saints have seven rookies to choose from but even with promising names likes Steven Gaertner and Ross Tungatulum you’d expect them to mothball the kids as they chase the flag.

Sydney: Nothing to see here, move on.

West Coast: Nothing fantasy-relevant here either. EDIT: Adam Cockie is back on the rookie list after deputising for Luke Shuey, so he’s the most likely to reappear.

Western Bulldogs: Ditto.

The above is by no means canonical, so if you’ve heard word of a decent rookie coming through, by all means let us know in the comments.


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