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M0nty’s Dream Team squad

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For those few of you who had been hanging out to see it, here it is.

Chad Cornes (vc), Joel Bowden, Heath Shaw, Brad Symes, Mark Nicoski, Xavier Ellis, Scott D. Thompson.
Lachie Hansen, Albert Proud.

Kane Cornes (c), Nathan Jones, Nick Stevens, Bryce Gibbs, Travis Tuck, Craig Bird.
Jarryn Geary (e), Cale Morton.

Jeff White, Troy Simmonds.
Cameron Wood, Matthew Kreuzer.

Jonathan Brown, Matthew Pavlich, Nick Riewoldt, Steve Johnson, Brad Johnson, Stuart Dew, Nathan Thompson.
Kurt Tippett (e), Cyril Rioli.

I’m not entirely happy with it. Gibbs has let me down already, albeit he did play in the middle for most of the game which is an improvement over back pocket. Another 50-odd and Gibbs is highly likely to get subbed out before round 3 for whoever looks more like this year’s Matt Priddis. I would have liked more time to go over the rookies who are actually playing in round 1… but that’s a topic for another post.

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