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Lethal League 2008 opens

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Tai and I are proud to announce the launch of a new fantasy AFL dream team competition called Lethal League. We’re putting up just on $5,000 of our own money as the prize pool for the competition, including a $1,000 first prize and weekly prizes for first, second and third. It uses the same dream team scoring system as the official AFL Dream Team and fantasyfooty.net.au, among others. The major difference (among several) in Lethal League is that you get unlimited trades, part of an innovative new system which keeps the rewards of picking hot new players early but removes the “cash cow” mercantile mentality of other systems.

Most importantly, we will be offering live scoring for your Lethal League teams, not just for the team on its own but live league scoring as well… for all teams in all your leagues. As each weekend progresses during the AFL season, you’ll be able to see your opposing teams’ players revealed live as each game “locks out”, then watch your own team go head to head with your opponent, and also spectate as the other teams in your league battle it out player by player.

I feel very strongly that live scoring is by far the most exciting thing about fantasy sports. Watching your team rack up the points online in real time as the games occur is the best part of fantasy, and it’s what made Tai and I start FanFooty in the first place. For various contractual and other business reasons, the companies behind the other fantasy AFL competitions you have played have not provided you, the fantasy sports nut, with the “killer app” in fantasy, which is live scoring embedded into a fantasy-specific site. That changes in 2008.

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