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I seem to remember I tried this out before, but hopefully this time it will be here to stay. I’m spending a lot of time at BigFooty nowadays answering question, rating teams and commenting on various issues to do with fantasy footy and online AFL in general. This seems like a good place to record my opinions. I hope you enjoy!

Specifically, I would like to use this blog to answer questions for you, the readers (and hopefully members of FanFooty) on:

– Rate my team (using the patent-pending M0nty Fantasy Team Rating System)
– This player versus that player
– Who should I pick up this week in X position for Y fantasy dollars

Just email your questions to m0nty aaat fanfooty dooot com dooot au (that’s m0nty with a zero instead of an o) and I’ll answer them here. I’ll give preference to emails which state your name, and particularly to emails which include a link to your public Dream Team or Super Coach page (for instance, here’s my public Dream Team page).

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