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Early Dream Team 2009 plan team structure

Early DT 2009 plan team structure

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Following on from the team trends post earlier this week, and echoing a successful post from February about a 2008 Super Coach team structure, I thought it might be helpful to give an overview of how a fair few of the Fanplanner plan teams are being structured in terms of the distribution of premiums, mid-price players and rookies.

Looking back at that earlier post, it was possible to buy a gun top-100 team from the players I listed there, though I did miss a few fantasy stars like Bock, Porplyzia, Hill, Wheatley and Vince. I’m sure this won’t be the first time I do this feature before the start of next season, but let’s see how good you can make your team look by choosing from the following player groups who are the most popular in plan teams.

3 premiums from: Brendon Goddard, Chad Cornes, Luke Hodge, Sam Fisher, Grant Birchall, Chris Newman, Corey Enright, Josh Drummond, Andrew Mackie, Heath Shaw
3 mid-prices from: Ricky Petterd, Xavier Ellis, Nick Malceski, Andrew Raines, Beau Waters, Simon Buckley, Shannon Hurn
3 rookies from: Jack Grimes, Alex Rance, Matthew Egan, Nick Suban, Jordan Lisle, Jesse W. Smith, Levi Greenwood, Michael Hurley

2 premiums from: Kane Cornes, Jimmy Bartel, Gary Ablett jnr, Chris Judd, Joel Selwood, Jordan Lewis, Travis Boak, Shane Tuck, Dane Swan, Daniel Kerr
3 mid-prices from: Paul Hasleby, Ben Cousins, Bryce Gibbs, Jed Adcock, Brent Reilly, Trent Cotchin
3 rookies from: Daniel Rich, Mark Coughlan, Patrick Dangerfield, Steele Sidebottom, Jack Ziebell

1 premium: Dean Cox
1 mid-price from: Hamish McIntosh, Robert Warnock, Brad Ottens
2 rookies from: Nick Naitanui, Tyrone Vickery, Joel Tippett, Shaun McKernan, Daniel Currie, Ayce Cordy

2 premiums from: Matthew Pavlich, Lance Franklin, Steve Johnson, Nick Riewoldt, Jonathan Brown, Daniel Giansiracusa, Ryan O’Keefe, Nathan G. Brown, Adam Goodes
3 mid-prices from: Scott Lucas, Shaun Higgins, Jason Porplyzia, Patrick Veszpremi, Des Headland, Alwyn Davey, Angus Monfries
4 rookies from: Jack Watts, Chris Yarran, Taylor Walker, Jarrad Grant, Sean Rusling, Scott Gumbleton, Trent Hentschel

I don’t agree with all of those. I think the #2 ruck premium is a more wide open field than that, for instance. Since I added Ben Cousins yesterday after a suggestion from BigFooty, he has shot up the charts in the starting midfielder slots to be #6 on the list, a ranking which I don’t like since I have big queries over his long-term fitness and thus his keeper status. I still don’t like the mix of talls and small in the forward rookie list – I think over time you’ll probably see a lot more discussion of shorter Rioli/Gamble/Porplyzia types like Michael Walters, Hayden Ballantyne, Neville Jetta and Tom Rockliff.

As for names that I think should be there, perhaps that’s for another blog post. Maybe you lot can suggest some in the comments?

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