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Talking points: Round 10

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Player of the week: How can you go past Matt Priddis – who scored 166 against the Kangaroos on Saturday. Priddis racked up 40 disposals (nice…) but went the extra mile to register a massive 10 tackles as well, guaranteeing a fantastic fantasy score. I think it’s the highest score we’ve seen this year – knocking off Scott West’s efforts a few weeks ago – but I’m happy to be corrected on that.

Honourable mentions: In any other week, these guys may have taken out the award… Jimmy Bartel (no surprises there, with 150), Dean Cox (150, his highest score ever), Brad Green (162), Dane Swan (150), Andrew Carrazzo (139)

Biggest disappointment: Crash… Back to earth for Leigh Fisher and Luke McPharlin, after each scored 145+ recently. Fisher scored just eight after twinging his hamstring, while McPharlin scored 28. He still went up in price due to a 150 last week, but that kind of inconsistency can kill a Dream Team’s potency. Due to Fisher’s injured status, McPharlin ‘wins’ it this week.

Honourable mentions: Barry Hall (36), Nick Dal Santo (43), Daniel Harris (26), Heath Shaw (nine, but he was injured too)

Other points of interest:

Heath Shaw’s bad, bad score of nine was injury-affected, but it means he’s looking like a brilliant upgrade target in a few weeks’ time. For one thing, it’s worth waiting until he’s over that corkie, but for another reason his break-even price is 198. In other words, that price of $267k will sink to about $230k over the next couple of weeks – unless, of course, he plays a blinder or two…

It wasn’t just Cox who registered a personal best this weekend. Ted Richards also managed one, scoring 89 against his old club on Saturday night. It wasn’t a great night for the guns, though – as well as Hall’s shocker, Scott Lucas managed just 57, and Adam Goodes had a miserable 47.

Nigel Lappin had another good game on the weekend against
Richmond, scoring 114. Easy to remember now why he was such a Dream Team gun a few years ago – I can remember him consistently outscoring Voss, Black, and Akermanis all in their prime. Lappin is now $288k with a bullet, after rising nearly $30k this weekend, and is set to rise up around $20k after the next match.

Lappin’s former team-mate, Jason Akermanis, scored a miserable 65 against
Carlton. This week is the rematch against the Lions, and Aker needs a big one to kick-start his season. He’s cheap at the moment, but these bad games are not making him an attractive proposition.

The Cornes brothers scored 250 between them – 128 to
Chad, and 122 to Kane, who is fast approaching a West-like price. Kane is now on $411k, having risen $14k, and has a break-even of just 54 next week.
Chad’s breakeven is 51, making him also a good immediate get.

 Warren Tredrea, meanwhile, continued his disappointing run, scoring 43. He’s dropped another $15k to be worth under 200 now, and further falls are likely with a break-even of 81. He has reached that once this year (against St Kilda) but apart from that there’s only one other score above 60 this year. When will it stop, Wozza?

In his first game for the year, Carlton’s Jordan Bannister had a ripper, scoring 104. Won’t keep up though.

Chris Judd had a slightly down week, scoring 83. This means his price will slide slightly over the next week or two (he’s worth $385k at the moment), with a break-even of 136 next week. Another elite player in Scott West is also in for a drop; those sky-high scores of earlier this year are not to be seen lately. West is now worth $365k, and has a break-even of 144 next week.

In the Crows’ perspective, there’s a few likely types falling away in price. Andrew McLeod, Scott Thompson and Graeme Johncock are all well down this week and the price slashing won’t stop there. Keep them all in mind.

Clint Bizzell didn’t back up his good form from last week, scoring just 26. From what I can tell, Bizzell is playing as a stopper rather than an attacking half-back, which isn’t good for guaranteed points – even if he is as cheap as chips.

Matthew Pavlich’s timely return to form coincided just as yours truly took him off captain duties… But I have no problems with him scoring 144. His break-even is nine means further price rises are a certainty.

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