By Quarter: Gold Coast v Carlton, R4

This page lists Dream Team and Super Coach scores for each AFL player in each quarter of this game. A warning: The Super Coach by-quarter scores may be wrong since the scores do tend to oscillate wildly during the breaks for some reason. If you see a quarter where half the players are in negatives then it's probably wrong. The Dream Team scores should be accurate though.

Gold Coast

Touk Miller4236413014900
Jarrod Witts3335223612600
Brayden Fiorini4028251410700
David Swallow2820332410500
Darcy MacPherson331824239800
Jarrod Harbrow192919158200
Nick Holman24820298100
Ben Ainsworth201425218000
Alex Sexton163118127700
Anthony Miles281023157600
Jack Bowes22117367600
Jordan Murdoch20320216400
Charlie Ballard211514126200
Pearce Hanley11414316000
Jesse Joyce92215146000
Jack Martin14525155900
Samuel Collins121915115700
Peter Wright17211025000
Jack Lukosius13811104200
Chris Burgess-381412000
Jack Hombsch03881900
Wil Powell414001800


Patrick Cripps1245604616300
Marc Murphy1348343613100
Sam Walsh3416373211900
Kade Simpson162635229900
Dale Thomas332620179600
Charlie Curnow193825139500
Jacob Weitering411520128800
Lachlan Plowman251327208500
Nic Newman222313278500
Zac Fisher311329108300
Ed Curnow291810258200
Paddy Dow121027247300
Sam Petrevski-Seton241710227300
Will Setterfield82318217000
Liam Jones28012286800
Caleb Marchbank18292106800
Lochie O'Brien201512105700
Matthew Lobbe26141705700
Michael Gibbons12136184900
Mitch McGovern042144700
Levi Casboult1417664300
Harry McKay751653300