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EXV Official Rules Thread:

The Introduction:

1.1 Euros 15 is a competition that has opened following the creation of WXV by highly regarded forum member and moderator, Ossie85. There is currently four XV competitions on FanFooty: WXV, EXV, BXV and AXV. Each with their unique scoring system, rules and teams.

1.2 The concept was designed for Fantasy Fans who want to experience the additional benefits of coaching a team that doesn't cease at the end of the regular season.  Players drafted into a 15s team remain with that team for the life of their career until they either retire, are delisted, or are traded to an opposition club.

1.3 EXV is based on AFL Fantasy and Real DT scoring:

AcheivementPoints Awarded
Kick3 Points
Handball2 Points
Mark3 Points
Tackle4 Points
FF1 Point
FA-3 Points
Hitout1 Point
Goal6 Point
Behind1 Point

1.4 Unlike the other three XV competitions, Euros 15 is made up of only 12 teams to create a competitive and unique competition.

The National Draft:

2.1 In the foundation season of the league the National Draft will be conducted in a snake format, in the opposite direction to the Initial Draft.

2.2 All future drafts will be looped commencing with the team finishing last the previous season.

2.3 Only players selected in the AFL National draft are eligible to be taken in the EXV National Draft

2.4 Picks must be taken within 24 hours of the previous pick, otherwise the pick will be skipped, and can be taken at the skipped coach's next available opportunity.

2.5 Compensations picks are awarded when a team finishes a season with three or less wins. This means that they will receive a pick in the first round of the draft after the team's first pick or after the team all the other teams who received a compensation before you have taken their pick.

The Rookie Draft:

3.1 In the foundation season of the league the Rookie Draft will be conducted in a snake format, in the opposite direction to the Initial Draft.

3.2 All delisting of players must happen prior to the draft commencing.

3.3 All future drafts will be looped commencing with the team finishing last the previous season.

3.4 Once a team reaches the 44 player cap they must pass on any further picks

All compensation picks will be awarded at the discretion of the administrator.  These may be awarded in abnormal circumstances which significantly affect the team in question.


4.1 Trades must be listed in the Trading Thread in the following format:

X Team receives: Player A
Y Team receives: Player B

Reason: Justification for why the trade has been made

4.2 Trades do not need to be 1 for 1.

4.3 All trades are automatically accepted as passed, unless another coach challenges the trade via PM to the Administrator.  It is the sole discretion of the Administrator whether to allow the trade, to block it, or to put it to a vote.  The Administrator's decision is final.


5.1 Every team must be led by a Senior Coach. This person is responsible for all aspects of managing the team.  The Senior Coach may appoint Assistant Coaches, Drafting Consultants or other staff as the Senior Coach desires.

5.2 Teams participating in the Euros 15s are:

Swiss Storm (Koop & TomK)
Macedonian Wolves (Scrads)
Belgian Bashers (Meow)
Greek Titans (Hawka)
Hungarian Hulks (Holz)
Spanish Stallions (Izander
English Lions (JBs-Hawks)
Russian Roulettes (Nige
Svalbard Valkyries (Ziplock)
Croatian Crushers (GL)
Iceland Polar Bears (nas)
Belarus Bison (LaHug)

Naming Teams:

6.1 All teams must be named in the designated thread for each round. Lockout is at the first bounce of the first game however a partial lockout is in place for Thursday night and Monday night games. An announcement will be made closer to the given round regarding any partial lockout.

6.2 Administrator will rule on any disputes regarding team lodgement. If team is not lodged then team for previous week will be the default team. The same applies for captains or lack thereof.

6.3 Team Naming Format:
Backs: Four Starting Backs.
Mids: Four Starting Mids.
Ruck: One Starting Ruck.
Forwards: Four Starting Forwards.
Utilities: Two Starting Utilities.
Emergencies: Four Emergencies ( 1 Per Position.)
Captain: The captain will be awarded double points.
Vice - Captain: Is considered the captain if the designated captain does not play.

6.4 Emergency Ruling
If a player in the start 15 is out, the emergencies work in the following order:

-If a utility can cover that position, he will resulting in the first emergency being named in place of the utility.
-If the utility is unable to cover, the emergency listed for the particular position covers.
-If there is no emergency listed for the position, the first emergency comes as an OOP player. (1/2 points.)

6.5 HGA
HGA advantage is in place for one team in a match-up in every game excluding the Rivalry Round and The Grand Final. If a team has a HGA bonus, the lowest scoring player on the field has his score doubled. If there is an OOP player on the field and after the score is divided by 2, he is the lowest. He is not doubled for HGA but the lowest scoring player excluding OOP is. The minimum HGA is 30 raw points.

Eg: In defence, Grant Birchall scores 50, OOP Trent Cotchin scores 60 which is reduced to 30. For HGA the 50 is doubled.

6.6 Sub Rule

A player will be subbed out if they less then 25% TOG so this means 24% or less game time. This is to protect against very early injuries and in the case the captain is subbed out then the vice captain will take over as captain.

6.7 Match Points Scoring
Scores of each player will be determined by the AFL DreamTeam or Real DreamTeam scoring system. To ensure that the competition emulates the AFL where possible. Each teams total score will finally be divided by 10.

6.8 Rookie Lists and Promotions

At the end of each season, each team's rookie list is disregarded and all players become only a part of the regular 40 meaning the rookie list no longer exists. Following this: The National Draft, Rookie Draft, delistings etc. take place. When all of those events conclude. Each team are to pick 5 players that will make up their rookie list for the season.

During the season, if there is an LTI on the senior list, a rookie may be promoted. This process happens every season.

Coaching Rules:

7.1 If you do not make contact within two weeks unless a reason is provided to the league administrator your position may be questioned.

7.2 All teams are required to have a team thread that is expected to be kept in reasonable order. The thread at minimum must contain the playing list.

7.3 Tanking by any coach will not be accepted. If a team is deemed to have tanked, the Administrator will determine the punishment and its severity. Whether this be loss of draft picks or the sacking of the guilty coach.

7.4 If a coach is sacked, the Administrator will determine who the next coach will be taking into account any applications put forward.

Loophole Rules:

8.1 You can name 1 emergency in each position so 4 emergencies.

8.2 For loophole, there is a rolling lockout for thursday. However I dont like Loopholes for this comp it goes against the orginal DT that this comp is built on. So you can't name players who are not listed in the 22 or in the 3 emergency spots on the teamsheets on AFL.COM. If you want to try and use the loophole with an emergency player do it at your on risk. I think its unfair if teams have a VC loophole chance to get a leg up because they have a good player from West Coast or Sydney this goes for emergency loopholes as well. The rolling lockout is to let teams name a full team not to exploit it for advantage.

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