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Started by Phasir, July 11, 2012, 12:48:57 AM

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I know it sounds stupid, but it took me 46 seasons many, many, many, many hours of playing but I finally won, so chuffed, thanks so much to m0nty for the challenge!

now to make it back to back ;)

DT Gun

no offence but how the hell did u play through 46 seasons without getting bored

you must be one stubborn man!


On the subject of 'winning', I am finding it hard to gain fans. What do you have to do to get fans? I can't seem to get past 30,000. Any suggestions?


I find playing youngsters in prime positions such as rover or kf will get them the big possession games and get heaps of medals & potential points early in their careers, so they're better players faster.  As to getting fans do that^ but lower your team value to 75% allowing you to play teams much worse than yours which you can then annihilate getting more fans.. also gets your key forwards big bags which = big potential points ;)  8)


won my first final after 23 seasons! YAY!


After 15 seasons, the closest I've got to winning a final is 45 points... It will come!
Although I have a key fwd, who in his 10th season is worth over 1 mil  ;D ;D ;D



Peter Gardner   71

DT score:

Peter Gardner   316




Have started playing this again, does anyone else play regularly?

I remember when I first played, had no issues, think I won 2or3 flags, but now I am struggling to get guys up in value and make the finals to lose by 100 to CARLTON!!

Thinking of starting again, looking for suggestions from people with team $20m+