BXVS 2024 Round 12 Lodgement Thread

Started by Ringo, June 24, 2024, 08:19:12 PM

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Well the byes are now over to better of for worse so time to get back into our final 4 rounds.

No more Thursday nights games so we have Partial lock out on Friday Night with full lock out 1st Saturday game.

So for this week Captain and Vice Captain will be locked at bounce of Brisbane Melbourne Game 7:40pm Friday night

Players from Brisbane and Melbourne will be locked at Bounce Friday Night 7:40pm
All other players will be locked at bounce of North Melbourne and Western Bulldogs game 1L45pm Saturday

Teams can be lodged in either 3 ways in this thread .
1: Def: XXXX (4) Mid XXXX  (4) Ruck X (1) Fwds: xxxx (4)Util: XX (2)  Emerg XXXX(4)
2, As per Uf Util: XX (2)  Emerg XXXX (4)
3. As per UF where it is assumed first 2 available players as Utilities and next 4 as emergency.
Remember in the thread to name emergencies in your preferred order as when emergencies are required they will be used in the order listed in the thread

Round 12 Draw
First named Team with the HGA

Swansea Breakers v Manchester Magic
5th v 6th
Staines Steins v Bradford Badgers
2nd v 12th
Nottingham Hoods v Blackpool Bunnies
10th v 3rd
Huddersfield Hawks v Grope Lane Giants
1st v 7th
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs v Oxford Lions
11th v 9th
Hastings Hurricanes v Winchester Werewolves
4th v 8th

Can anyone take the Hawks down Giants your opportunity this week.

A lot of games this week has an effect on ladder positions.

Best of luck to all and here is a reminder of the ladder prior to round.


Blackpool Bunnies

D: Wil Powell, Nick Blakey, Mitch Duncan, Charlie Comben
M: Zach Merrett (C), Jai Newcombe, Conor Nash, Callan Ward
R: Tristan Xerri (VC)
F: Isaac Heeney (EVC), Matt Kennedy, Oliver Dempsey, Dustin Martin
U: Steele Sidebottom, Reuben Ginbey

E: Tom Powell (F/M), Ryley Sanders (M/F), Darcy Moore (D), Jeremy Sharp (M)

IN: Wil Powell, Callan Ward, Oliver Dempsey
OUT: Darcy Moore, Matt Crouch, Tom Powell


Swansea Breakers

Swansea Breakers
DEF:Jack Crisp,  Harris Andrews,Miles Bergman,San DeKonning
Mid: Tim Kelly (VC), Shai Bolton,Tom Green (C)  , Elijah Hollands
Ruck: Rowan Marshall 
Fwds: Bailey Banfield. Sam Darcy, Caleb Windsor, Kai Lohmann
Util: Scott Pendlebury,Oscar McInerney

Emer: Heath Chapman, Jack Darling, Joel Freijah, Kamdyn McIntosh



Nasiah Wanganeen-Milera, Jordan Ridley, Dan Houston, Callum Wilkie
Patrick Cripps (VC), Errol Gulden, James Worpel, Jake Soligo
Tom De Koning (C)
Zachary Fisher, Jeremy Cameron, Joe Daniher, Harry McKay
Reilly O'Brien, Lachlan Sholl

Bailey Scott, Justin McInerney, Kyle Langford, Sam Clohesy


Nottingham Hoods

Def: J McGovern May Weddle T Atkins
Mid: Taranto (c) J Berry LDU (vc) Coniglio
Ruck: Draper
Fwd: Moore Waterman B Hill Rayner

Utilities: Drew Macrae
Emergencies: (B) Saad (M) Duursma (R) Williams (F) Higgins


Def: Perryman, Stewart, Newman, Heppell,
Mid: Miller (VC), Brayshaw (EVC), Laird (C), Acres
Ruck: Darcy Cameron
Fwd: Owens, Guelfi, Fyfe, Treacy
Int: Sean Darcy, Dangerfield

Emg: Bonner, Barrass, 2MP, Weitering



Hebden Bridge

DEF: H.Sheezel(VC), N.Broad, T.McDonald, C.Jiath
MID: G.Hewett, J.Rowbottom, J.Horne-Francis, L.Neale (C)
RUC: M.Blicavs
FWD: T.Greene, P.Lipinski, L.Fogarty, J.Simpkin
UTI: M.Wood, S.Ross

EMERG: J.Graham, H.Cunningham, J.Graham, J.Henry


Winchester Werewolves

Def: Lachie Whitfield, Jordan Clark, James Sicily, Bailey Dale
Mid: Clayton Oliver, Jack Steele(C), Nick Martin, Max Holmes (VC)
Ruck: Toby Nankervis
Fwd: Tom Sparrow, Darcy Wilson, Jake Riccardi, Joel Jeffrey
Util: Ed Richards (EVC) (D/M), Harry Himmelberg (D)

Emg: Oliver Florent (D), Will Ashcroft (M), John Noble (D), Noah Balta (D/F)


Steins: As per AF.
Util: First 2 bench.
Emerg's: The next 4 bench in preference order.


Grope Lane on field as per AF

Cerra & JDG utilities

E: Bowes, Jordon, Meek, Boyd, Macdonald, Knevitt


Oxford Lions

Def: Mason Redman, Mitch Hinge, Zach Guthrie, Max Michaelanney
Mid: Noah Anderson (VC) Matt Rowell (C), Ollie Wines (EVC), Connor Rozee
Ruck: Ben Miller
Fwd: Josh Rachele, Alex Neal-Bullen, Brent Daniels, Kysaiah Pickett
Util: Tom Liberatore (M), Sam Durham (M)

Emg: Jaeger O'Meara (M), Jack Scrimshaw (D), Marc Pittonet (R), Ben Keays (F)

Ins: Libba, Michaelanney
Outs: Hardwick, Taylor


D: Daicos, Dambrosio, Rivers, Young
M: Serong (C), Butters (vc), Dawson,  Viney
R: Jackson
F: Flanders, Ainsworth, Caldwell, Perkins
U: Dunkley, Callaghan

E: Baker, Berry, Ash, Taylor


Rd 12 Adjustments

and the Ladder - 4 teams seeking the 6th position all on 20 points. Which one will take the final finals spot?

The other question is can the Hawks stay undefeated for the final 3 rounds