Rob Roy Knock Out Shield

Started by Ringo, April 30, 2024, 02:55:02 PM

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Each week the lowest gross scoring team will be eliminated and the winner will be winning team in Rd 15,

Round 5 Blackpool Bunnies (1738)
Round 6 Swansea Breakers (1733)
Round 7 Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs (1680)
Round 8 Bradford Badgers (1665)
Round 9 Nottingham Hoods (1811)
Round 10 Hastings Hurricanes (1818)
Round 11 Oxford Lions (1746)
Round 12
Round 13
Round 14
Round 15 


Had overlooked this so updating now with the first 3 teams eliminated being Blackpool Bunnies, Swansea Breakers and Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs.

Can Oxford Lions retain the shield?


It's incredible I've made it this far already


With Taranto and Coniglio out and no HGA since R3, I am stunned for the Hoods to be still in it


Well the Badgers can go into hibernation this week leaving the competition.


This week the Hoods can retreat to their cave in the Forest and are eliminated from the competition.


This week the Hurricanes wind died so blow themselves out of the competition.


This week the Lions loose their roar and retreat from the competition.