2023 Redraft Thread

Started by Jukes, November 20, 2023, 03:36:40 PM

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So from the results from the polling and discussions I'm ruling:
4 players of unrestricted age to retain per team
4 players born after 01/01/2000 to retain per team
All players taken in the 2023 National and Rookie Drafts go into the redraft pool.
Draft order will be reverse-ladder order, snaking.
48 rounds to get us to 56 on each list.

Post in this thread the 8 players you'll be electing to retain, and hopefully we can get this redraft cooking in a week or two.




San Francisco will be retaining:

Open-Age: Tom Stewart, Mason Redman, Stephen Coniglio, Jack Viney
Under-Age: Tom Green, Josh Ward, Izak Rankine, George Wardlaw


Ducks will be retaining:

Open-Age: Zach Merrett, Jordan Ridley, Nic Martin, Ben Hobbs
Under-Age: Will Ashcroft, Harry Sheezel, Rueben Ginbey, Elijah Hewett


Colorado will be retaining:

Open-Age: Jy Simpkin, Adam Cerra, Darcy Cameron, Jason Horne-Francis
Under-Age: Sam Walsh, Luke Jackson, Matt Rowell, Jai Newcombe


Quito will be retaining:

Open-Age: Josh Dunkley, Callum Mills, Hugh McCluggage, Dan Houston
Under-Age: Caleb Serong, Brodie Kemp, Marcus Windhager, Sam Darcy


Sinners will be retaining:

Open age: Jordan Dawson, Christian Petracca, Tim English, Wil Powell
Under age: Will Day, Chad Warner, Zak Butters, Errol Gulden


Wisconsin will be retaining

Open-Age: Darcy Parish, Sean Darcy, Dylan Moore, Touk Miller
Under-Age: Jordan Clark, Logan McDonald, Deven Robertson, Lachie Cowan

Big Mac


Open Age: James Sicily, Harris Andrews, Clayton Oliver, Andrew Brayshaw
Under Age: Darcy Wilmot, Max Holmes, Josh Rachele, JUH


Open-Age - Shai Bolton, Patrick Cripps, Liam Duggan, Jack Steele
Under-Age - Nick Daicos, Elijah Tsatas, Noah Anderson, Angus Sheldrick