2023 Grand Final Thread

Started by Jukes, August 22, 2023, 01:04:35 PM

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Grand Final
Las Vegas Sinners vs Carolina Panthers

Sinners win = redraft? Possibly to be the big discussion point from this one, as they battle a resurgent Carolina who spent a few years up and down the ladder following their premiership victory way back in 2017, but they've shown that even without Grundy doing flower all they can score very, very well - most of the time. The big question mark is their depth, as they have plenty of players capable of completely dudding up in and around the XVIII. If they can either pick the right players or, preferably, not have any duds scores around the team at all it would be a huge advantage, especially if Bont can rack it up. Docherty out will hurt them in big ways.

As for the Sinners, it's been mostly just taking care of business all season, staying in first or second pretty much the whole season (source needed). It's a good list, and credit for the attempt at the threepeat has to be split between SR and ST(ig), and of course to their heart and soul Sydney Swans who play...Melbourne. A tough match-up for sure, but one they're favourited in - as the Sinners would have to be as well.

And just to reiterate - Sinners win = redraft talks.


Las Vegas Sinners

D: Jordan Dawson, Nic Newman (CC), Will Day, Jake Lloyd
M: Christian Petracca (ECC), Tom Mitchell, Chad Warner, Andrew McGrath, George Hewett, James Rowbottom
R: Tim English (CC)
F: Zak Butters, Sam Flanders, Errol Gulden, Oscar Allen
U: Nick Blakey, Harry Himmelberg, Jaspa Fletcher

E: Brandon Starcevich (D), Sam Durham (M), Will Hayward (F), Nathan Broad - SUB


Carolina Panthers:

Def: Luke Ryan (EVC) - Aliir Aliir - Daniel Rioli - Tom Atkins.
Mid: Marcus Bontempelli (C) - Tim Kelly - Josh Daicos (VC) - Jayden Short - Dustin Martin - Josh Kelly.
Ruck: Rhys Stanley.
Fwd: Joe Daniher - Aaron Naughton - Brodie Mihocek - Harry McKay.
Util: Connor Rozee (F/M) - Tom Sparrow (F/M) - Mattaes Phillipou (M/F).

Emerg: Lachie Jones (D/M) - Jesse Motlop (F) - Brynn Teakle (R) - Karl Amon (M Sub).


Redraft 420.69.2589 defeated Las Vegas Sinners 21.13.139 defeated Carolina Panthers 19.11.125
(Real: 2080 vs 1876)

The people's redraft the real winner here, as the Sinners show why they need to be redrafted - 11 tons! 2080 without either CC eclipsing 105! Redraft poll soon.

Las Vegas: Butters, Gulden, Himmelberg, Flanders, Mitchell, Dawson, Allen, Broad, Warner, English, Newman
Carolina: Bontempelli, Kelly, Martin, Short, Daniher, Kelly