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Author Topic: 2022 Finals Week Two Thread  (Read 146 times)
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« on: August 02, 2022, 08:31:51 pm »

1st Semi Final: Las Vegas Sinners vs Chicago Sharks
2nd Semi Final: Wisconsin Cockerels vs Boston Terriers

1. Wisconsin 14-4
2. Las Vegas 13-5
3. Boston 13-5
4. Quito 12-6
5. Chicago 9-9
6. Carolina 9-9
7. Houston 8-9
8. New Brooklyn 7-11
9. Colorado 7-11
10. Ottawa 7-11
11. San Francisco 6-12
12. Anaheim 3-15

Finals Schedule
Finals Week One
1st Elimination Final: 4th vs 5th
2nd Elimination Final: 3rd vs 6th
Qualifying Final: 1st vs 2nd

Finals Week Two
1st Semi Final: QF Loser vs Lowest Ranked EF Winner
2nd Semi Final: QF Winner vs Highest Ranked EF Winner

Finals Week Three
Preliminary Final: SF1 Winner vs SF2 Loser, HGA for the team who finished higher on the H&A ladder.

Finals Week Four
Grand Final: SF2 Winner vs PF Winner
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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2022, 09:38:38 pm »

D: James Sicily (EVC), Shannon Hurn, Tom Barrass, Harris Andrews
M: Clayton Oliver (CC), Andrew Brayshaw (CC), Luke Parker, Andrew Gaff, Cameron Guthrie, James Jordon
F: Rory Lobb, Jack Silvagni, Zac Fisher, Jack Darling
U: Harry Perryman, Miles Bergman, Dylan Stephens
E:  Griffin Logue, Max King, Mitch Georgiades, Isaac Quaynor (Sub)
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Happy to Be Here

« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2022, 08:22:20 pm »

Las Vegas Sinners

Jordan Dawson (EVC), Jake Lloyd, Nick Blakey, Darcy Moore
Christian Petracca (C), Chad Warner, Tom Mitchell (VC), Jarryd Lyons, Jaeger O'Meara, James Rowbottom
Nic Naitanui
Sam De Koning, Harry Himmelberg, Errol Gulden, Tim English
Andrew McGrath, Zak Butters, Sam Durham

E: Nathan Broad, Will Hoskin-Elliot, Peter Ladhams, Will Day - SUB
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« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2022, 12:29:50 pm »

DEF: Aaron Hall, Isaac Cumming, Brodie Smith, Callum Wilkie

MID: Rory Laird (CC), Lachie Neale (CC), Ben Keays, Scott Pendlebury, Ed Langdon, Brandan Parfitt

RUC: Todd Goldstein

FWD: Taylor Walker, Steele Sidebottom, Kane Farrell, Cam Zurhaar

UTIL: Oscar McInerney (RUC), Jeremy Howe (DEF), Christian Salem (DEF)

EMG: Tom Jonas (DEF), Jack Ross (MID), Jake Waterman (FWD), Mitch McGovern (FWD-SUB)
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« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2022, 06:03:25 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels

D: Steven May, Lachie Whitfield, Caleb Daniel, Trent McKenzie
M: Jackson Macrae (EVC), Touk Miller (C), Darcy Parish (VC), Luke Shuey, Seb Ross, Dayne Zorko
R: Max Gawn
F: Dylan Moore, Mitch Duncan, Harry Morrison, Jordan De Goey
U: Sean Darcy, Jordan Clark, Jarman Impey

E: Jase Burgoyne (D/M), Bayley Fritsch (F), Jack Ziebell (D), Charlie Curnow (F - SUB)

IN: Darcy Parish, Jarman Impey
OUT: Jack Ziebell, Matt Kennedy
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« Reply #5 on: August 07, 2022, 06:03:40 pm »

Las Vegas Sinners 20.11.131 defeated Chicago Sharks 18.12.120
(Real: 1971 vs 1798)

This was much closer than the scoreboard would suggest, and I genuinely thought the Sharks were a chance before adding up the scores. A 120 to end their season is nothing to frown about, but we all know that their best could've taken the flag if provided consistently. Oliver was huge as Shark CC and had late support by Barrass and Hurn, but had a few meh scores, including his other CC, while the Sinners were much more even around the ground, and of course were helped out by Sydney playing Norf. Hewett back would be huge...

Las Vegas: Naitanui, Petracca, Butters, Dawson, O'Meara, Gulden, Himmelberg
Chicago: Oliver, Hurn, Andrews, Perryman, Sicily, Parker

Wisconsin Cockerels 18.11.119 defeated Boston Terriers 18.10.118
(Real: 1790 vs 1777)

Is this the choke of the century? Tex (91 average), Brodie Smith (83.5) and Keays (104) needed 122 between them, but scored 40, 28, and 40 to completely shower the bed and gift Wisconsin a Grand Final spot. CCs Laird and Neale did everything and more to get the Terriers towards the win but were let down by three croms. Also, between Parish (120) and Moore (101) and hell even Morrison (65 - well more than the three non-playing EMGs), that trade was literally the difference here, as Duggan (89), Battle (52) and whoever else was in that bum trade watched from home.

Wisconsin: Gawn, Whitfield, Parish, Macrae, Moore, Clark
Boston: Laird, Neale, McInerney, Parfitt, Hall, Sidebottom
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