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UTG has relocated! All the action is now taking place on Discord.
If you want to find out more about UTG, swing by: https://discord.gg/546VZSkX5B

Current Coaches (10): Nige, SilverLion, Gigantor, GoLions, Urbaninfinnity, Holz, Big Mac, Koop, TomK, ChuckStig

What is UTG?
The AFL Ultimate Team Game is modelled off other formats of 'Ultimate Team' or ‘MyTeam’ such as those in FIFA or NBA 2K.
Players are categorised into four tiers, platinum, gold, silver or bronze.
For example, Brodie Grundy has a Platinum card while Tom Campbell has a bronze card.

Unlike keeper league formats, your side will change week to week. Coaches can buy more cards, sell cards and trade-in cards for better ones, aiming to score as many DT points as possible from week to week in order to receive more prizemoney (gold).

Pack Types
Different packs are available for purchase in the UTG, listed below

Standard Pack: Costing 20G and contains 3 random cards including a chance at a fragment
Value Pack: Costing 60G and contains 12 random cards including a chance at a fragment
Gold Pack: Costing 35G and contains a guaranteed gold or better card, plus 2 random cards including a chance at a fragment
Fragment Pack: Costing 55G and contains a guaranteed fragment, plus 5 random cards
Ruck Pack: Costing 35G and contains a guaranteed silver or better ruck, plus 2 random cards including a chance at a fragment

Fragments and Fragment Packs will become available at some stage during the middle of the season, at the discretion of the admin. Fragments will not appear in any packs prior to this point.

Admin reserves the right to amend these prices at any time and without warning in order to ensure UTG remains competitive and challenging. Where possible, coaches will be provided with at least one week notice before any changes in price are made.
Types of Cards
Player Cards are categorised into 4 different tiers of cards. There are bronze, silver, gold and platinum cards.
Other than where cards are guaranteed to be present in a pack, the following ‘pull’ probabilities apply.
62% chance of a bronze tier card,
30% chance of a silver tier card,
7.25% chance of a gold tier card,
0.75% chance of a platinum tier card.

Admin reserves the right to amend these ratios at any time and without warning in order to ensure UTG remains competitive and challenging.

In addition to players, consumable cards can also be pulled from packs. These cards are single use, can be used for trade-ins and are listed below
Captain Consumable: allows the user to receive double points for a selected player in that submission
Extra Player Consumable: allows the user to name an additional player in their team submission

Special Edition Cards
A Special Edition (SE) player card results in a 20% score increase for a player. However, these Special Edition cards will not appear in packs. To receive a SE card, you must exchange 3 cards of the same player. For example, if you collect 3 Marc Murphy cards, you can exchange the 3 for a Special Edition Marc Murphy. This means that Marc Murphy will get a 20% bonus to his score every week. SE cards are available for all players. To redeem a Special Edition card, simply post in the exchanges thread.
Fragments provide an alternate way to obtaining some of the best talent in the game. In order to claim a player from fragments, a coach must collect all 4 fragment pieces for that position.

For example, a coach must collect Forward Fragment #1, Forward Fragment #2, Forward Fragment #3 and Forward Fragment #4 in order to claim a forward of their choosing.

Multiple fragments of the same number, such as Forward Fragment #2 do not complete the four necessary pieces. Fragments can be found randomly in any pack, won through auctions or coaches can receive a guaranteed fragment in the Fragment Pack. Fragments are available for all positions, and multiple types of the same fragment exist.

For example, Brian Taylor may pull Defender Fragment #3 from a pack while Cameron Ling wins Defender Fragment #3 in an auction.

Once a coach has all 4 necessary fragments, they can redeem those fragments for a  player of their choosing from the relevant position.
*Once a player has been redeemed via fragments, they cannot be redeemed through fragments again. *

For example, if Matthew Richardson redeems fragments for Lachie Whitfield, Robert DiPierdomenico cannot redeem fragments for Lachie Whitfield. This also applies to players who have DPP status.

A player redeemed through fragments can still be pulled from a pack or obtained through auction.
Team Submission, Scoring & Earning Gold
Coaches will name their side each week in the relevant thread(s). To commence the season, the following team structure will be used.

2 defenders,
3 midfielders,
1 ruckman and
2 forwards.

along with 1 emergency per line.

As the season progresses and coaches have increased the strength of their sides, the number of players necessary for a team submission will increase. Once team sizes have expanded appropriately, we will be naming,
3 defenders,
4 midfielders,
1 ruckman and
3 forwards.
Warning will be provided as to when the expansion will take place.
In bye weeks, coaches will instead name 3 midfielders and 1 utility, which can be of any position.

A second expansion will follow later in the season, prior to the commencement of finals. For the second and final expansion, the team submission format will be as follows,
4 defenders,
5 midfielders,
1 ruckman
4 forwards and
1 utility, a player of any position

These players will score points based on the DT (Dreamteam) scoring system.
Likewise, player positions are also as per Dreamteam/SuperCoach and will not change with AF mid-season changes.

You cannot name the same card multiple times, even if you have more than one copy of it.
Multiple coaches can name the same card as each other, provided they own that card.

If a coach wishes to use a ‘consumable’ card, such as a Captain Card, they must state it when posting their team and appropriately signify their captain (or in other cases, extra player). There will be no week-to-week Captains, unless a team has a Captain Card consumable to use.

The top scoring teams each week win gold, depending on their placement. The typical gold distribution is listed below.

1st place will earn 100 gold,
2nd place will earn 80 gold,
3rd place will earn 70 gold,
4th place will earn 60 gold,
5th-7th place will earn 50 gold,
8th onwards will earn 40 gold.
Auction House
Once a week, card(s) will go up for sale for all coaches to bid on. At a random time on Thursday (or Wednesday, depending on the structure of the AFL fixture), the auction(s) will end, and the card will go to the user with the highest bid. Some weeks, there will be a “Buy it Now” option for users to purchase the card immediately and stop the auction process.

Random ending times are used to guard against “sniping” the auction at the last minute and causing chaos, with the Thursday used to also ensure that the winner of the auction can use their card in the upcoming week.

Participants can bid no more than 150% of their current gold balance
It is the responsibility of a coach to be aware of their gold balance within the week. Admin will provide the starting balance each week via the User Hub. Admin has the right to apply whatever punishment deemed necessary for accidental or intentional breaches of this rule.
Trading In Cards
Users may trade in their unwanted cards to upgrade to a random card of the higher tier.
The number of cards necessary is weighted as below,

Trading in 5 bronze tier cards will get you 1 silver tier card.
Trading in 6 silver tier cards will get you 1 gold tier card.
For example, 5 bronze cards may be traded in to get 1 silver card at random.

Platinum Trade-In Restrictions
With each Gold to Platinum exchange, the number of gold cards necessary to be exchanged for a platinum card will increase by one. The first exchange requires 7 gold cards. As below,
1st Exchange: Trading in 7 gold tier cards will get you 1 platinum tier card
2nd Exchange: Trading in 8 gold tier cards will get you 1 platinum tier card
3rd Exchange: Trading in 9 gold tier cards will get you 1 platinum tier card… and so on

Note, the completion of a club set/positional set to platinum does not effect this counter

Club Sets
The following exchanges can be made when all players involved are from the same AFL club:

3 x Bronze Players for 1 x Random Silver Player
4 x Silver Players for 1 x Random Gold Player
5 x Gold Players for 1 x Random Platinum Player

For example,
Exchanging Bronze for Silver: Marcus Adams + Ely Smith + Jaxon Prior and received Eric Hipwood
Exchanging Silver for Gold: Eric Hipwood + Harris Andrews + Darcy Gardiner + Ryan Lester and received Zac Bailey
Exchanging Gold for Platinum: Zac Bailey + Charlie Cameron + Jarrod Berry + Daniel Rich + Hugh McCluggage and received Lachie Neale

Each team set can only be completed once per coach.
Positional Trade-Ins
In addition to club sets, in 2021 coaches will also be able to make exchanges for players of a specific position.

The following exchange ratios apply,
3 x Bronze Forward = Silver Forward
4 x Silver Forward = Gold Forward
5 x Gold Forward = Platinum Forward

For example, a coach could exchange Jake Aarts, Lachlan Murphy, Alex Neal-Bullen and Nick Holman for a random gold forward.
Players with DPP can be used in an exchange for either of their positions.

In the same regard, it is possible to pull a DPP player from the exchange for a particular position. For example, a coach could receive Platinum Steele Sidebottom (M/F) in an exchange for a platinum midfielder.

Each coach can complete the bronze to silver exchange three five times, the silver to gold exchange twice thrice and the gold to platinum exchange once per position. Essentially, if you completed each positional trade-in, you would end up with 1 platinum on each line (4 total), 3 gold players on each line (12 total) and 5 silver players on each line (20 total).

Selling Cards for Gold
Finally, cards can be sold back for gold. Different tiers have different rates of exchange. The rates are as follows;
1 Bronze tier card = 3 Gold (until end of Round 2, then will be 2 Gold)
1 Silver tier card = 5 Gold
1 Gold tier card = 12 Gold
1 Platinum tier card = 50 Gold
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