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Author Topic: 2021 Round Eight Thread  (Read 990 times)
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« Reply #15 on: May 07, 2021, 05:56:58 pm »

Carolina Panthers:

Def: Sam Docherty - Jayden Short - Aliir Aliir - Dougal Howard.
Mid: Dustin Martin - Marcus Bontempelli (VC) - Josh Kelly (EVC) - Tim Kelly - Josh Daicos - Sam Menegola.
Ruck: Brodie Grundy. (C)
Fwd: Brodie Mihocek - Jake Stringer - Joe Daniher - Connor Rozee.
Util: Tom Atkins (F) - Rhys Stanley (R) - Joshua Walker (D) - Aaron Naughton (F)

Emerg; Harry McKay (F) - Daniel Rioli (F) - Aaron Francis (D) - Karl Amon (M - Sub)
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Dodoro pls

« Reply #16 on: May 07, 2021, 06:00:13 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels

D: Lachie Whitfield, Steven May, Alex Witherden, Caleb Daniel
M: Jackson Macrae (EVC), Touk Miller, Jack Billings, Mitch Duncan, Darcy Parish, Shane Edwards
R: Max Gawn (CC)
F: Jack Ziebell (CC), Dayne Zorko, Jarman Impey, Charlie Cameron
U: Sean Darcy (R), Bayley Fritsch (F), Michael Walters (M/F)

E: Dane Rampe (D), Deven Robertson (M/F), Jarrod Brander (M/F), Esava Ratugolea (R/F - SUB)

IN: Michael Walters, Charlie Cameron, Esava Ratugolea
OUT: Jordan De Goey, Deven Robertson, Jarrod Brander
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« Reply #17 on: May 07, 2021, 06:42:50 pm »

Def: Jack Bowes, Shannon Hurn, Harris Andrews, Tom Barrass
Mid: Clayton Oliver (C), Cameron Guthrie (VC), Luke Parker, Andrew Brayshaw, Harry Perryman, Andrew Gaff
Ruc: Matthew Flynn
Fwd: Tom McDonald, Jack Darling, Mitch Georgiades, Jayden Hunt
Int: Callum Sinclair, Oliver Florent, Isaac Quaynor

Emg: Jack Henry, Rory Lobb, Eric Hipwood, James Jordon (sub)
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UTG Admin

« Reply #18 on: May 08, 2021, 12:35:29 pm »


Callum Mills (CC), Daniel Rich, Dan Houston, Lachlan Sholl
Hugh McCluggage (CC), Ed Curnow, Hugh Greenwood, Jacob Hopper, Caleb Serong, Paul Seedsman
Reilly O'Brien (EVC)
Toby Greene, Jeremy Cameron, Luke Breust, Will Snelling
Scott Lycett, David Swallow, Callan Ward

Patrick Lipinski, Jack Lukosius, Mitch Lewis, James Worpel (SUB)
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« Reply #19 on: May 10, 2021, 11:41:33 am »

Colorado Avalanche 15.10.100 lost to Carolina Panthers 19.10.124
(Real: 1500 vs 1857)

As expected, a comfortable win by Carolina to pretty much confirm they remain in top spot for another week. Getting to 124 with only the four tons was a nice display of consistency, although they were helped out by a 155x1.5 by Bont. Colorado meanwhile had their usual splatter of 40s and 50s scores, but at least managed to get to the 1500/100 mark (just).

Colorado: Maynard, Drew, Hickey
Carolina: Bontempelli, Docherty, Grundy, Kelly

Wisconsin Cockerels 20.11.131 defeated San Francisco Grizzlies 15.9.99
(Real: 1960 vs 1479)

Surely extra points for prophesying (I think that's a word) this sub-1500/100 in the previous post? Wisconsin had a dozen tons, those 12 being every player between D4 and U1 apart from one (poor effort Shedda), but you'd almost argue Gary Rohan gets the three votes for BOG for a huge score considering he's a crustacean. Good win, Nige and PSK!

Wisconsin: Billings, Duncan, Impey, Miller, Parish, Darcy, Gawn, Ziebell, Macrae, Zorko, Cameron, Daniel
San Francisco: Rohan, Green, Hunter

Las Vegas Sinners 21.8.134 defeated Boston Terriers 18.10.118
(Real: 2003 vs 1776)

There goes Boston's share of the ladder-lead, as they do alright, enough to beat most teams but not when you're coming up against the rampaging Sinners, lead by a ridiculous midfield of 122 (x1.75), 145 (x1.75), 147, 130 (kinda - O'Meara replaced by Moore, of course Rowbottom would've come into the mids but let's ignore that), then just Petracca and McGrath following them up just in case. Sinners arguable premiership favourites? Maybe. They can put up the big scores and rarely put up scores like, let's just say, 105 against Ottawa.

Las Vegas: Mitchell, Lyons, Moore, Fyfe, Powell, Lloyd, Rowbottom, Dawson
Boston: Laird, Sheed, Hall, Wilkie, Salem, Sloane

Quito Quetzals 21.10.136 defeated Chicago Sharks 18.9.117
(Real: 2040 vs 1753)

Huge ladder implications for this match...Houston might actually jump Chicago into the top six if they can get the next result to go their way! Result was spoiled (surprisingly accurately mind you) in Discord so no comprehensive write-up heh, and I just want to get onto our next two huge matches (and have my breakfast when I'm done).

Quito: Mills, Rich, Cameron, McCluggage, Lycett, Swallow
Chicago: Gaff, Oliver, Guthrie, Parker

Houston Bombers 16.10.106 lost to New Brooklyn Hawks 16.11.107
(Real: 1589 vs 1594)

Amended to...

Houston Bombers 16.10.106 defeated New Brooklyn Hawks 16.7.103

(Real: 1589 vs 1538)

Forget 145-135, forget 115-105, this might be the ASC match of the century. With SO MUCH on the line - Houston potentially jumping into the top six against all the odds, NBH needing a win to keep in touch with the top six and they manage to pull off the massive W. Houston can really blame their forwards for this one, with all scoring in the low 50s, but Weitering putting up the highest score of the round and whipping boy Zak Jones performed well as sub helped them post a defendable score - but it was not to be, as Jack Steele, as spirited as ever, guided the Hawks home as captain.

Houston: Weitering, Crisp
Brooklyn: Liberatore, Markov (heh), Steele, Bolton, Crouch

Ottawa Otters 17.11.113 lost to Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.12.114
(Real: 1696 vs 1701)

Better check Anaheim didn't have any incorrectly positioned players as well...seem legit though. :porkchamp:

Ottawa: Taranto, Marshall, Jiath, Keath, Dixon
Anaheim: Hawkins, Merrett, Mundy
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