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Author Topic: 2021 Round Nine Thread  (Read 1557 times)
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Dodoro pls

« Reply #15 on: May 14, 2021, 05:44:27 pm »

Wisconsin Cockerels

D: Lachie Whitfield, Steven May, Alex Witherden, Caleb Daniel
M: Jackson Macrae (EVC), Jack Billings, Mitch Duncan, Darcy Parish, Dayne Zorko, Deven Robertson
R: Max Gawn (C)
F: Jack Ziebell (VC), Jarman Impey, Charlie Cameron, Jordan De Goey
U: Sean Darcy (R), Dane Rampe (D), Jarrod Brander (M/F)

E: Harry Morrison (D/M), Zach Tuohy (M), Bayley Fritsch (F), Michael Walters (M/F - SUB)

IN: Jordan De Goey, Dane Rampe, Jarrod Brander, Deven Robertson
OUT: Shane Edwards, Touk Miller, Bayley Fritsch, Esava Ratugolea
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« Reply #16 on: May 17, 2021, 11:21:19 am »

Boston Terriers 18.12.120 defeated Colorado Avalanche 18.8.116
(Real: 1805 vs 1744)

So close to a massive scalp for Colorado, but fortunately for Boston they stay in the hunt for top spot at a win-off-the-pace (assuming Carolina, Wisconsin and Quito don't all lose). No real scapegoats to throw shade at for Colorado tbh, Highmore and Wright were ordinary but can't blame them for falling 60-odd SC short. Maybe Isaac Smith for only managing 79 as VC when a 120 would've gotten the win, or simply having gone Simpkin as VC for his BOG (and highest individual score of the week) 164. Speaking of highest individual scores, Goldstein just about won the game for Boston with his 150.

Boston: Goldstein, Laird, Salem, Hall, Langdon, Cumming
Colorado: Simpkin, Hickey, Maynard, Walsh, Drew, Cox

San Francisco Grizzlies 16.10.106 lost to Chicago Sharks 18.10.118
(Real: 1588 vs 1763)

Best score for a team without M1-5 surely? I'll add it to the record books right now. An expected scoreline and margin just about, with Chicago getting home on the back of M1 Oliver (C), M2 Guthrie (VC) and F1 Plugger (what are those positions and how do I get players for them). And naming the team from last week for Chicago did just fine thanks doubters.

San Francisco: Baker, Redman, Birchall
Chicago: Oliver, Guthrie, McDonald, Darling

Carolina Panthers 20.7.127 defeated New Brooklyn Hawks 16.12.108
(Real: 1908 vs 1614)

No controversial finish here for NBH, as they're no match (despite the best efforts of their Saints midfielders and Oleg "SOS" Markov) for Carolina, who most likely will both keep their top spot and probably extend their lead on % too unless Anaheim really shower the bed. The Kelly brothers did a lot of the work for the Panthers, as did Milo as usual, and they were - for once - consistent across the board, not relying on a Grundy 150x2 to have a top-tier score - of course, nothing's stopping them from doing both of those things.

Carolina: Kelly, Bontempelli, Kelly, Docherty, Grundy, Short
Brooklyn: Steele, Crouch, Nankervis, Markov (D)

Wisconsin Cockerels 21.11.137 defeated Anaheim Mighty Ducks 15.9.99
(Real: 2053 vs 1483)

Okay so I'm not entirely sure who Malcolm Rosas is, but I think he can be solely blamed for this result, as his 21 somehow snatched the sub off Smith (29) and Perkins (30) to really dig the nail in the coffin for Anaheim. I don't know if I've ever had an entire write-up devoted to one player, but I'd like to have that one player be Malcolm Rosas if I can.

Wisconsin were pretty good though, can thank Anaheim for top spot if they manage to make up the %.

Wisconsin: Darcy, Zorko, Parish, Witherden, Daniel, Gawn, Macrae, Billings
Anaheim: Hardwick, Hind, Boak, Ridley

Ottawa Otters 17.8.110 lost to Las Vegas Sinners 18.8.116
(Real: 1644 vs 1744)

Pretty close (for this week's standards at least), with Vegas good enough to eek out the win without sweating too much, although with Ottawa's recent scoring and Vegas "only" putting up a 116 this was definitely the Otters' chance to strike. Any players to note of in this game? Yes...Jack Scrimshaw's match-winning ton - why couldn't he be putting those up when I Jukercoach was coaching him?

Ottawa: Cunnington, Graham
Las Vegas: Lyons, Naitanui, Scrimshaw, McGrath, Petracca, Rowbottom

Quito Quetzals 19.10.124 defeated Houston Bombers 17.10.112
(Real: 1867 vs 1687)

No single-digit SC thrillers in a round, you guys gotta pick up your games. About the expected marks for these two teams, as Quito keep their share of top spot but probably won't be making up that % gap too soon. Meanwhile, thanks to my deliberate loss to Chicago Houston are kicked out of the top six just as fast as they entered it, albeit with much less discussion and fanfare thankfully.

Quito: Hopper, McCluggage, Swallow, Ward, Greenwood, Ross, Curnow, Mills
Houston: Wines, Doedee, Crisp, Heeney, Redden, Pittonet
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« Reply #17 on: May 17, 2021, 02:07:27 pm »

Rosas had been doing well in the reserves and not like i had a ton of better options that i knew would play
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