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Author Topic: Rule Change Proposal #6: Refactoring of skill names and levelling  (Read 2219 times)
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« on: June 03, 2015, 11:54:33 am »

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Quote from: FTP-ashario
OK, in the following days I'll be posting about some of the more major changes I'm considering for the game. Thanks to the guys in the admin team and the "In the Pavilion" association forum for helping me compile and clarify the ideas below.

New List of Skills
Fitness (renamed from endurance)
Batting Attack
Batting Defence
Bowling Attack
Bowling Defence
Leadership (renamed from captaincy, which is probably not even a word in the first place!)

Other attributes

Skills to be numbered
- Skill levels will be changed from word based description (dreadful, poor etc) to a number between 0 and 100.
- Experience and fatigue will also be measure in the same way ( ie 0-100 ). There will still be sublevels (to 2 decimal places)

Other Notes
- The 'Skill Summary' section would be removed from the game
- Remove technique and power and break up batting and bowling into separate attack and defence skills.
- Remove form. Most people don't take any notice of it and it seems to only frustrate the people that do take notice of it.
- Rename endurance to fitness
- Rename captaincy to leadership. Additionally, remove the skill cap on leadership (ie it will be able to increase to the maximum level, just like other skills)
- Fielding will no longer be a component used in measuring how effective a keeper is
- Remove the 'technique gap' penalty that current exists, where 'unbalanced' players with primaries higher than their technique suffer a penalty to performance.

- It has always bugged me that by training a player in bowling, keeping or fielding, they also get better at batting (via increase in technique).
- Splitting out batting and bowling skills will allow managers to train up different types of players. For example, a manager can focus training on a batsman in batting attack and turn them into a T20 weapon. Similarly, a batsman trained up in batting defence could be very valuable opening the innings in bowler-friendly conditions
- Allows the manager more scope to train up an attacking spinner, for example

- The match engine already contains the concept of attack and defence values with respect to batting and bowling. We will use this internal value to distribute existing batting/technique/power levels to batting attack and batting defence for batsmen, and bowling/technique/power levels to bowling attack and bowling defence values. Keep in mind that the internal attack and defence calculations for spinners are different to seamers (where power is much more important).
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« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2015, 12:27:35 pm »

How are people training their 23/24 yr olds.
Eg i have a 24yr old batsmen gifted at power. Instead of continuing to incresae his prems this season, should i switch to power early knowing that gifted power will swap to gifted batting if and when these new rules come in. An update from FTP on when they intend implementing these new changes would be handy.

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