By Quarter: Sydney v Western Bulldogs, R4

This page lists Dream Team and Super Coach scores for each AFL player in each quarter of this game. A warning: The Super Coach by-quarter scores may be wrong since the scores do tend to oscillate wildly during the breaks for some reason. If you see a quarter where half the players are in negatives then it's probably wrong. The Dream Team scores should be accurate though.


Sam Naismith23192616900
Luke Parker30151806300
Josh P. Kennedy5183105400
Jake Lloyd1731605400
Tom Papley3183105200
Callum Mills2192105100
Isaac Heeney3271105000
James Rowbottom7152704900
Callum Sinclair14181504700
Justin McInerney24121004600
Jordan Dawson1162003700
Lewis Taylor11121303600
Ben Ronke1015903400
Oliver Florent196903400
Harry Cunningham2121603000
Dane Rampe881202800
George Hewett1013502800
Hayden McLean4101302700
Nick Blakey1601102700
Will Hayward910702600
Aliir Aliir1313-102500
Robbie Fox001621800

Western Bulldogs

Marcus Bontempelli24381327700
Tim English27192407000
Caleb Daniel11172505300
Bailey Williams24141505300
Bailey Dale2920205100
Bailey Smith2481704900
Hayden Crozier2561804900
Tom Liberatore11181704600
Patrick Lipinski1717904300
Jason Johannisen1121634100
Zaine Cordy2191004000
Ed Richards1911903900
Jack Macrae1517703900
Louis Butler121313-43400
Rhylee West2001033300
Sam Lloyd2011203300
Laitham Vandermeer0201203200
Josh Bruce452303200
Toby McLean991403200
Aaron Naughton280002800
Mitch Wallis681402800
Alex Keath54901800