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VIC origin tagged AFL players

NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmSOONicknameRecruited from
Taylor AdamsMid-Med320 Sep, 199330 y 206 d181 cm85 kg207VIC Geelong Falcons
Ben AinsworthFwd-Smal-Gen910 Feb, 199826 y 63 d178 cm77 kg121VIC BangerGippsland Power
Domanic AkueiDef-Tall-Key4112 May, 200221 y 337 d194 cm86 kgVIC Northern Knights
Matthew AllisonFwd-Tall-Key3029 Jan, 200222 y 75 d195 cm88 kgVIC Calder Cannons
Joel AmarteyRuck-Tall362 Sep, 199924 y 224 d195 cm100 kg33VIC Sandringham Dragons
Karl AmonMid-Med1019 Aug, 199528 y 238 d181 cm71 kg149VIC Sandringham Dragons
Tom Anastasopoulos29 176 cm60 kgVIC Geelong Falcons
Noah AndersonMid-Tall1517 Feb, 200123 y 56 d192 cm88 kg85VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Mac AndrewDef-Tall-Gen314 Dec, 200320 y 131 d202 cm84 kg22VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Ryan AngwinFwd-Med-Gen912 Dec, 200221 y 123 d185 cm81 kg16VIC Gippsland Power
Noah AnswerthDef-Med-Gen436 Aug, 199924 y 251 d183 cm82 kg58VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Jackson ArcherDef-Med-Gen349 Jan, 200321 y 95 d187 cm80 kg8VIC Northern Knights
Lachie AshFwd-Tall-Gen721 Jun, 200122 y 297 d188 cm85 kg84VIC Murray Bushrangers
Rory AtkinsMid-Med212 Jul, 199429 y 276 d185 cm82 kg136VIC RatCalder Cannons
Tom AtkinsMid-Med3018 Sep, 199528 y 208 d180 cm86 kg108VIC ShedGeelong VFL
Noah BaltaUtil-Tall2123 Oct, 199924 y 173 d194 cm105 kg89VIC MarsCalder Cannons
Josh BattleDef-Tall-Key261 Sep, 199825 y 225 d193 cm93 kg102VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Dominic BedendoFwd-Tall-Gen269 Jul, 200221 y 279 d191 cm80 kg2VIC Murray Bushrangers
Toby BedfordFwd-Smal-Gen1427 May, 200023 y 322 d179 cm75 kg41VIC SnoozeDandenong Stingrays
Aiden BeggRuck-Tall398 Oct, 200221 y 188 d197 cm99 kg3VIC Eastern Ranges
Joshua BennettsFwd-Smal-Gen419 Aug, 200419 y 248 d178 cm76 kgVIC Eastern Ranges
Miles BergmanMid-Med1418 Oct, 200122 y 178 d189 cm86 kg59VIC Sandringham Dragons
Miller BergmanDef-Med-Gen2725 Jan, 200321 y 79 d189 cm73 kg13VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Jarrod BerryUtil-Tall75 Feb, 199826 y 68 d192 cm89 kg137VIC Croc HunterNorth Ballarat Rebels
Sam BerryMid-Med312 Feb, 200222 y 61 d182 cm88 kg42VIC Gippsland Power
Thomas BerryFwd-Med-Gen161 May, 200023 y 348 d185 cm80 kgVIC GWV Rebels
Jed BewsDef-Med-Gen2414 Dec, 199330 y 121 d186 cm90 kg165VIC Geelong Falcons
Trent BiancoUtil-Med820 Jan, 200123 y 84 d178 cm75 kg22VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Jack BillingsMid-Med1418 Aug, 199528 y 239 d185 cm81 kg160VIC LatteOakleigh Chargers
Jaxon BinnsFwd-Med-Gen2529 Oct, 200419 y 167 d183 cm72 kgVIC Dandenong Stingrays
James BlanckDef-Tall-Key3620 Nov, 200023 y 145 d196 cm93 kg24VIC BlanketBox Hill VFL
Travis BoakMid-Med101 Aug, 198835 y 256 d183 cm86 kg352VIC Geelong Falcons
Aiden BonarUtil-Med168 Mar, 199925 y 36 d188 cm87 kg34VIC BonesDandenong Stingrays
Hugh BondMid-Med4025 Sep, 200419 y 201 d185 cm80 kgVIC GWV Rebels
Marcus BontempelliMid-Tall424 Nov, 199528 y 141 d194 cm96 kg219VIC BontNorthern Knights
Jake BoweyDef-Med-Gen1712 Sep, 200221 y 214 d175 cm72 kg48VIC BowserSandringham Dragons
Jordan BoydDef-Med-Gen3722 Sep, 199825 y 204 d182 cm81 kg20VIC Footscray VFL
Lachlan BrambleDef-Med-Gen2919 Apr, 199825 y 360 d182 cm77 kg34VIC Calder Cannons
Andrew BrayshawMid-Med88 Nov, 199924 y 157 d185 cm88 kg127VIC SneaSandringham Dragons
Angus BrayshawMid-Med109 Jan, 199628 y 95 d188 cm90 kg167VIC TigerSandringham Dragons
Will BrodieMid-Med1723 Aug, 199825 y 234 d190 cm89 kg53VIC Murray Bushrangers
Kynan Brown41 181 cm72 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Tom BrownDef-Med-Gen3030 Jul, 200320 y 258 d193 cm81 kg4VIC Murray Bushrangers
Tyler BrownMid-Med219 Dec, 199924 y 126 d192 cm84 kg27VIC Eastern Ranges
Tanner BruhnMid-Med427 May, 200221 y 322 d184 cm83 kg52VIC TeeGeelong Falcons
Nick BryanRuck-Tall2422 Oct, 200122 y 174 d203 cm101 kg14VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Coby BurgielMid-Med459 Sep, 200419 y 217 d185 cm79 kgVIC Gippsland Power
Daniel ButlerFwd-Med-Gen163 Jun, 199627 y 315 d182 cm81 kg131VIC North Ballarat Rebels
Sam F. ButlerFwd-Med-Gen3010 Feb, 200321 y 63 d184 cm81 kg18VIC GWV Rebels
Zak ButtersMid-Med98 Sep, 200023 y 218 d181 cm77 kg97VIC Western Jets
Jordon ButtsDef-Tall-Key4131 Dec, 199924 y 104 d198 cm97 kg63VIC SeymourMurray Bushrangers
Darcy Byrne-JonesDef-Med-Gen3320 Sep, 199528 y 206 d181 cm77 kg177VIC HankOakleigh Chargers
Ryan ByrnesMid-Med133 May, 200122 y 346 d181 cm84 kg52VIC RonnieSandringham Dragons
Jack BytelMid-Med2314 Mar, 200024 y 30 d189 cm82 kg22VIC Calder Cannons
Nate Caddy30 193 cm91 kgVIC Northern Knights
Aaron Cadman53 Mar, 200420 y 41 d195 cm93 kg16VIC GWV Rebels
Jye CaldwellMid-Med628 Sep, 200023 y 198 d183 cm83 kg59VIC CaldersBendigo Pioneers
Finn CallaghanMid-Tall1726 Apr, 200320 y 353 d192 cm86 kg29VIC Sandringham Dragons
Jeremy CameronFwd-Tall-Key51 Apr, 199331 y 12 d196 cm94 kg233VIC JezzaNorth Ballarat Rebels
Anthony CaminitiFwd-Tall-Key479 Dec, 200320 y 126 d196 cm85 kg20VIC ScudNorthern Knights
Tom CampbellRuck-Tall382 Nov, 199132 y 163 d201 cm108 kg56VIC TCBendigo Bombers
Matthew Carroll32 190 cm78 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Levi CasboultFwd-Tall-Key3015 Mar, 199034 y 29 d199 cm104 kg198VIC Big TofuDandenong Stingrays
Jason CastagnaFwd-Med-Gen1112 Jul, 199627 y 276 d182 cm82 kg133VIC GeorgeNorthern Knights
Jonathon CeglarRuck-Tall1514 Feb, 199133 y 59 d204 cm99 kg110VIC Murray Bushrangers
Adam CerraMid-Med57 Oct, 199924 y 189 d188 cm87 kg120VIC Eastern Ranges
Lachlan Charleson26 177 cm73 kgVIC GWV Rebels
Alex CincottaDef-Med-Gen3917 Dec, 199627 y 118 d187 cm86 kg19VIC SinkerGeelong VFL
Hunter ClarkUtil-Med1126 Mar, 199925 y 18 d186 cm83 kg87VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Jhye ClarkMid-Med1323 Jul, 200419 y 265 d181 cm77 kg5VIC Geelong Falcons
Charlie ClarkeFwd-Med-Gen84 Jan, 200420 y 100 d183 cm81 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Judson ClarkeFwd-Smal-Gen2317 Oct, 200320 y 179 d180 cm73 kg17VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Ryan ClarkeMid-Med417 Jun, 199726 y 301 d186 cm83 kg96VIC Eastern Ranges
Luke ClearyDef-Med-Gen365 Mar, 200222 y 39 d191 cm81 kg5VIC Sandringham Dragons
Sam Clohesy33 189 cm77 kg1VIC Werribee VFL
Ted ClohesyMid-Med406 Sep, 200419 y 220 d184 cm77 kg1VIC Geelong Falcons
Tom ClureyDef-Tall-Key1723 Mar, 199430 y 21 d193 cm95 kg124VIC CluzzaMurray Bushrangers
Nick Coffield1723 Oct, 199924 y 173 d191 cm90 kg54VIC Northern Knights
Tom ColeDef-Med-Gen2828 May, 199726 y 321 d188 cm83 kg94VIC SpudBendigo Pioneers
Mate ColinaRuck-Tall3920 May, 199924 y 329 d211 cm113 kgVIC University of Hawaii
Samuel CollinsDef-Tall-Key2515 Jun, 199429 y 303 d194 cm98 kg108VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Charlie CombenRuck-Tall3020 Jul, 200122 y 268 d199 cm94 kg10VIC ChomGippsland Power
Leo ConnollyDef-Med-Gen377 Aug, 200122 y 250 d181 cm77 kg7VIC Gippsland Power
Charlie ConstableMid-Tall3318 May, 199924 y 331 d192 cm86 kg16VIC ChookSandringham Dragons
Toby ConwayRuck-Tall624 Apr, 200320 y 355 d206 cm101 kg2VIC Geelong Falcons
Josh CorbettFwd-Tall-Key1923 Apr, 199627 y 356 d190 cm88 kg39VIC Werribee VFL
Zaine CordyDef-Tall-Key2127 Oct, 199627 y 169 d195 cm92 kg135VIC DoofyGeelong Falcons
Aidan CorrDef-Tall-Key417 May, 199429 y 332 d195 cm96 kg143VIC ApplesNorthern Knights
Trent CotchinMid-Med97 Apr, 199034 y 6 d185 cm86 kg306VIC BoofaNorthern Knights
Matthew CottrellMid-Med4629 Feb, 200024 y 44 d184 cm83 kg56VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Nik CoxUtil-Tall1315 Jan, 200222 y 89 d200 cm94 kg35VIC Big DogNorthern Knights
Jack CrispMid-Tall252 Oct, 199330 y 194 d190 cm91 kg231VIC Murray Bushrangers
Jordan Croft16 201 cm80 kgVIC Calder Cannons
Brad CrouchMid-Med514 Jan, 199430 y 90 d186 cm86 kg161VIC BoMNorth Ballarat Rebels
Matt CrouchMid-Med521 Apr, 199528 y 358 d183 cm85 kg147VIC BoBNorth Ballarat Rebels
Hayden CrozierDef-Med-Gen924 Dec, 199330 y 111 d187 cm81 kg142VIC AitchEastern Ranges
Jai CulleyMid-Tall4924 Feb, 200321 y 49 d194 cm91 kg9VIC Dandenong Stingrays
David CuninghamMid-Med2830 Mar, 199727 y 14 d183 cm83 kg54VIC HollywoodOakleigh Chargers
Ben CunningtonMid-Med1030 Jun, 199132 y 288 d185 cm88 kg238VIC PlowGeelong Falcons
Charlie CurnowFwd-Tall-Key303 Feb, 199727 y 70 d194 cm94 kg114VIC EgyptianGeelong Falcons
Ed CurnowMid-Med357 Nov, 198934 y 158 d179 cm86 kg221VIC Geelong Falcons
Paul CurtisFwd-Med-Gen254 Mar, 200321 y 40 d185 cm84 kg40VIC PCWestern Jets
Massimo D'AmbrosioDef-Med-Gen165 Jun, 200320 y 313 d178 cm80 kg20VIC Western Jets
Josh DaicosMid-Smal726 Nov, 199825 y 139 d178 cm77 kg108VIC PeteOakleigh Chargers
Nick DaicosDef-Med-Gen353 Jan, 200321 y 101 d184 cm79 kg52VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Bailey DaleDef-Med-Gen3122 Jul, 199627 y 266 d188 cm85 kg135VIC DiggerDandenong Stingrays
Patrick DangerfieldMid-Med355 Apr, 199034 y 8 d189 cm97 kg322VIC Geelong Falcons
Brent DanielsFwd-Smal-Gen169 Mar, 199925 y 35 d172 cm75 kg86VIC BingaBendigo Pioneers
Joe DaniherFwd-Tall-Key34 Mar, 199430 y 40 d201 cm96 kg180VIC Calder Cannons
Sam DarcyUtil-Tall1019 Jul, 200320 y 269 d208 cm97 kg10VIC UnicornOakleigh Chargers
Sean DarcyRuck-Tall412 Jun, 199825 y 306 d203 cm111 kg98VIC SwaggyGeelong Falcons
Alwyn Davey jnr3326 Feb, 200420 y 47 d181 cm77 kg11VIC TadpoleOakleigh Chargers
Luke Davies-UniackeMid-Med98 Jun, 199924 y 310 d188 cm89 kg89VIC OodlesDandenong Stingrays
Kallan DawsonDef-Tall-Key4222 Jul, 199825 y 266 d196 cm90 kg9VIC Williamstown VFL
Wil Dawson18 200 cm86 kgVIC Gippsland Power
Jordan De GoeyMid-Med215 Mar, 199628 y 29 d188 cm93 kg163VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Sam De KoningDef-Tall-Key1626 Feb, 200123 y 47 d204 cm97 kg47VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Tom De KoningUtil-Tall1216 Jul, 199924 y 272 d201 cm102 kg64VIC KongDandenong Stingrays
Charlie DeanDef-Tall-Key4319 Jun, 200122 y 299 d195 cm93 kg2VIC Williamstown VFL
Calsher Dear35 195 cm87 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Harry DeMattia13 186 cm77 kgVIC Dandenong Stingrays
Oliver DempseyFwd-Med-Key287 Jan, 200321 y 97 d187 cm74 kg11VIC Carey Grammar
Sam DochertyDef-Med-Gen1517 Oct, 199330 y 179 d187 cm87 kg168VIC Gippsland Power
Tom DoedeeDef-Med-Key121 Mar, 199727 y 43 d190 cm90 kg82VIC DudeGeelong Falcons
Paddy DowMid-Med1516 Oct, 199924 y 180 d184 cm83 kg72VIC WowBendigo Pioneers
Thomson DowMid-Med2716 Oct, 200122 y 180 d184 cm79 kg22VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Willem DrewMid-Med281 Oct, 199825 y 195 d188 cm86 kg85VIC North Ballarat Rebels
Blake DruryFwd-Smal-Gen4111 Jan, 200420 y 93 d177 cm74 kg4VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Liam DugganMid-Med1411 Dec, 199627 y 124 d186 cm83 kg162VIC Western Jets
Josh DunkleyMid-Tall59 Jan, 199727 y 95 d191 cm87 kg143VIC KenGippsland Power
Sam DurhamMid-Med229 Jul, 200122 y 279 d185 cm84 kg52VIC DoozyRichmond VFL
Xavier DuursmaUtil-Med287 Jul, 200023 y 281 d186 cm82 kg77VIC Gippsland Power
Zane Duursma7 190 cm73 kg4VIC Gippsland Power
Charlie EdwardsMid-Tall1118 May, 200518 y 331 d191 cm78 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Jacob EdwardsUtil-Tall3222 Nov, 200221 y 143 d202 cm85 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Jamie ElliottFwd-Smal-Gen521 Aug, 199231 y 236 d178 cm83 kg184VIC BillyMurray Bushrangers
Brandon EllisMid-Med43 Aug, 199330 y 254 d181 cm81 kg250VIC Bull SharkCalder Cannons
Francis EvansFwd-Med-Gen3123 Aug, 200122 y 234 d182 cm85 kg20VIC TankCalder Cannons
Kane FarrellFwd-Med-Gen617 Mar, 199925 y 27 d182 cm80 kg75VIC FazBendigo Pioneers
Oskar FaulkheadFwd-Med-Gen3711 Feb, 200321 y 62 d183 cm77 kgVIC Bendigo Pioneers
Brayden FioriniMid-Med822 Aug, 199726 y 235 d187 cm82 kg96VIC FetaNorthern Knights
Sam FlandersFwd-Med-Gen324 Jul, 200122 y 264 d183 cm81 kg47VIC NedGippsland Power
Cameron FleetonDef-Tall-Gen2917 Jun, 200221 y 301 d192 cm86 kg2VIC Geelong Falcons
Oliver FlorentUtil-Med1322 Jul, 199825 y 266 d184 cm84 kg147VIC FlozSandringham Dragons
Lachie Fogarty81 Apr, 199925 y 12 d180 cm76 kg58VIC Western Jets
Eddie FordFwd-Med-Gen4021 Jun, 200221 y 297 d189 cm81 kg25VIC ElvisWestern Jets
Joel Freijah27 191 cm80 kgVIC GWV Rebels
Bayley FritschFwd-Med-Gen316 Dec, 199627 y 129 d188 cm86 kg131VIC JosefCasey Demons
Sam FrostDef-Tall-Key828 Aug, 199330 y 229 d194 cm94 kg163VIC BadgeSandringham Dragons
Joe Furphy37 202 cm87 kgVIC Fitzroy
Andrew GaffMid-Med316 Jun, 199231 y 302 d184 cm83 kg276VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Harvey GallagherUtil-Smal1226 Sep, 200320 y 200 d181 cm78 kg4VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Hugo Garcia34 185 cm69 kgVIC Calder Cannons
Darcy GardinerDef-Tall-Key2722 Sep, 199528 y 204 d192 cm91 kg161VIC DizzyGeelong Falcons
Max GawnRuck-Tall1130 Dec, 199132 y 105 d209 cm110 kg208VIC DougySandringham Dragons
Brayden GeorgeFwd-Med-Gen3313 Jan, 200420 y 91 d187 cm86 kgVIC SausageMurray Bushrangers
Josh GibcusDef-Tall-Key184 Apr, 200321 y 9 d196 cm91 kg20VIC GWV Rebels
Jason GillbeeDef-Tall-Gen4215 May, 200419 y 334 d191 cm77 kgVIC Bendigo Pioneers
Jack GinnivanFwd-Med-Gen339 Dec, 200221 y 126 d185 cm85 kg46VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Josh GoaterMid-Med312 Jun, 200320 y 316 d190 cm87 kg12VIC BillyCalder Cannons
Todd GoldsteinRuck-Tall171 Jul, 198835 y 287 d201 cm101 kg319VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Lachlan GollantMid-Tall4412 Sep, 200122 y 214 d193 cm85 kg13VIC SquigglesCalder Cannons
William Green45 204 cm89 kgVIC Northern Knights
Fergus GreeneFwd-Med-Gen2620 Dec, 199726 y 115 d188 cm80 kg16VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Toby GreeneFwd-Med-Gen425 Sep, 199330 y 201 d182 cm85 kg218VIC HouseOakleigh Chargers
Jade GreshamFwd-Smal-Gen1124 Aug, 199726 y 233 d177 cm81 kg140VIC Northern Knights
Dylan GrimesDef-Tall-Key216 Jul, 199132 y 272 d194 cm92 kg232VIC BatmanNorthern Knights
Max GruzewskiDef-Tall-Key3521 Jul, 200419 y 267 d192 cm86 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Jack GunstonFwd-Tall-Key1916 Oct, 199132 y 180 d193 cm86 kg243VIC NormanSandringham Dragons
Cameron GuthrieMid-Med2919 Aug, 199231 y 238 d187 cm87 kg234VIC Calder Cannons
Zach GuthrieDef-Med-Gen3930 Jun, 199825 y 288 d188 cm84 kg80VIC ZedCalder Cannons
Clay Hall29 190 cm84 kgVIC Peel Thunder
Hugo Hall-KahanFwd-Med-Gen4522 Sep, 200320 y 204 d188 cm78 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Will HamillDef-Med-Gen1717 Nov, 200023 y 148 d187 cm84 kg38VIC HammerDandenong Stingrays
Cooper HamiltonUtil-Med4324 Sep, 200320 y 202 d185 cm88 kg8VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Mitch HannanFwd-Med-Gen299 Mar, 199430 y 35 d190 cm88 kg80VIC Footscray VFL
Blake HardwickDef-Med-Gen155 Feb, 199727 y 68 d183 cm84 kg151VIC DimmaEastern Ranges
James HarmesDef-Med-Gen225 Oct, 199528 y 191 d186 cm86 kg153VIC NutDandenong Stingrays
Cooper HarveyFwd-Med-Gen3712 Jul, 200419 y 276 d180 cm81 kg3VIC Northern Knights
Angus Hastie24 190 cm69 kg2VIC Geelong Falcons
Tom HawkinsFwd-Tall-Key2621 Jul, 198835 y 267 d197 cm105 kg350VIC TomahawkMelbourne Grammar
Lewis HayesDef-Tall-Key1817 Dec, 200419 y 118 d199 cm84 kgVIC Eastern Ranges
Sam HayesUtil-Tall259 Jun, 199924 y 309 d205 cm102 kg11VIC Eastern Ranges
Oliver Hayes-Brown47 208 cm114 kgVIC Perth Wildcats
Nick HaynesDef-Tall-Key1918 May, 199231 y 331 d192 cm88 kg204VIC TrainDandenong Stingrays
Max HeathRuck-Tall4224 Oct, 200221 y 172 d204 cm97 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Jack HenryUtil-Tall3829 Aug, 199825 y 228 d192 cm96 kg122VIC Jumping JackGeelong Falcons
Oliver HenryFwd-Med-Gen3629 Jul, 200221 y 259 d189 cm80 kg51VIC Geelong Falcons
Dyson HeppellUtil-Med2114 May, 199231 y 335 d189 cm86 kg239VIC Gippsland Power
Michael HibberdDef-Med-Gen143 Jan, 199034 y 101 d186 cm94 kg197VIC PigFrankston VFL
Jack HigginsFwd-Smal-Gen119 Mar, 199925 y 25 d178 cm82 kg106VIC TurboOakleigh Chargers
Nick HindDef-Med-Gen1919 Aug, 199429 y 238 d180 cm78 kg83VIC Essendon VFL
Ben HobbsFwd-Med-Gen816 Sep, 200320 y 210 d183 cm80 kg38VIC GoblinGWV Rebels
Elijah HollandsMid-Med2025 Apr, 200221 y 354 d189 cm86 kg16VIC Murray Bushrangers
Oliver HollandsMid-Med416 Jan, 200420 y 88 d184 cm72 kg23VIC TurtleMurray Bushrangers
Max HolmesMid-Med929 Aug, 200221 y 228 d190 cm85 kg52VIC Sandringham Dragons
Josh HoneyFwd-Med-Gen3617 Oct, 200122 y 179 d186 cm85 kg16VIC Western Jets
Marty Hore275 Mar, 199628 y 39 d191 cm85 kg17VIC Collingwood VFL
Will Hoskin-ElliottFwd-Tall-Gen322 Sep, 199330 y 224 d186 cm82 kg208VIC Two DadsWestern Jets
Olli HottonFwd-Med-Gen396 Sep, 200419 y 220 d181 cm80 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Dan HoustonMid-Med512 May, 199726 y 337 d186 cm88 kg150VIC HootinOakleigh Chargers
Daniel HoweDef-Tall-Gen154 Dec, 199528 y 131 d194 cm83 kg106VIC Murray Bushrangers
Blake HowesFwd-Tall-Gen227 Apr, 200321 y 6 d191 cm82 kg5VIC Sandringham Dragons
Bailey HumphreyFwd-Med-Gen1911 Sep, 200419 y 215 d186 cm86 kg22VIC HumperGippsland Power
Jayden HuntDef-Med-Gen53 Apr, 199529 y 10 d188 cm82 kg141VIC Brighton Grammar
Lachie HunterMid-Med1213 Dec, 199429 y 122 d183 cm82 kg196VIC Western Jets
Henry HustwaiteMid-Tall4420 Jul, 200419 y 268 d195 cm84 kg4VIC PencilDandenong Stingrays
Connor IdunDef-Tall-Key3929 Jul, 200023 y 259 d193 cm92 kg72VIC GeekGeelong Falcons
Jarman ImpeyUtil-Smal49 Jul, 199528 y 279 d178 cm79 kg176VIC WheelsMurray Bushrangers
Matthew JeffersonFwd-Tall-Key218 Mar, 200420 y 36 d195 cm86 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Emerson JekaUtil-Tall4318 Sep, 200122 y 208 d198 cm92 kg7VIC Western Jets
Changkuoth JiathFwd-Med-Gen913 Jun, 199924 y 305 d185 cm78 kg45VIC Gippsland Power
Tew Jiath19 188 cmVIC Gippsland Power
Harvey Johnston24 185 cm76 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Harrison JonesFwd-Tall-Key2325 Feb, 200123 y 48 d196 cm88 kg34VIC Calder Cannons
Jamaine JonesFwd-Med-Gen3129 Sep, 199825 y 197 d180 cm80 kg54VIC North Ballarat Rebels
Zak JonesDef-Med-Gen315 Mar, 199529 y 29 d182 cm84 kg138VIC Dandenong Stingrays
James JordonMid-Med1720 Dec, 200023 y 115 d187 cm82 kg67VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Alex KeathDef-Tall-Key4220 Jan, 199232 y 84 d198 cm93 kg103VIC ChiefMurray Bushrangers
Jake KellyDef-Tall-Key2921 Jan, 199529 y 83 d190 cm90 kg151VIC BullOakleigh Chargers
Josh KellyMid-Med2212 Feb, 199529 y 61 d184 cm82 kg201VIC JoyaSandringham Dragons
Will KellyDef-Tall-Key2016 Aug, 200023 y 241 d194 cm92 kg5VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Brodie KempDef-Tall-Key171 May, 200122 y 348 d192 cm89 kg26VIC DracoBendigo Pioneers
Adam KennedyDef-Med-Gen4012 Jul, 199231 y 276 d183 cm80 kg153VIC Viper StrikeWestern Jets
Buku KhamisUtil-Tall2424 Mar, 200024 y 20 d191 cm87 kg14VIC Bulldogs Academy
Ben KingFwd-Tall-Key347 Jul, 200023 y 281 d202 cm98 kg77VIC Sandringham Dragons
Max KingFwd-Tall-Key127 Jul, 200023 y 281 d202 cm100 kg74VIC WinxSandringham Dragons
Mitchell KnevittMid-Tall108 Jan, 200321 y 96 d193 cm85 kg11VIC Geelong Falcons
Max KnobelRuck-Tall2227 Jun, 200419 y 291 d206 cm93 kgVIC Gippsland Power
Jacob KonstantyFwd-Smal-Gen189 Nov, 200419 y 156 d177 cm73 kgVIC Gippsland Power
Flynn KroegerMid-Med2523 Jul, 200320 y 265 d185 cm85 kgVIC Eastern Ranges
Ed LangdonFwd-Med-Gen151 Feb, 199628 y 72 d182 cm78 kg162VIC Sandringham Dragons
Kyle LangfordUtil-Tall41 Dec, 199627 y 134 d192 cm88 kg134VIC Northern Knights
Nick LarkeyUtil-Tall206 Jun, 199825 y 312 d198 cm96 kg98VIC SouvOakleigh Chargers
Bailey LaurieFwd-Smal-Gen1624 Mar, 200222 y 20 d179 cm79 kg6VIC BillOakleigh Chargers
Jayden LaverdeFwd-Med-Gen1512 Apr, 199628 y 1 d193 cm92 kg113VIC Western Jets
Charlie LazzaroMid-Smal3525 Mar, 200222 y 19 d180 cm80 kg31VIC LizardGeelong Falcons
Ryan LesterDef-Med-Gen3526 Aug, 199231 y 231 d192 cm84 kg184VIC FroggyOakleigh Chargers
Jake LeverDef-Tall-Key85 Mar, 199628 y 39 d194 cm94 kg165VIC SnakeCalder Cannons
Mitch LewisFwd-Tall-Key214 Oct, 199825 y 182 d199 cm99 kg69VIC HodgeCalder Cannons
Tom LiberatoreMid-Med2116 May, 199231 y 333 d184 cm85 kg219VIC Calder Cannons
Patrick LipinskiFwd-Med-Gen117 Jul, 199825 y 271 d190 cm86 kg98VIC Northern Knights
Jake LloydDef-Med-Gen4420 Sep, 199330 y 206 d182 cm81 kg227VIC Murray Bushrangers
Luke LloydFwd-Tall-Key198 Aug, 200518 y 249 d193 cm78 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Kai LohmannFwd-Med-Gen16 May, 200320 y 343 d185 cm77 kg12VIC GWV Rebels
Ned LongMid-Tall275 Feb, 200321 y 68 d194 cm92 kg5VIC Northern Knights
Noah LongFwd-Smal-Gen1323 Aug, 200419 y 234 d179 cm78 kg23VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Ollie LordFwd-Tall-Key302 Jan, 200222 y 102 d197 cm92 kg13VIC Sandringham Dragons
Will Lorenz36 186 cm70 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Luamon Lual34 181 cm70 kgVIC GWV Rebels
Tom J. LynchFwd-Tall-Key1931 Oct, 199231 y 165 d199 cm100 kg219VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Tom T. Lynch15 Sep, 199033 y 211 d193 cm88 kg164VIC ChiefSandringham Dragons
Jarryd LyonsMid-Med1722 Jul, 199231 y 266 d184 cm86 kg193VIC JLSandringham Dragons
Bailey MacdonaldDef-Med-Gen424 Aug, 200419 y 253 d182 cm74 kg2VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Connor MacdonaldMid-Med3113 Jan, 200321 y 91 d185 cm79 kg45VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Cam MackenzieMid-Med2821 Jan, 200420 y 83 d188 cm82 kg18VIC FrenchySandringham Dragons
Darcy MacPhersonMid-Smal4429 Oct, 199726 y 167 d175 cm76 kg97VIC SnagsFootscray VFL
Finlay MacraeMid-Med1813 Mar, 200222 y 31 d188 cm80 kg15VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Jack MacraeMid-Med113 Aug, 199429 y 254 d192 cm89 kg231VIC NatorOakleigh Chargers
Finn MaginnessMid-Med3223 Feb, 200123 y 50 d189 cm88 kg35VIC Sandringham Dragons
Jack MahonyMid-Smal4212 Nov, 200122 y 153 d177 cm73 kg44VIC Sandringham Dragons
Finnbar Maley39 197 cm89 kgVIC Northern Bullants VFL
Caleb MarchbankDef-Tall-Key227 Dec, 199627 y 128 d193 cm92 kg61VIC NeckMurray Bushrangers
Ryan MaricFwd-Tall-Key416 Sep, 200419 y 220 d196 cm93 kg13VIC IvanGippsland Power
Rowan MarshallUtil-Tall1924 Nov, 199528 y 141 d201 cm105 kg114VIC ProspectNorth Ballarat Rebels
Todd MarshallFwd-Tall-Key48 Oct, 199825 y 188 d198 cm94 kg100VIC Murray Bushrangers
Dustin MartinMid-Med426 Jun, 199132 y 292 d187 cm93 kg292VIC DustyBendigo Pioneers
Rhys MathiesonMid-Med3610 Jan, 199727 y 94 d186 cm86 kg68VIC Beast ModeGeelong Falcons
Brayden MaynardDef-Med-Gen420 Sep, 199627 y 206 d189 cm93 kg191VIC BruzzySandringham Dragons
Fischer McAseyDef-Tall-Key38 Mar, 200123 y 36 d198 cm98 kg10VIC FishSandringham Dragons
Paddy McCartinDef-Tall-Key3919 Apr, 199627 y 360 d195 cm95 kg63VIC BeersGeelong Falcons
Tom McCartinDef-Tall-Key3030 Dec, 199924 y 105 d194 cm99 kg115VIC Geelong Falcons
Hugh McCluggageMid-Med63 Mar, 199826 y 41 d185 cm84 kg159VIC BagsNorth Ballarat Rebels
Robbie McCombFwd-Med-Gen2719 Dec, 199528 y 116 d181 cm82 kg18VIC Footscray VFL
Luke McDonaldDef-Med-Gen119 Feb, 199529 y 64 d189 cm87 kg184VIC TaxiWerribee VFL
Oscar McDonald2118 Mar, 199628 y 26 d196 cm96 kg85VIC OhNorth Ballarat
Tom McDonaldDef-Tall-Key2518 Sep, 199231 y 208 d195 cm101 kg214VIC LynxNorth Ballarat Rebels
Andrew McGrathMid-Smal12 Jun, 199825 y 316 d180 cm83 kg138VIC PigeonSandringham Dragons
Ned McHenryMid-Med2513 Jul, 200023 y 275 d179 cm81 kg63VIC AlpacaGeelong Falcons
Justin McInerneyMid-Med2718 Aug, 200023 y 239 d189 cm83 kg77VIC Northern Knights
Oscar McInerneyRuck-Tall4610 Jul, 199429 y 278 d204 cm110 kg130VIC Big OCasey Scorpions
Reef McInnesMid-Tall2612 Dec, 200221 y 123 d194 cm90 kg14VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Ben McKayDef-Tall-Key3224 Dec, 199726 y 111 d202 cm104 kg75VIC Gippsland Power
Harry McKayFwd-Tall-Key1024 Dec, 199726 y 111 d200 cm106 kg111VIC FeathersGippsland Power
Daniel McKenzieMid-Med3617 May, 199627 y 332 d184 cm81 kg73VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Trent McKenzieDef-Tall-Key123 Apr, 199232 y 10 d191 cm89 kg165VIC CannonWestern Jets
Brodie McLaughlinFwd-Tall-Key4320 Nov, 199726 y 145 d193 cm87 kgVIC Frankston VFL
Hayden McLeanUtil-Tall220 Jan, 199925 y 84 d197 cm99 kg57VIC DosSandringham Dragons
Toby McLeanUtil-Med1631 Jan, 199628 y 73 d181 cm83 kg101VIC FeathersOakleigh Chargers
Angus McLennanDef-Med-Gen412 Sep, 200320 y 224 d188 cm82 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Toby McMullinFwd-Med-Gen316 Aug, 200419 y 251 d183 cm83 kg4VIC MuffSandringham Dragons
Daniel McStayFwd-Tall-Key1124 Jun, 199528 y 294 d195 cm99 kg174VIC Eastern Ranges
Lloyd MeekRuck-Tall1722 Apr, 199825 y 357 d203 cm109 kg33VIC GWV Rebels
Lewis MelicanDef-Tall-Key434 Nov, 199627 y 161 d194 cm99 kg65VIC Geelong Falcons
Jake MelkshamMid-Med1829 Aug, 199132 y 228 d186 cm85 kg219VIC MilkshakeCalder Cannons
Tim MembreyFwd-Med-Key2826 May, 199429 y 323 d188 cm92 kg164VIC SkunkGippsland Power
Zach MerrettMid-Smal73 Oct, 199528 y 193 d179 cm83 kg210VIC Sandringham Dragons
Gryan MiersFwd-Smal-Gen3230 Mar, 199925 y 14 d179 cm81 kg110VIC Poster BoyGeelong Falcons
Touk MillerMid-Smal1122 Feb, 199628 y 51 d178 cm84 kg177VIC Calder Cannons
Alex MirkovRuck-Tall4517 Nov, 199924 y 148 d210 cm105 kgVIC Carlton VFL
Caleb MitchellDef-Med-Gen3510 Aug, 200419 y 247 d186 cm81 kg2VIC SidMurray Bushrangers
Seamus MitchellFwd-Med-Gen403 Jul, 200221 y 285 d181 cm80 kg15VIC ShaggerBendigo Pioneers
Darcy MooreDef-Tall-Key3025 Jan, 199628 y 79 d203 cm100 kg155VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Dylan MooreFwd-Smal-Gen134 Aug, 199924 y 253 d177 cm77 kg79VIC Eastern Ranges
Logan MorrisFwd-Tall-Key135 Oct, 200518 y 191 d191 cm90 kgVIC Western Jets
Harry MorrisonMid-Med112 Nov, 199825 y 153 d184 cm79 kg91VIC AitchMurray Bushrangers
Ned MoyleRuck-Tall4915 Feb, 200222 y 58 d206 cm104 kg3VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Oscar MurdochDef-Tall-Key3124 Sep, 200419 y 202 d190 cm93 kgVIC Geelong Falcons
Lachlan MurphyFwd-Smal-Gen44 Dec, 199825 y 131 d174 cm83 kg101VIC MerchantAdelaide FC
Nathan MurphyDef-Tall-Key2815 Dec, 199924 y 120 d192 cm90 kg55VIC Sandringham Dragons
Ollie Murphy33 200 cm85 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Luke NankervisFwd-Med-Gen2725 May, 200320 y 324 d191 cm85 kg5VIC JediSandringham Dragons
Jai NewcombeMid-Med32 Aug, 200122 y 255 d187 cm92 kg54VIC Box Hill VFL
Nic NewmanDef-Med-Gen2415 Jan, 199331 y 89 d186 cm80 kg114VIC OnionsFrankston VFL
Bigoa NyuonRuck-Tall2818 May, 200122 y 331 d197 cm90 kg1VIC BiggieDandenong Stingrays
Lochie O'BrienMid-Med418 Sep, 199924 y 208 d185 cm84 kg66VIC WolfBendigo Pioneers
Reilly O'BrienRuck-Tall4320 Aug, 199528 y 237 d202 cm105 kg104VIC WindscreensCalder Cannons
James O'DonnellDef-Tall-Key1831 Aug, 200221 y 226 d197 cm88 kg12VIC Kew
Xavier O'HalloranMid-Med3311 Jul, 200023 y 277 d187 cm89 kg49VIC MunnyWestern Jets
Hudson O'KeeffeRuck-Tall4016 Dec, 200419 y 119 d202 cm94 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Xavier O'NeillMid-Med243 Aug, 200023 y 254 d186 cm84 kg38VIC Skinny XOakleigh Chargers
Jack O'SullivanFwd-Smal-Gen4322 Oct, 200419 y 174 d177 cm72 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Clayton OliverMid-Med1322 Jul, 199726 y 266 d189 cm88 kg167VIC ClarryMurray Bushrangers
Mitch OwensUtil-Tall1024 Sep, 200320 y 202 d191 cm91 kg34VIC ChitoSandringham Dragons
Matthew OwiesFwd-Med-Gen4419 Mar, 199727 y 25 d179 cm81 kg53VIC Seattle University
Tom PapleyFwd-Smal-Gen1113 Jul, 199627 y 275 d177 cm77 kg168VIC PoppyGippsland Power
Darcy ParishMid-Med325 Jul, 199726 y 263 d180 cm81 kg152VIC DasherGeelong Falcons
Luke ParkerMid-Med2625 Oct, 199231 y 171 d183 cm88 kg281VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Ben PatonDef-Med-Gen3319 Oct, 199825 y 177 d187 cm82 kg67VIC Murray Bushrangers
Scott PendleburyMid-Tall107 Jan, 198836 y 97 d191 cm86 kg387VIC PendlesGippsland Power
Flynn PerezMid-Med3925 Aug, 200122 y 232 d188 cm85 kg24VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Archie PerkinsFwd-Med-Gen1626 Mar, 200222 y 18 d188 cm85 kg65VIC Sandringham Dragons
Christian PetraccaMid-Med54 Jan, 199628 y 100 d187 cm94 kg181VIC TracEastern Ranges
Jack PetruccelleMid-Med2112 Apr, 199925 y 1 d188 cm83 kg76VIC PetchNorthern Knights
Ethan PhillipsDef-Tall-Key3717 Jul, 199924 y 271 d197 cm97 kgVIC Box Hill VFL
Will PhillipsMid-Med2922 May, 200221 y 327 d181 cm81 kg30VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Sam PhilpMid-Med344 Aug, 200122 y 253 d186 cm83 kg2VIC Northern Knights
Marc PittonetRuck-Tall273 Jun, 199627 y 315 d202 cm107 kg59VIC Mr WorldwideOakleigh Chargers
Lachlan PlowmanDef-Tall-Key2011 Sep, 199429 y 215 d193 cm87 kg145VIC Calder Cannons
Dion PrestiaMid-Smal312 Oct, 199231 y 184 d175 cm84 kg214VIC Human MeatballCalder Cannons
Isaac QuaynorDef-Med-Gen315 Jan, 200024 y 89 d180 cm88 kg89VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Cody RaakDef-Tall-Gen408 Oct, 200221 y 188 d193 cm83 kgVIC Western Jets
Josh RacheleFwd-Smal-Gen811 Apr, 200321 y 2 d179 cm84 kg38VIC RashMurray Bushrangers
Hugo RalphsmithMid-Med139 Nov, 200122 y 156 d187 cm81 kg31VIC Sandringham Dragons
Max RamsdenUtil-Tall3819 Apr, 200320 y 360 d203 cm86 kg3VIC Sandringham Dragons
Lachlan RankinUtil-Med415 Feb, 200321 y 68 d184 cm73 kgVIC Oakleigh Chargers
Esava RatugoleaFwd-Tall-Key2724 Jul, 199825 y 264 d197 cm108 kg79VIC Murray Bushrangers
Cam RaynerUtil-Med1621 Oct, 199924 y 175 d186 cm93 kg117VIC HollywoodWestern Jets
Ned ReevesRuck-Tall731 Oct, 199825 y 165 d210 cm103 kg40VIC TreeOakleigh Chargers
Archer Reid22 203 cm85 kgVIC Gippsland Power
Harley Reid9 187 cm78 kg4VIC Bendigo Pioneers
Sam ReidDef-Tall-Key2027 Dec, 199132 y 108 d196 cm96 kg179VIC Murray Bushrangers
Zach ReidDef-Tall-Key312 Mar, 200222 y 42 d202 cm90 kg9VIC Dave FerritGippsland Power
Liam ReidyRuck-Tall4214 Jun, 200023 y 304 d204 cm104 kgVIC Frankston VFL
Bruce RevilleUtil-Med3822 Feb, 200123 y 51 d185 cm80 kgVIC Brisbane Lions VFL
Jake RiccardiFwd-Tall-Key267 Nov, 199924 y 158 d198 cm100 kg52VIC Werribee VFL
Osca RiccardiUtil-Smal2123 Aug, 200419 y 234 d178 cm65 kgVIC Geelong Falcons
Ed RichardsDef-Med-Gen203 Jul, 199924 y 285 d188 cm89 kg107VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Joe RichardsFwd-Smal-Gen2923 Nov, 199924 y 142 d177 cm73 kgVIC Wangaratta
Jordan RidleyDef-Tall-Gen1420 Oct, 199825 y 176 d195 cm94 kg85VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Archie Roberts38 184 cm77 kgVIC Sandringham Rovers
Gary RohanFwd-Med-Key237 Jun, 199132 y 311 d189 cm92 kg190VIC ChuckyGeelong Falcons
Jack RossMid-Med53 Sep, 200023 y 223 d187 cm87 kg64VIC PortiaOakleigh Chargers
Seb RossMid-Med67 May, 199330 y 342 d187 cm90 kg202VIC North Ballarat Rebels
James RowbottomMid-Med819 Sep, 200023 y 207 d186 cm82 kg97VIC PaddlebumOakleigh Chargers
Matt RowellMid-Med181 Jul, 200122 y 287 d180 cm82 kg66VIC FoxOakleigh Chargers
Brandon RyanFwd-Tall-Key247 Nov, 199726 y 158 d200 cm91 kg3VIC SticksBox Hill VFL
Luke RyanDef-Med-Gen136 Feb, 199628 y 67 d186 cm92 kg136VIC Coburg VFL
Oscar RyanDef-Med-Gen2215 May, 200518 y 334 d187 cm75 kgVIC Murray Bushrangers
Adam SaadDef-Smal-Gen4223 Jul, 199429 y 265 d178 cm79 kg181VIC Coburg VFL
Christian SalemMid-Med315 Jul, 199528 y 273 d184 cm81 kg164VIC Sandringham Dragons
Josh SchacheFwd-Tall-Key1921 Aug, 199726 y 236 d199 cm94 kg75VIC DieselMurray Bushrangers
Lachie SchultzMid-Med830 Nov, 199726 y 135 d178 cm81 kg95VIC ShooterWilliamstown VFL
Anthony ScottFwd-Med-Gen2828 Feb, 199529 y 45 d181 cm79 kg55VIC Footscray VFL
Jack ScrimshawDef-Tall-Gen144 Sep, 199825 y 222 d194 cm90 kg87VIC Sandringham Dragons
Paul SeedsmanMid-Med1122 Jan, 199232 y 82 d190 cm84 kg132VIC PoppyEastern Ranges
Tyler SellersFwd-Tall-Key369 Aug, 200221 y 248 d193 cm93 kgVIC North Melbourne VFL
Caleb SerongMid-Smal39 Feb, 200123 y 64 d180 cm87 kg84VIC SebbaGippsland Power
Jai SerongUtil-Tall2916 Feb, 200321 y 57 d193 cm84 kg5VIC Gippsland Power
Oliver SestanFwd-Med-Gen3815 Apr, 200419 y 364 d188 cm91 kgVIC Xavier College
Harry SharpMid-Med2217 Dec, 200221 y 118 d182 cm76 kg10VIC GWV Rebels
Harry SheezelFwd-Med-Gen313 Oct, 200419 y 183 d185 cm80 kg27VIC Sandringham Dragons
Dylan ShielMid-Med99 Mar, 199331 y 35 d182 cm84 kg210VIC Edithvale-Aspinvale
Liam ShielsMid-Med1429 Apr, 199132 y 350 d184 cm82 kg272VIC PupEastern Ranges
Lachlan ShollDef-Med-Gen387 Mar, 200024 y 37 d186 cm87 kg55VIC ShoemanCalder Cannons
Jayden ShortDef-Smal-Gen1524 Jan, 199628 y 80 d178 cm75 kg158VIC Northern Knights
Luke ShueyMid-Med132 Jun, 199033 y 316 d184 cm89 kg248VIC ChingyOakleigh Chargers
James SicilyDef-Tall-Key66 Jan, 199529 y 98 d188 cm90 kg138VIC Western Jets
Steele SidebottomMid-Med222 Jan, 199133 y 102 d184 cm86 kg312VIC RustyMurray Bushrangers
Jack SilvagniFwd-Tall-Gen117 Dec, 199726 y 118 d194 cm92 kg115VIC SoJOakleigh Chargers
Jy SimpkinFwd-Med-Gen125 Mar, 199826 y 39 d183 cm77 kg137VIC Murray Bushrangers
Cooper Simpson29 182 cm74 kgVIC Dandenong Stingrays
Sam SimpsonMid-Smal3714 Jun, 199825 y 304 d183 cm75 kg25VIC Geelong Falcons
Jack SinclairDef-Med-Gen3512 Feb, 199529 y 61 d181 cm82 kg168VIC ZaghiOakleigh Chargers
Josh SinnDef-Med-Gen87 Jan, 200321 y 97 d187 cm83 kg4VIC JohnnySandringham Dragons
Josh SinnUtil-Med87 Jan, 200321 y 97 d187 cm83 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Rory SloaneMid-Med917 Mar, 199034 y 27 d183 cm87 kg255VIC BatmanEastern Ranges
Bailey SmithMid-Med67 Dec, 200023 y 128 d185 cm86 kg103VIC BazlenkaSandringham Dragons
Deakyn SmithMid-Med3422 Aug, 200221 y 235 d181 cm72 kgVIC Dandenong Stingrays
Joel SmithUtil-Tall2925 Feb, 199628 y 48 d191 cm90 kg42VIC Geelong Supercats
Lachlan Smith459 Sep, 199330 y 217 d190 cm84 kgVIC Murray Bushrangers
Roarke SmithUtil-Med3711 Sep, 199627 y 215 d184 cm82 kg46VIC Calder Cannons
Jake SoligoFwd-Med-Gen1425 Jan, 200321 y 79 d180 cm84 kg41VIC FridgeEastern Ranges
Tyler SonsieMid-Med4027 Jan, 200321 y 77 d181 cm77 kg12VIC Eastern Ranges
Charlie SpargoFwd-Smal-Gen925 Nov, 199924 y 140 d172 cm75 kg98VIC SpoutMurray Bushrangers
Ethan StanleyUtil-Med4613 Nov, 200320 y 152 d188 cm81 kg2VIC MilkyBox Hill VFL
Cooper StephensMid-Med2117 Jan, 200123 y 87 d188 cm86 kg7VIC Geelong Falcons
Jaidyn StephensonMid-Med215 Jan, 199925 y 89 d189 cm79 kg114VIC SpacemanEastern Ranges
George Stevens15 189 cm90 kgVIC GWV Rebels
James StewartDef-Tall-Key174 Mar, 199430 y 40 d199 cm99 kg78VIC StuzSandringham Dragons
Tom StewartDef-Tall-Key4415 Mar, 199331 y 29 d190 cm88 kg152VIC GriffGeelong VFL
Liam StockerMid-Med1423 Jan, 200024 y 81 d184 cm86 kg55VIC StonkSandringham Dragons
Conor StoneFwd-Med-Gen1822 Apr, 200221 y 357 d189 cm87 kg8VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Kieran StrachanRuck-Tall455 Oct, 199528 y 191 d204 cm102 kg5VIC Port Melbourne VFL
Jake StringerFwd-Tall-Key2525 Apr, 199429 y 354 d192 cm92 kg192VIC PackageBendigo Pioneers
Sam SturtFwd-Med-Gen112 May, 200023 y 337 d190 cm81 kg18VIC StoinDandenong Stingrays
Sam Switkowski3920 Nov, 199627 y 145 d179 cm75 kg72VIC Box Hill VFL
Matt TabernerFwd-Tall-Key2017 Jun, 199330 y 301 d198 cm97 kg123VIC CrabMurray Bushrangers
Tim TarantoMid-Med1428 Jan, 199826 y 76 d188 cm87 kg142VIC T-BoneSandringham Dragons
Robbie TarrantDef-Tall-Key625 Apr, 198934 y 354 d196 cm96 kg194VIC TazBendigo Pioneers
Curtis TaylorUtil-Med56 Apr, 200024 y 7 d188 cm82 kg67VIC Calder Cannons
Zac TaylorMid-Med1931 Jan, 200321 y 73 d182 cm81 kgVIC ChardaCalder Cannons
Adam TomlinsonUtil-Tall2010 Aug, 199330 y 247 d194 cm95 kg176VIC HawkOakleigh Chargers
Josh TreacyFwd-Tall-Key354 Aug, 200221 y 253 d195 cm92 kg40VIC JTBendigo Pioneers
Adam TreloarMid-Med19 Mar, 199331 y 35 d185 cm84 kg235VIC Noble Park
James TreziseDef-Med-Gen3615 Jun, 200221 y 303 d188 cm76 kg2VIC Richmond VFL
Elijah TsatasMid-Med518 Oct, 200419 y 178 d187 cm80 kg6VIC Oakleigh Chargers
James TsitasMid-Med213 Mar, 199529 y 41 d181 cm83 kg5VIC Geelong Falcons
Clay Tucker45 204 cm103 kgVIC Box Hill Hawks VFL
Darcy TuckerDef-Med-Gen1323 Jan, 199727 y 81 d184 cm83 kg130VIC North Ballarat Rebels
Kayne TurnerFwd-Med-Gen2831 Dec, 199528 y 104 d180 cm71 kg130VIC SugarWodonga
Kye TurnerDef-Tall-Key6 Feb, 200222 y 67 d193 cm78 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Jamarra Ugle-HaganFwd-Tall-Key24 Apr, 200222 y 9 d197 cm91 kg49VIC Oakleigh Chargers
James Van EsDef-Tall-Key317 Aug, 200419 y 250 d196 cm101 kgVIC GWV Rebels
Laitham VandermeerFwd-Med-Gen233 Feb, 199925 y 70 d182 cm78 kg47VIC Shepp DogMurray Bushrangers
Cooper VickeryDef-Med-Gen2516 Dec, 200419 y 119 d181 cm73 kgVIC Gippsland Power
Jack VineyMid-Smal713 Apr, 199430 y 0 d179 cm93 kg201VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Dante VisentiniUtil-Tall3813 Feb, 200321 y 60 d202 cm98 kg3VIC VisaSandringham Dragons
Vigo Visentini39 203 cm97 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Nick VlastuinDef-Med-Gen119 Apr, 199429 y 360 d187 cm88 kg216VIC TiggerNorthern Knights
Sam WalshMid-Med182 Jul, 200023 y 286 d184 cm84 kg99VIC PlumberGeelong Falcons
Callan WardMid-Med810 Apr, 199034 y 3 d187 cm83 kg295VIC Cement HeadWestern Jets
Josh Ward2515 Aug, 200320 y 242 d183 cm80 kg34VIC Northern Knights
George WardlawMid-Med611 Jun, 200419 y 307 d182 cm79 kg12VIC WallyOakleigh Chargers
Nick Watson34 170 cm67 kg3VIC Eastern Ranges
Josh WeddleDef-Tall-Key2325 May, 200419 y 324 d191 cm92 kg21VIC WeedsOakleigh Chargers
Sam WeidemanFwd-Tall-Key1026 Jun, 199726 y 292 d197 cm99 kg75VIC Eastern Ranges
Cody WeightmanFwd-Smal-Gen315 Jan, 200123 y 89 d179 cm75 kg63VIC Pop-up SprinklerDandenong Stingrays
Jacob WeiteringDef-Tall-Key2323 Nov, 199726 y 142 d195 cm102 kg161VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Rhylee WestFwd-Med-Gen1412 Jul, 200023 y 276 d183 cm82 kg39VIC Calder Cannons
Lachie WhitfieldMid-Med618 Jul, 199429 y 270 d185 cm83 kg212VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Cooper WhyteUtil-Med1124 Feb, 200321 y 49 d181 cm78 kg1VIC Geelong Falcons
Bailey J. WilliamsRuck-Tall3217 Apr, 200023 y 362 d201 cm101 kg53VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Dylan WilliamsFwd-Med-Gen231 Jul, 200122 y 287 d186 cm85 kg23VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Darcy WilmotDef-Med-Gen4431 Dec, 200320 y 104 d183 cm79 kg33VIC Northern Knights
Billy Wilson35 183 cm66 kgVIC Dandenong Stingrays
Darcy Wilson22 185 cm66 kg4VIC Murray Bushrangers
Tom WilsonUtil-Tall1224 Jun, 199726 y 294 d194 cm86 kg8VIC Sydney Kings
Oliver Wiltshire21 180 cm67 kgVIC Barwon Heads
Marcus WindhagerMid-Med216 May, 200320 y 333 d185 cm85 kg40VIC WindySandringham Dragons
Caleb Windsor6 185 cm74 kg5VIC Eastern Ranges
Ollie WinesMid-Med167 Oct, 199429 y 189 d187 cm98 kg231VIC QuadzillaBendigo Pioneers
Alex WitherdenDef-Med-Gen2310 Sep, 199825 y 216 d188 cm85 kg104VIC Geelong Falcons
Mason WoodFwd-Tall-Gen3213 Sep, 199330 y 213 d192 cm86 kg117VIC Geelong Falcons
Karl WornerMid-Med2316 Jun, 200221 y 302 d188 cm83 kg5VIC Oakleigh Chargers
James WorpelMid-Med524 Jan, 199925 y 80 d186 cm86 kg106VIC WorpedoGeelong Falcons
Josh Worrell2411 Apr, 200123 y 2 d195 cm93 kg21VIC WoozleSandringham Dragons
Peter WrightFwd-Tall-Key208 Sep, 199627 y 218 d203 cm102 kg121VIC 2MPCalder Cannons
Tristan XerriRuck-Tall3815 Mar, 199925 y 29 d202 cm105 kg37VIC Big XWestern Jets
Hayden YoungDef-Med-Gen2611 Apr, 200123 y 2 d189 cm88 kg61VIC Dandenong Stingrays
Lachie YoungDef-Tall-Gen176 Apr, 199925 y 7 d189 cm81 kg45VIC Mt Eliza
Jack ZiebellMid-Med728 Feb, 199133 y 45 d188 cm89 kg280VIC Jay-ZMurray Bushrangers