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first ruck tagged AFL players

NameType#DOBAgeHeightWeightGmSOONicknameRecruited from
Kieren BriggsRuck-Tall326 Oct, 199924 y 190 d201 cm108 kg30NSW GWS Academy
Nick BryanRuck-Tall2422 Oct, 200122 y 174 d203 cm101 kg14VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Darcy CameronUtil-Tall1418 Jul, 199528 y 270 d204 cm103 kg77WA BookerClaremont
Jonathon CeglarRuck-Tall1514 Feb, 199133 y 59 d204 cm99 kg110VIC Murray Bushrangers
Mate ColinaRuck-Tall3920 May, 199924 y 329 d211 cm113 kgVIC University of Hawaii
Toby ConwayRuck-Tall624 Apr, 200320 y 355 d206 cm101 kg2VIC Geelong Falcons
Sean DarcyRuck-Tall412 Jun, 199825 y 306 d203 cm111 kg98VIC SwaggyGeelong Falcons
Sam DraperRuck-Tall228 Sep, 199825 y 198 d205 cm105 kg60SA South Adelaide
Tim EnglishRuck-Tall4410 Aug, 199726 y 247 d208 cm107 kg112WA JohnnySouth Fremantle
Jeremy FinlaysonUtil-Tall119 Feb, 199628 y 64 d197 cm93 kg112NSW DorsalSydney Hills Eagles
Max GawnRuck-Tall1130 Dec, 199132 y 105 d209 cm110 kg208VIC DougySandringham Dragons
Todd GoldsteinRuck-Tall171 Jul, 198835 y 287 d201 cm101 kg319VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Brodie GrundyRuck-Tall415 Apr, 199429 y 364 d202 cm105 kg199SA RegSturt
Sam HayesUtil-Tall259 Jun, 199924 y 309 d205 cm102 kg11VIC Eastern Ranges
Max HeathRuck-Tall4224 Oct, 200221 y 172 d204 cm97 kgVIC Sandringham Dragons
Tom HickeyRuck-Tall316 Mar, 199133 y 38 d202 cm97 kg151QLD Morningside
Peter LadhamsRuck-Tall1914 Jan, 199826 y 90 d204 cm103 kg52SA Norwood
Kalin LaneRuck-Tall455 Dec, 200122 y 130 d205 cm101 kgWA Claremont
Scott LycettRuck-Tall2926 Sep, 199231 y 200 d203 cm102 kg146SA LychatPort Magpies
Max LynchRuck-Tall1812 Sep, 199825 y 214 d200 cm101 kg11NSW Murray Bushrangers
Rowan MarshallUtil-Tall1924 Nov, 199528 y 141 d201 cm105 kg114VIC ProspectNorth Ballarat Rebels
Lachlan McAndrewRuck-Tall4626 May, 200023 y 323 d209 cm101 kg2NSW StretchSydney VFL
Oscar McInerneyRuck-Tall4610 Jul, 199429 y 278 d204 cm110 kg130VIC Big OCasey Scorpions
Lloyd MeekRuck-Tall1722 Apr, 199825 y 357 d203 cm109 kg33VIC GWV Rebels
Alex MirkovRuck-Tall4517 Nov, 199924 y 148 d210 cm105 kgVIC Carlton VFL
Ned MoyleRuck-Tall4915 Feb, 200222 y 58 d206 cm104 kg3VIC Oakleigh Chargers
Sam Naismith2416 Jul, 199231 y 272 d206 cm104 kg30NSW CrayfishNorth Shore
Nic NaitanuiRuck-Tall94 May, 199033 y 345 d202 cm112 kg213WA NicNatSwan Districts
Toby NankervisRuck-Tall2512 Aug, 199429 y 245 d199 cm102 kg140TAS TankNorth Launceston
Shannon NealeRuck-Tall3325 Jul, 200221 y 263 d203 cm101 kg5WA South Fremantle
Reilly O'BrienRuck-Tall4320 Aug, 199528 y 237 d202 cm105 kg104VIC WindscreensCalder Cannons
Andrew PhillipsRuck-Tall343 Jul, 199132 y 285 d201 cm101 kg82TAS Clarence
Marc PittonetRuck-Tall273 Jun, 199627 y 315 d202 cm107 kg59VIC Mr WorldwideOakleigh Chargers
Braydon PreussRuck-Tall1116 Jun, 199528 y 302 d207 cm118 kg28QLD PokieSurfers Paradise
Ned ReevesRuck-Tall731 Oct, 199825 y 165 d210 cm103 kg40VIC TreeOakleigh Chargers
Samson RyanRuck-Tall329 Dec, 200023 y 126 d206 cm103 kg16QLD CritterBrisbane Academy
Henry SmithRuck-Tall2524 Sep, 200221 y 202 d206 cm98 kgSA Woodville-West Torrens
Ivan SoldoRuck-Tall1314 Apr, 199627 y 365 d204 cm110 kg61NSW Northern Knights
Rhys StanleyRuck-Tall11 Dec, 199033 y 134 d200 cm102 kg198SA West Adelaide
Jordon SweetRuck-Tall242 Feb, 199826 y 71 d206 cm106 kg11SA North Adelaide
Brynn TeakleRuck-Tall2716 Oct, 199924 y 180 d204 cm96 kg6WA East Fremantle
Jarrod WittsRuck-Tall2813 Sep, 199231 y 213 d209 cm110 kg168NSW Sydney University