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    Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC
    200722 West CoastSubiaco126111
    200721 RichmondMCG9369
    200720 CarltonMCG7782
    200714Injured GeelongDocklands2951
    20219Fremantle0.0 ()0.0 ()
    202110North Melb.0.0 ()0.0 ()
    202111@West Coast0.0 ()0.0 ()
    202112Richmond0.0 ()0.0 ()
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    1992ES4312781.8 : 12.2 : 150%0.7
    1993ES13102979.11.9 : 12.9 : 160%0
    1994ES20172386.11.4 : 12.6 : 161%0
    1995ES22194288.21.2 : 12.5 : 160%0
    1996ES21209699.81.3 : 13.1 : 147%0
    1997ES757682.21.5 : 13.9 : 166%0
    1998ES1298782.21.7 : 13.3 : 152%1.5
    1999ES2108541.7 : 16 : 133%1.5
    2001ES19157482.82.1 : 13.5 : 160%0.7
    2002ES15128185.42.2 : 13.8 : 155%0.6
    2003ES161409882.4 : 15.2 : 150%0.5
    2004ES18154485.72.8 : 14.1 : 164%0.7
    2005ES17132577.9156291.82.9 : 14 : 168%1
    2006ES13115588.813781061.8 : 13 : 167%0.6
    2007ES17155891.61565922.9 : 13.4 : 157%0.4
    Career2161861986.1450595.81.9 : 13.3 : 158%0.4
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  • TRIBUNAL HISTORY (since 2001)
    YearRoundCharge (level)VictimResultVerdictPoints
    2005R5Charging (1)Shane WakelinEarly pleaReprimand93.75
    2005R1WrestlingAccepted fine$1800 fine
    2002WIZ R2StrikingBrad JohnsonLost at tribunal1 match
    2002SFMeleeLost at tribunal$5000 fine
    2002R18WrestlingBrad ScottAccepted fine$1200 fine
    Does anyone moderate these comments? There's a lot of defamatory nonsense being published here, for which both publisher and the individuals making the comments are liable. - SatanSpawn - 92 months ago
    Legendary drug peddler now, time to stop blaming everyone else and fall on your sword. Don't shoot the messenger (Demetrio) for exposing uncomfortable truths! - OziBatla - 92 months ago
    Will forever be a legend! - J.Worrall - 92 months ago
    What do you get when you cross Ross Lyon with Ben Cousins. The Lying drug taking person called James Hird. First he knew nothing, now the excuses have begun. Should be banned from football for life and all his achievements forever be tarnished. Pathetic - just like the Essendon Football club. - S_Coach99 - 96 months ago
    Can turn your DT team from good to ELITE just call him!!! - jusso - 96 months ago
    Birthday in 1990? Hell, an AFL Premiership at the grand old age of 3 must be a league record, lol. - jwshrive - 120 months ago
    You guys arguing about the superiority of one of these players over another is insane. All three were incredible, but very different in the way they played. They all had the ability to change the game in which they were playing in their own right. Hird's footy brain/execution, Voss's hardness/persistance, and Buckley's precision/strength were all unparallelled. They ALL made you stand back and wonder 'how the hell they just did that'. - FactHunt - 121 months ago
    All three of them were superstars of the game, Saying Voss was over rated is either very harsh or not a well informed opinion. All 3 of them statistically are very close with maybe Buckley slightly ahead in some categories, but a slight advantage in stats can not put Buckley ahead in terms of being a better player (seems funny saying that on a fantasy based website, were stats is all that matter) Being a very polished user of the ball, players love to get the ball to Buckley, and he was always in a team which allowed/needed him to dominate statistically. Voss was one of the most courageous player to ever play the game, the only one of the three to be given that award from the AFLPA, and the only to win the Leigh Matthews Trophy (2002/2003) Until Judd won his first Brownlow Voss was also the youngest winner of a Brownlow. Hird was a complete player and a specialist at getting his team over the line, very courageous too everyone can remember that broken nose incident. One of only 4 players to win a Premiership, Brownlow and Norm Smith (Williams, Hird, Black and Judd(should be one of 5,2002 Norm Smith anyone?)) I think we’re just splitting hairs when we’re trying to pick the better player, it’s a little personal opinion and a lot of team bias. For me Voss, Hird then Buckley. - Browny16 - 121 months ago
    @G-Rat - That's a fair point, Brisbane did have the stronger line-up on paper, however both teams were playing at a similar level that day. I was simply using that match as an example (and in hindsight it was probably a poor one) of both players ability to influence the outcome of a match. Hahaha I'm sorry but I didn't realise that youtube highlight vids where the best measure of a players greatness. It's pretty said if you're basing your assessment of who was greater on their highlight videos. Highlight videos can make anyone look great - hell look at Leon Davis' highlight vid and you'd think he was one of the greatest to play the game! If you really want to use highlight vids to judge players then go back and have a look at Buckley's again - notice how often he is on the outside of a pack recieving the ball? Now watch Hird's highlights package and do the same thing. Buckley didn't win anywhere near as much of his own ball as Hird or Voss. Buckley was a very skillful player and had the ability to finish extremely well, but he didn't win his own ball nor do the 1 per-centers nearly as often as Hird or Voss. I'd take a player who can win their own ball over a predominantly outside player like Buckley. I do agree about Harvey though - absolute star! - someguy - 121 months ago
    You say Buckley shouldn't have had a brownlow. Well i say Hird shouldn't. Chris Grant should have polled 3 votes, and Hird 2 in round 22. Grant would have tied with Voss, and Hird would be the one who lost by a vote. The only reason he got the 3 was because Essendon won that match. Grant was superior in that match, and it was only a stupid kick by Kretiuk that cost Grant his first brownlow. - chadburger - 121 months ago
    If the sides were relatively even in 2002/03, you could probably argue that Voss had a greater influence. However, Brisbane were a far better side, perhaps one of the best ever, and Buckley nearly got his boys up. Bucks for mine, Voss is a bit over rated, he doesn't even have a highlights package on youtube. Look at Rob Harveys, that will leave you speachless. Considering it is James Hird's page, I should say that he was also a gun. - G-Rat - 121 months ago
    At very least, Jimmy has Bucks covered in the brains department. Buckley could have stayed at Brisbane and won flags, or gone to North Melbourne (who were vying with the Pies for his signature) and won flags. Instead he wanted to go to Collingwood. To win flags. Tragic! - fc hammer - 121 months ago
    @migman19 - Yep, highly unlikely my opinion will change and I get a feeling neither will yours. - someguy - 121 months ago
    Lets agree to disagree. - migman19 - 121 months ago
    @migman19 - A player's ability to influence an outcome of a game is important, and it was Voss not Buckley who, in a very evenly played grand final, was able to inspire his teammates and lead them to the premiership. Now as I said premierships are no where near the most important statistic when comparing individual players, however, they are relevant especially as we're are discussing players who captained their respective teams (i.e. their ability to lead (keep them focused, inspire them, etc). Buckley may have greater statistics in terms of disposals pre game, marks per game, etc, but Voss and Hird's ability to influence the contest and outcome was much greater. In terms of individual honours both Voss and Hird out-do Buckley, who probably shouldn't have either a Brownlow (Hird would have had it, had he played 2 or 3 more games) or Norm Smith (which clearly should have been Voss' - even the voters said so). Buckley was a great player, but he was very overrated and overhyped as he played for the biggest and richest club. Had he played at any other club he wouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Hird and Voss. - someguy - 121 months ago
    You judge a team by a premiership. You judge a player by individual awards. No one player ever wins a premiership for a team, so dont go saying Voss miraculously got them over the line and all this bullsh*t, because Black, Hart, Power, Leppitsch, Lappin etc all chipped in. Im comparing players here, and no single player has ever won a premiership on their own, you can't hold that against Buckley. He did everything he possibly could but didnt have the team to win one. Individual honours and statisitics put him well above any player of his generation. - migman19 - 121 months ago
    @migman19 - Yes any player can win a premiership, but the true greats of the game have the ability to lead and carry their team there (e.g. Voss in the 2002 grandfinal). To imply that premierships are not important in judging the career of a player is incrediably naive - Premierships are why players play the game. Not it's not the be-all, end-all of determining how great (or poor) a career a player has had, but it is a way of seperating those who appear to have had seemingly equally great careers. Voss and Hird where able to lead their respective teams to Premierships, Buckley had 2 chances but couldn't do it. The difference in the '02 grandfinal was Voss' greater ability to influence the game compared to Buckley's. And as Leeway correctly pointed out Buckley's Norm Smith probably should have gone to Voss that day. It should also be noted that Buckley's Brownlow could have easily gone to Hird, who despite missing 8 games that season, only finished 3 votes behind the eventually winners (Buckley, Goodes, Ricciuto). In summary all 3 are greats of the game, but Hird is by far the best of them. I would also narrowly put Voss ahead of Buckley simply for Voss' ability to exert greater influence on the outcome of a game than Buckley. - someguy - 121 months ago
    why does it say Hird was born in 1990? Shouldn't be be playing instead of coaching? - chadburger - 121 months ago
    McLeod was better than Hird, Voss and Buckley. His record speaks for itself. - chadburger - 121 months ago
    @migman19 - Of those who voted for the Norm Smith medal the day Buckley won it, more than half have said they got it wrong. The rules for Norm Smith voting were changed after this year as they used to select the winner at 3qtr time. It has been noted that they knew the medal could go to either Voss or Buckley but believed Collingwood had the momentum at 3qtr time and thought they would run over Brisbane in the last quarter thus by giving the medal to Buckley they would be giving it to the player that helped get his side the premiership. They didn't expect Voss to come out and drag his side over the line inch by inch as a true champion captain would do. Something Buckley failed to do that year and the following year. So in saying all that, Buckleys' Norm Smith was really a flip of the coin that day and the voters got it wrong. - Leeway - 121 months ago