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  • 2019 DT PRE-SEASON OUTLOOK (posted 2019-01-27 11:05:03 by m0nty)
    Boiled lollies for Balla

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    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    $0 (-$387,000)0.00% 0 (+0)

    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    $0 (-$339,400)0.00% 0 (+0)

    $Δ wk (yr)SelectionsBreakeven
    $0 ($0)0.00% 0 (+0)
    MoneyballFWD $5,600
    Top 8 FantasyFWD $7.35K
    FWD $9,150

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    Year Rnd Opponent Ground DT SC
    201922pocket EssendonPerth6258
    201919pocket W. BulldogsDocklands5652
    20191news pocket North Melb.Perth2730
    20190pocket CollingwoodJoondalup440
    202216Pt Adelaide0.0 ()0.0 ()
    202217@St Kilda0.0 ()0.0 ()
    202218Sydney0.0 ()0.0 ()
    202219@Richmond0.0 ()0.0 ()
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    sore Ballantyne has calf issue in NAB 3
    NEWS: Hayden Ballantyne had Rhyce Shaw...
    ANALYSIS: The fact that Freo's first...
    Source: FanFooty, Sun 15/3, 6:40PM
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  • CAREER FANTASY STATISTICS (since 1979, home & away) - view entire career for Hayden Ballantyne
    2009FR843454.240550.62.7 : 13.4 : 152%0.6
    2010FR19132469.6142775.12.1 : 14.1 : 166%1.2
    2011FR17122672.1122371.92.8 : 14.9 : 154%0.8
    2012FR19140373.8140874.12.8 : 15.4 : 162%1.1
    2013FR18128571.3130672.53 : 13.1 : 156%1.1
    2014FR19137372.2144375.93.8 : 12.8 : 166%0.9
    2015FR1372355.672655.82.2 : 15.6 : 145%1.1
    2016FR20122561.2118859.41.8 : 13.7 : 160%0.8
    2017FR1055955.951951.92.1 : 13.2 : 161%1.1
    2018FR1790753.383549.12.1 : 13.2 : 160%1.2
    2019FR314548.314046.62.3 : 14.1 : 125%0.3
    Career16310604651062065.12.5 : 13.8 : 159%1
  • CAREER STATISTICAL AVERAGES (since 1979, home & away)
  • TRIBUNAL HISTORY (since 2001)
    YearRoundCharge (level)VictimResultVerdictPoints
    2009R18Front-on contact (2)Liam PickenLost at tribunal2 matches50
    All in favour say "I" - DJ9343 - 108 months ago
    Nobel peace prize for StuieT ? - wozman - 122 months ago
    My humblest apologies - an elbow to the stomach is completely different! Not a problem at all - in fact, I regularly do that to my wife, family & friends to show how much I care about them. Is my sarcasm coming across properly or do I need to amp it up a bit? (P.S. Have never elbowed anyone in my life & will never do so.) A thought - have any of the people who seem so in favour of elbowing other people in the stomach ever been on the receiving end of such an action? I'm guessing not. - StuieT - 122 months ago
    So good he can get 2 hard ball gets while 100m from the actual footy - chief - 122 months ago
    Some people need an anatomy lesson, it was a hit to the stomach. I know the video evidence is a bit grainy, grainy enough to suggest that maybe it wasnt even Hayden Ballantyne. lol David Rhys Jones maybe ? - wozman - 122 months ago
    check for your glasses mate, It's the stagging that is the issue. If you think he isn't, why don't you ask HIS OWN COACH who said to the media. The guy is staging rat. - S_Coach99 - 122 months ago
    Get some glasses you idiots, last time i checked the elbow was to the gut not his nuts ya tossers - 1pistol7 - 122 months ago
    Spot on, StuieT. This "his grandma won the lotto" rubbish has nothing to do with it. - S_Coach99 - 122 months ago
    Quote: "love this kid. haters gona hate" - mackinaw - yesterday Do you love that he elbowed a guy in his nuts 80m behind the play? I wonder what you would say if he did that to you or one of your mates. Strip away all the stories, all the talk, Scarlett hitting him & the fact that he played a good-very good game of footy - what are you left with? A guy who elbowed another guy in the balls. Pathetic. As a man, that's something I wouldn't do it to my worst enemy. - StuieT - 122 months ago
    What he does off the field doesn't change the fact that on it, he is dirty staging rat. - S_Coach99 - 122 months ago
    chapman's* - sliced ham - 122 months ago
    have a look at the hit he gave to champmans nuts tho, pretty flowerin cowardly, scarlett shoulda hit him harder - sliced ham - 122 months ago
    I love how these bigger players fall for his antics every single time. I guess if your going to play Fremantle - 'dont forget the Aeroguard and 'ave a good weekend'. - wozman - 122 months ago
    Some old guy rang radio station 6PR in Perth and told them he and his wife got to a multi level car park and found that the escalator was not working. Ballantyne told them to stay there and then he got his car and picked them up and drove them up to their car so they wouldn't have to climb the stairs. - CamT - 122 months ago
    Stories about what he is like off the field vary here in perth. He may well be a good bloke and I admit I have always admired his willingness not to be intimidated but if he really hit Chapman in the jatz crackers, unfortunately that is a dog act. - maddo - 122 months ago
    interesting story magpies76. if its true, shows you how quick people are to judge. anyway, there is no doubt when you are playing against him, he is the most annoying player, but when i'm watching freo play, i love to see him get up in peoples faces. Love how everyone is cheering scarlett, but in reality, Ballantyne had the last laugh. scored 14 points and 20 touches in a 4 point win. he won't even remember that hit in the morning, yet got to win freo the game while scarlett walks away with 3 weeks, and the shame of basically losing them the game because he couldn't handle what some guy half his size was saying... - Turkies - 122 months ago
    love this kid. haters gona hate - mackinaw - 122 months ago
    I agree with most of you regarding Ballantyne on the field. I know someone at Fremantle who speaks highly of this man. His grandma won 1st division tattslotto some years back and gave her grand kids $1 million each (Ballantyne the recipient of $1 million). His local Perth club (names escapes me) was about to go bust and the little man walked into the office and wrote out a cheque for something like $200K to keep them afloat. They apparently have namedthe wing Ballantyne wing or stand or something like that apparently. He is meant ot be a ripper of a bloke off the field and does heaps of hospital visits etc. Granted he is a pest on the field but take a minute and think about some of the dribble you are saying, having not knowing some of the facts. - magpies76 - 122 months ago
    This little scumbag is the worst stager to ever play AFL, its a joke. He looks bloody stupid when he does it. Good onya Scarlett. - S_Coach99 - 122 months ago
    Flowering scumbag, deserves more than two weeks. Dirtiest player in the afl. wouldn't be surprised if he gets jumped when they go over to Melbourne - Dangeroo - 122 months ago