Make Your Mr Football Team

This page is for you to make your team for the Mr Football competition.

Team Details
Team name (up to 30 alphanumeric characters)
Home ground (can be changed before you start playing)
Division (more divisions to come later)

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When you start your team, you will be able to pick your home ground. This will deliver bonuses and penalties for games where you are designated the home team. Of course, this means that if you are the away team, you will also experience the bonuses and penalties of the ground of the home team. There will also be a home ground advantage (HGA) which will deliver an extra bonus to the home team or penalty to the away team.

Note: as well as these individual bonuses, home sides get a +1 to both Snap (accuracy from snap) and Technique (accuracy from set shot) skills.

The G
No bonuses or penalties
HGA: Vision +2 (shared with Docklands opponents)

Snap +1, Technique +1, no weather, Knock -1, Injury -1
HGA: DA +1 (shared with The G opponents)

Spoil +2, Position -2
HGA: ignores weather penalties for shots

Baulk +2
HGA: Tackle +2

Chase -2, Tag -2
HGA: EN +1 (shared with Perth opponents)

Position +2, Shepherd +2
HGA: EN +1, Pressure +2 (shared with Subiaco opponents)

West Lakes
Spoil +2, Crumb +2
HGA: Tackle +2 (shared with Adelaide opponents)

KI +1, Spring + 2
HGA: Lace Out +2 (shared with West Lakes opponents)

Moore Park
Chase +2, Tag +2
HGA: Extract +2 (shared with Homebush opponents)

Position +2, Extract +2
HGA: Chase +2 (shared with Moore Park opponents)

Pinpoint +2, Hands +2
HGA: Spoil +2 (shared with Carrara opponents)

Spoil +2, Smother +2
HGA: Pinpoint +2 (shared with Woolloongabba opponents)

Tackle -2, Tag -2, EN -2
HGA: EN +1 (shared with Alice Springs opponents)

Alice Springs
QK -1, DA -1, EN -1
HGA: QK +1, DA +1 (shared with Marrara opponents)

KI -1, Knock +1, Injury +1
HGA: KI +1 (shared with Bellerive opponents)

Shepherd -2, Pressure -2
HGA: Shepherd +2, Pressure +2 (shared with Launceston opponents)

Note: -1 on the Injury and Knock rolls results in worse injuries, and +1 leads to less severe ones.