Round 8 Preview: Greater Western Sydney v Essendon

Day/Time: May 8, 2.10pm AEST. Ground: Showground


Greater Western Sydney
FB:Jack Buckley, Sam Taylor, Lachlan Keeffe
HB:Lachie Whitfield, Isaac Cumming, Lachlan Ash
C:Josh Kelly, Jacob Hopper, Harry Perryman
HF:Ian Hill, Toby Greene, Tanner Bruhn
FF:Daniel Lloyd, Jeremy Finlayson, Harrison Himmelberg
Fol:Shane Mumford, Tim Taranto, Callan Ward
Int:Connor Idun, Zachary Sproule,
Xavier O'Halloran, Tom Green
In:M. Flynn, D. Lloyd, Z. Sproule, K. Briggs, T. Bruhn, C. Stone
Out:S. Reid, J. Hogan, B. Daniels
FB:Jayden Laverde, James Stewart, Aaron Francis
HB:Dyson Heppell, Jordan Ridley, Mason Redman
C:Kyle Langford, Zach Merrett, Darcy Parish
HF:Archie Perkins, Cale Hooker, Brayden Ham
FF:Jake Stringer, Harrison Jones, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Fol:Andrew Phillips, Andrew McGrath, Devon Smith
Int:Nick Hind, Nikolas Cox,
Will Snelling, Peter Wright
In:A. Phillips, A. Francis, N. Cahill

Greater Western Sydney
Toby Greene105106105
Josh Kelly9510295
Shane Mumford8910089
Lachie Whitfield889188
Callan Ward889488
Daniel Lloyd535053
Lachlan Keeffe465646
Jacob Hopper415041
Jeremy Finlayson386138
Harrison Himmelberg374137
Jack Buckley000
Xavier O'Halloran000
Zachary Sproule000
Connor Idun000
Tim Taranto000
Tanner Bruhn000
Sam Taylor000
Ian Hill000
Harry Perryman000
Lachlan Ash000
Isaac Cumming000
Tom Green000
Zach Merrett115105115
Kyle Langford776677
Jake Stringer738073
Devon Smith718671
Darcy Parish666666
Peter Wright647464
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti616861
Jayden Laverde575755
Andrew Phillips525549
James Stewart464846
Will Snelling446344
Mason Redman415041
Aaron Francis283728
Archie Perkins000
Cale Hooker000
Jordan Ridley000
Harrison Jones000
Dyson Heppell000
Andrew McGrath000
Nick Hind000
Nikolas Cox000
Brayden Ham000

Top 10 WS in Dream Team vs ES

Adam Treloar100.06+6 
Toby Greene95.24+8 
Jeremy Cameron86.84+26B
Heath Shaw85.918+2 
Lachie Whitfield79.33+3 
Josh Kelly79.01+7 
Shane Mumford78.28+0 
Rhys Palmer76.76+3 
Devon Smith76.45-2 
Tom Scully76.17+1 

Top 5 WS Overperformers vs ES

Nathan Wilson68.01+28B
Jeremy Cameron86.84+26B
Lachlan Plowman63.01+21 
Tim Mohr66.25+13 
Jed Lamb55.01+12 

Top 5 WS Underperformers vs ES

Zac Williams43.52-16 
Adam Kennedy42.02-15 
Callan Ward71.212-14 
Dylan Addison36.110-13W
Stephen Coniglio66.65-13 

Top 10 ES in Dream Team vs WS

Aaron Heppell0.00+0 
Adam Cooney0.00-81 
Alex Browne0.00-37 
Anthony McDonald-Tipungwati0.00+0 
Ariel Steinberg0.00-41 
Ben Howlett0.00-77 
Brendon Goddard0.00-89 
Brent Stanton0.00-94 
Cale Hooker0.00-64 
Clint Jones0.00-74 

Top 5 ES Overperformers vs WS

Top 5 ES Underperformers vs WS

Avg = Average Dream Team score against this opponent.
Gm = Games played against this opponent.
Diff = Difference between the player's average Dream Team score against this opponent to his overall average.
B = Player's average against this opponent is his best.
W = Player's average against this opponent is his worst.