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FanFooty = FanFooty scoring system
... for a full rundown on how the system works, visit our scoring tutorial page.
DT = Dream Team, Lethal League & My Fantasy Footy.
SC = Herald-Sun SuperCoach.
FR = Footy Rocks.
GS = Goalsneak (Footy Challenge).
BL = Bomberland (only for Essendon players).

Overall, please keep your chat relevant to the game going on at the time, and respect other posters, many of whom are school-aged. If you follow those two principles and stay premium, everything should be tickety-boo. Specifically, breaking the following rules is grounds for banning:

- No abuse of other posters. Friendly banter is okay, but please do not be nasty.
- No bogus info. This includes posting rubbish rumours. Be aware that if you play the game of starting or perpetuating rumours, even if you heard something on the radio or saw it on TV yourself, you could be banned for it temporarily, as the mods aren't all-knowing. To be safe, please cite your source if you are repeating a report from elsewhere. The mods (especially m0nty) have no sense of humour about this rule.
- No spoilers from other games. If people want to hear about other games, they will go to the relevant pages. Please respect others in this matter.
- No links to live streams of AFL games. There are no legal live streams of games to Australian users, so please don't ask for them, and especially don't respond to requests.
- Talking about issues not related to the game at hand is strongly discouraged. This applies even during in-game breaks. Some games are more exciting than others, so attention may waver somewhat in junk time of a boring match, so some leeway is given in certain circumstances. Nevertheless, please do not abuse this rule. Understand that you leave yourself open to be banned if you use the chat to talk to your friends and ignore the game. That's what IM is for.
- Talking about other sports is even more strongly discouraged, and is often the cause of a ban. This is not a soccer or basketball site. Talk about Australian football, please.
- Please do not try to conduct an ongoing discussion with mods about who should be banned, or about banning policies. There is a Feedback forum for such discussions.
- There is a swear filter in place, which is why you will probably see the words "flower" and "shower" a lot, among others. Swearing in itself is not a bannable offence, but testing out the swear filter, trying to avoid it, and/or posting nothing but swear words will get you banned.
- Other things are discouraged, and if you do them often enough you will get banned. This includes "[badplayer] is my captain" jokes and posting PNG predictions.
- Acting like an idiot will get you banned. This rule covers things like posting upside-down text, talking in IM speak, obvious trolling, banging on and on about one specific point, and not being a loss to the FF community in general. This also covers racism, sexism, potty mouths and other immaturity.

These rules are in place to ensure a friendly, football-focused chat environment. If you can't handle that, that is your problem.

* = This player kicked the first goal of the game.
= News.
= Hot (flame). This player is on fire in fantasy terms, on target for a Dream Team ton.
= Cold (icicle). This player has gone cold in this game, well down on his usual average.
= Sore (band-aid). This player has hurt himself, from a muscle injury or a knock. It's not bad enough to put him out of the game.
= Groggy (pow!). This player has hurt himself from a knock to the head, so he's feeling a bit woozy.
= Injured (red cross). This player will most probably not return for the rest of the game due to an injury. (Be warned that sometimes players are given this symbol wrongly due to incorrect radio reports.)
= Long-term injured (tombstone). This player will not only not return this game from a big injury, he won't play for a long while!
= In (jumper). This player replaced another player in the side in the last 45 minutes before the match started.
= Reported (hazard sign). The umpires took this player's name for an on-field discretion.
= MRP (TV). Due to an incident that wasn't reported, this player is likely to be cited on video by the AFL Match Review Panel.
= Job (cog). This player has a traditional defensive role on another player, so he's sacrificing his own game.
= Switch (arrows). This player has switched from defence to attack, or vice versa, to help his team.
= Rock (Ayers Rock). This player has dominated his key defensive post, it seems no one can get past him.
= Witches hat. This player is playing a key defensive role, but he's putting on as much pressure as a witches hat.
= Cash (dollar sign). This player is a "cash cow" who is earning your team dollars with every point he scores over his breakeven.
= Sub. This player is wearing the green vest indicating he is an official substitute.
= Bench. This player has been benched by the coach for long periods of the game.
= TOG (clock). This player is coming on and off the bench but not getting a decent amount of time on ground (TOG).
= Missing (magnifying glass). This player has gone missing like Wally or Carmen Sandiego. Where is he?
= Tagger (price tag). This player has a tagging role, playing very defensively on another player.
= Tagged (padlock). This player is the target of a tag by an opposition player.
= Spud (potato). It's no surprise that this player's fantasy score is so low... he's just a spud, no one should have him.
= Crab. This player looks like a crab, scuttling hither and yon in an ugly style. Stay away, fantasy coaches!
= Muppet (Kermit). This player has just done something unbelievably stupid, and turned into a muppet.
= Burger. This player has obviously been hitting the fast food just a tad, he's looking fat and slow.
= Donut. This player has begun the match with at least a full quarter of play with no basic statistics to show for it.
= Blue moon. This player is normally not fantasy-relevant, but he has had a rare statistical blinder today.
= Wall. This young player has had a good run since entering the league, but now he has hit the rookie wall.
= Astronaut. This player is so outside in his game style that he can only get a kick in space!
= Pumpkin. This player has had a great run recently but has now reverted to his true form: ordinary.
= Mare. This player is having a nightmare of a game, he can't do anything right. What a disaster!
= DT Talk. This player is the #1-ranked option in the famous Calvin's Captains article on the DT Talk blog.
= Irish (four-leaf clover). This lad (one of many) brings a touch of Guinness flavour to our great game.
= Lebanese (flag). Robin Nahas brings a touch of falafel flavour to our great game.
= Canadian (flag). Mike Pyke brings a touch of maple syrup flavour to our great game.
= American (flag). Seamus McNamara brings a touch of deep-fried flavour to our great game.
= Fijian (flag). Nic Naitanui brings a touch of lovo flavour to our great game.
= Burmese (flag). Trent Dennis-Lane brings a touch of ngapi flavour to our great game.
= Brazilian (flag). Harry O'Brien brings a touch of churrasco flavour to our great game.
= New Zealand (star from NZ flag). Karmichael Hunt brings a touch of hangi flavour to our great game.
= Tongan (flag). Israel Folau brings a touch of kava flavour to our great game.
= Japanese (flag). Sean Yoshuira brings a touch of sushi flavour to our great game.
= Nigerian (flag). Joel Wilkinson brings a touch of iru flavour to our great game.
= Sudanese (flag). Majak Daw brings a touch of aseeda flavour to our great game.
= Zimbabwe (flag). Tendai Mzungu brings a touch of sadza flavour to our great game.
= Egypt (flag). Ahmed Saad brings a touch of baba ghannoug flavour to our great game.
= Up. This player's fantasy score is up on his usual average.
= Down. This player's fantasy score is down on his usual average.
= Rookie (L-plate). The kid's playing his first game, cut him some slack if he doesn't get much of the pill.
= Bubble Boy (P-plate). The kid's playing his second game, so he's about to be "on the bubble" for fantasy price changes.
= Superman (Superman logo). This player has suddenly put the Superman cape on and delivered a great quarter of footy.
= X factor (letter X). This player wasn't the best player on the ground but he played a vital role in winning the game.
= Garbage (garbage bin). Had a pretty quiet game to start, but saved his day with "garbage time" stats when the pressure eased.
= Heart. Despite great adversity, this player has gutted it out and delivered a solid score for your team.
= Gun. Was there ever any doubt that this player would rack up huge fantasy points? This player is a gun, plain and simple.
= Magnet. He may not have been BOG or the most influential, but this player just kept getting the ball.
= Cherry. He was heading for a fine fantasy day, then he put the cherry on top with superior workrate!
= On target. This player has scored a big bag of goals and kicked very accurately.
= Seagull. This player hung outside the packs all day for cheap stats like a seagull pinching hot chips.
= Star. What an awesome performance! He's the star player of the game, should get 3 Brownlow votes.
= Medal. This player won the official medal in one of the special games during the AFL season (equivalent to star).
= Dreamtime. This player is indigenous and is playing in the Dreamtime Game at the G.
= Anzac. This player has won the Anzac Day medal for best afield in the Anzac game.


= Dane Swan.
= Ryan "Creepy" Crowley.
= Jake King.
= Trent McKenzie (Cannon).
= Jason Porplyzia (Porpoise).
= Scott Gumbleton (Gumby).
= James Podsiadly (iPod).
= Liam Jurrah (Cougar).
= Tom Scully (Skull).
= Tom Hawkins (Tomahawk).
= Andrew Carrazzo (Carrots).
= Scott "Scooter" Selwood.
= Tomas Bugg (Ladybug).
= Andrew Raines (Raindrop).
= Easton Wood (Tree).
= Aaron Davey (Flash).
= Harley Bennell (Motorcycle).


= Cameron Ling (Pink Pig).
= Brad "Smiling Assassin" Johnson.
= Brett "Captain" Kirk.
= Warren Tredrea.
= Josh Carr.
= Peter Bell.
= Hayden Skipworth.

NEW! FanFooty now has a Watchlist feature. In your Exteam list page, there are buttons to add the players in your team to your watchlist. These players then show with green names in the live scoring pages, and their row lights up green when they score (or red when they lose points).

Normal chat names appear in black. Note: no amount of whining will get you a free colour. Shush. Those who appear in purple have won the purple name game competition which runs during half time of all games, where you predict the Dream Team score of a nominated player. Purple names last for the rest of the current round, or for all the next round if you win in the last game of a round. Repeat: whining gets you nowhere.

FanFooty peoples' names are in special colours. m0nty is the main administrator of FanFooty. Prospector is a FanFooty forum moderator, though he doesn't have chat admin powers. If you apply to write for the FanFooty match blogs you pick your own colour specially for the blogs.

With the FanFooty tipping competition this year we are honouring the overall leader in
orange with a star and the weekly leader just in orange.

We're also identifying the members of the famous DT Talk podcast with their own logo. At the moment the gang is comprised of Calvinator, Warnie, Chopper, roy8, djch00k and Tit-ed.

If you see a coach whose name is in green, pay this coach the greatest of respect as the winner of a major fantasy footy competition. Currently we are honouring casha (2007 Super Coach winner), snagadelic (2008 Dream Team Eliminator winner), Khoa (2010 Dream Team Eliminator winner) and grimlock (2008 FanFooty Lethal League winner).

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