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Author Topic: BXV: Hebden Bridge Hedgies History  (Read 2430 times)
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Big Trav gone..I might move on..not sure yet

« on: September 06, 2016, 03:47:37 pm »

Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs

Getting ready for 2017.

Jarrad McVeigh (Syd), Jarryn Geary (StK), Paul Seedsman (Adel), Shane Savage (StK), Aaron Mullett (NM), Ben Sinclair (Coll), Ciaran Sheehan (Carl), Billie Smedts (Geel), Ethan Hughes (Fre), Nathan Broad (Rich), Alex Neal-Bullen (Melb),

 Luke Parker (Syd), Lachie Neale (Fre), Brent Stanton (Ess), David Swallow (GC), Levi Greenwood (Coll), Mitchell Wallis (WB), Connor Blakely (Fre), Scott Selwood (Geel), Sam Menegola (Geel), Mark Whiley (Carl), Nick O'Kearney (StK),

Nick Naitanui (WC), Callum Sinclair (Syd), Mason Cox (Coll),

Dustin Martin (Rich), Toby Greene (GWS), Jack Watts (Melb), Maverick Weller (StK), Josh Bruce (StK), Josh Thomas (Coll), Matthew Wright (Carl), Connor Menadue (Rich), Matthew De Boer (Fre), Troy Menzel (Adel), Alex Sexton (GC), Joshua Walker (Bris), Tim Broomhead (Coll), Bailey Dale (WB),  Corey Gault (Coll)

Delist / Retired: T. Curren; B. Colledge; M.Golby; P.Duffield; J.Redden;

Nat Draft Picks: #11; #29; #45; #61
Rook Draft Picks:  #11; #27; #43

Traded In:   Kieran Jack; Rhys Stanley; Kristian Jaksch; Daniel Rich; Leigh Montagna; David Zaharakis; Mark Hutchings;
Traded Out: Connor Blakely; Sam Menegola;  Nic Naitanui; Mitch Wallis; Scott Selwood; David Swallow;

2017 Player List:

1   Jarrad McVeigh (Syd)     (D/M)       
2   Jarryn Geary (StK)           
3   Paul Seedsman (Adel)     (D/M)       
4   Shane Savage (StK)           
  Daniel Rich (Bris)  (M/D)           
6   Aaron Mullett (NM)           
7   Ben Sinclair (Coll)           
8   Billie Smedts (Geel)           
9   Ethan Hughes (Fre)           
10   Nathan Broad (Rich)           
11   Alex Neal-Bullen (Melb)   (D/M) 
12   Kristian Jaksch  (Carl)
13   Ciaran Sheehan (Carl)
1   Luke Parker (Syd)           
2   Lachie Neale (Fre)           
3   Brent Stanton (Ess)                   
4   Levi Greenwood (Coll)           
5   David Zaharakis (Ess)         
6   Kieran Jack (Syd)           
7   Mark Hutchings  (WC) (M/F)         
8   Leigh Montagna (StK) (M/F)        
9   Mark Whiley (Carl)           
10   Nick O'Kearney (StK)           
Rhys Stanley  (Geel) (R/F)          
2  Callum Sinclair (Syd)  (R/F)         
3  Mason Cox (Coll)    (R/F)       
1   Dustin Martin (Rich)    (M/F)       
2   Toby Greene (GWS)    (M/F)       
3   Jack Watts (Melb)       (M/F)   
4   Maverick Weller (StK)  (M/F)         
5   Josh Bruce (StK)           
6   Josh Thomas (Coll)      (M/F)       
7   Matthew Wright (Carl)    (M/F)         
8   Connor Menadue (Rich)  (M/F)         
9   Matthew De Boer (Fre)   (M/F)         
10   Troy Menzel (Adel)           
11   Alex Sexton (GC)      (M/F)   
12   Joshua Walker (Bris)           
13   Tim Broomhead (Coll) (M/F)           
14   Bailey Dale (WB)      (M/F)     
15   Corey Gault (Coll)           
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 03:32:47 pm »

Current State of Play

DEF: Jarrad McVeigh, Leigh Montagna, Shane Savage, Jarryn Geary

MID: Luke Parker, Lachie Neale, Dustin Martin, Brent Stanton

RUC: Rhys Stanley

FWD: Toby Greene, Jack Watts, Matthew Wright, Maverick Weller

UTI: David Zaharakis, Kieran Jack

EMG: Daniel Rich, Paul Seedsman, Aaron Mullett


Jarryd McVeigh
Leigh Montagna
Shane Savage
Jarryn Geary
Aaron Mullett
Sam Collins
Ben Sinclair
Ethan Hughes
Nathan Broad
Cedric Cox
Kristian Jaksch (FWD)
Ciaran Sheehan


Luke Parker
Lachie Neale
Dustin Martin
Brent Stanton
David Zaharakis
Kieren Jack
Daniel Rich
Mark Hutchings
Paul Seedsman
Kobe Mutch
David Cunningham
Connor Menadue
Jordan Foote
Nick O'Kearney (FWD)
Alex Sexton


Rhys Stanley
Callum Sinclair


Toby Greene
Jack Watts
Mathew Wright
Maverick Weller
Levi Greenwood (MID)
Joshua Bruce
Alex Neal-Bullen (MID)
Timothy Broomhead
Connor Menadue
Mason Cox
Brandon Parfitt (MID)
Josh Thomas (MID)
Billie Smedts (MID)
Troy Menzel
Josh Walker
Bailey Dale (MID)
Matt De Boer (MID)


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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #2 on: December 01, 2016, 03:14:39 pm »

2016/17 DRAFT HUB

Pick 19 - Kobe Mutch

Koop says - Impressive balanced accumulator from the Giants academy. Averaged 34.3 disposals at TAC Cup level in 2016.

Pick 27 - Brandan Parfitt

Koop says - 29.5 disposal average at the Champs & possesses explosiveness like few other midfielders in this draft.

Pick 38 - Cedric Cox

Koop says - Half-back flanker with heaps of speed and excitement factor. Willing to take the game on.

Rook 10 - Jordan Foote

Koop says - If his one AFL game determines his positioning, will be a B/C. Had a ripping NEAFL season in 2016 with contested possessions galore, and is one of the frntrunners to take Tom Mitchell's spot.

Rook 23 - Sam Collins

Koop says - Strong aerial defender who should see BXV football in 2017. One of the diamonds uncovered in the 2016 season.
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #3 on: August 24, 2017, 02:34:41 am »

2018 List

DEF: Alex Witherden, Jarrad McVeigh, Shane Savage, Marcus Adams
(Jarryn Geary, Nathan Broad, Sam Collins, Ben Sinclair, Cedric Cox, Oleg Markov, Josh Williams, Ciaran Sheehan)

MID: Dustin Martin, Lachie Neale, Luke Dunstan, Paul Seedsman
(Mark Hutchings, Joe Atley, Will Setterfield, Brandan Parfitt, Kobe Mutch, David Cuningham, Connor Menadue, Alex Sexton, Jordan Foote, James Cousins, Lukas Webb)

RUC: Callum Sinclair
(Rhys Stanley)

FWD: Toby Greene,  Bailey Dale, Ryan Clarke, Maverick Weller
(Josh Bruce, Jack Lonie, Jayden Laverde, Tim Broomhead, Levi Greenwood, Mason Cox, Jason Castagna, Josh Thomas, Billie Smedts, Troy Menzel, Josh Walker, Ben Ronke)

PICKS: N27, N29, N35, N42, R2, R6, R22, R38, R54


Trade #1

Hebden Bridge give: Daniel Rich, N59

Bradford give: N23, R2, Jason Castagna

Trade #2

Hebden Bridge give: Aaron Mullett, Ethan Hughes, Nick O'Kearney, N43

Liverpool give:  Jayden Laverde, Jack Lonie, Josh Williams, N24

Trade #3

Hebden Bridge give: N8

Swansea give: Will Setterfield, N42

Trade #4

Hebden Bridge give: Kieran Jack

Birmingham give: James Cousins, N52

Trade #5

Hebden Bridge give: David Zaharakis, Alex Neal-Bullen, N24

Winchester give: Alex Witherden, Ryan Clarke, N35

Trade #6

Hebden Bridge give: Matthew Wright, N52

Bradford give: Oleg Markov, N29

Trade 7

Hebden Bridge give: N23

Leeds give: Lukas Webb

DELISTINGS/RETIREMENTS: Leigh Montagna, Brent Stanton, Kristian Jaksch
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