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Started by PowerBug, June 04, 2024, 11:42:03 AM

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The easiest upgrade weeks of the year, right? Just get guys off their bye. So here's my top 10 of premo options from the 4 teams who have just had their bye (BRL, GWS, NTH, SYD) and the order I'd preference purchasing them.

1. Zac Fisher
This is the easy number 1 for me this week. If you haven't bought Zac Fisher yet you really should do it this week. It is becoming more likely that Sheezel is just playing as a midfielder now, whilst Colby McKercher is still injured and Bailey Scott was moved out of defence when Colby was playing anyway. The season started with all 4 of them fighting for footy in the backline, with max 2 of them in there now, get the Fish. He's a top 6 forward.

2. Isaac Heeney
If you're one of the 5.7% of coaches in the top ~20k (Top 10%) who don't own Isaac Heeney (e.g. me), stress no more, buy him ahead of a very nice Geelong fixture this week. His BE might be high but he's also a top captain shout this week.

3. Dayne Zorko
Sitting in just behind Heeney is the old man playing off half back for the Lions. You want to purchase him ahead of R14 against the Saints, but he's also a great pick up this week. You know you're purchasing by far and away a top fwd. There's going to be injury/rest risk with him, so I recommend jumping on asap whilst we know he's fit.

4. Josh Dunkley
As you look down this list you'll see a fair few midfielders, for me Dunkley is the one at the top of this list. I think we're yet to see the best of Josh Dunkley this season, and he's still going at a more than respectable 112.5. Comparing him to his teammate, he doesn't attract a tag and he hasn't missed games through injury this season, he's not over 30yo. We know he's got a great ceiling as well.

5. Brodie Grundy
This is a tough one to recommend because I traded him out when it looked like he was a level below the other rucks. It seems like Brodie Grundy is indeed on par with English and Marshall this season, and now he comes with an extra match to them! If you haven't committed to an R2 yet, I think Grundy is a great way to go. It might be surprising to know that he's not that unique amongst the top sides, sitting in about a 3rd of the top 10% of teams.

6. Chad Warner
The in-form man in the competition at the moment, 172 and 144 in his last two. If you like what you saw and think it continues, you have to buy this week or else I think you miss out entirely. BE only 35 so it's the cheapest he will be for a while. I prefer Dunkley if I had to buy a mid this week.

7. Harry Sheezel
Another tough one for me to recommend as I also traded him out. Whilst I still believe that there's suitable alternatives to Sheezel on the run home there's no denying that his scoring playing as a midfielder will be more than good enough as a defender premo. So if you are like me and traded him out, and also want a defender premo this week, accepting defeat on this one is fine. I'll continue to fade his selection for the time being, as Luke Ryan needs to be my final backline upgrade.

8. Lachie Neale
Very good player, unsure on durability and cops attention before Dunkley. If neither of those concern you then he's probably the midfielder to buy this week. They concern me just enough to drop him to this spot in my list.

9. Tom Green
I picked up this guy in R11, and there's a small part of regret amongst the decision. He recorded 10 clangers against Geelong but the game just didn't feel right. He's lost Coniglio and Kelly and maybe he's going to have more attention put into him from other teams. There is definitely a chance the situation with Tom Green is as simple as: He's averaging 113 un-injured and is priced at $490k, just buy him, maybe R13 will tell us which one is true?

10. Luke Davies-Uniacke
A very frustrating own through the first two months of the season but he's shown some signs of life in the last month. 5 round average of 116 and last showed he can finish the season off strong. There's rumours that he's maybe out the door of NTH at the end of the season, maybe he's playing for some extra coin on his next contract too? North have the best run for midfielders to end the season.

Do you agree with my order? Who are you looking to purchase this week?
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I'm definitely looking at Fisher & Warner this week.

Just tossing up between the rookies, pay more for Leek Aleer or take the cheaper Dawson?