R12 Top Premo Targets

Started by PowerBug, May 29, 2024, 09:09:23 PM

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The bye rounds are upon us, and we're getting close to finishing our teams only needing a few more upgrades. This is the toughest of the bye rounds as we get given our 3 trades however everyone we trade in still has a bye to come. It might even be a week to not upgrade at all. However there are some names who I believe are worth looking at this week.

- I believe they're capable of finishing the year in or close to the top 2/6/8 in their respective line
- They are owned by less than 50% in the top 10% (~20k) of teams. So on average these players are not owned.

1. Jeremy McGovern
McGovern to me is the perfect example of how the past can sometimes scare us off a good thing. With Hurn now retired McGovern has now take on the sole kick in responsibility at West Coast, he plays close to 100% TOG every week, he plays a role where he gets intercept possessions which are great for SC. But we're all so scared to pick him up because he's so used to getting injured.

Well, he's not injured right now, and outside of Luke Ryan and Nick Daicos I believe that this is the best defender in the game right now.

2. Max Holmes
A possible top 6 defender on the run home. He's got a great matchup to start with this week against Richmond. Looks to have a nice role where he's able to just roam free across half back. Teams tag Tom Stewart ahead of him too.

3. Hayden Young
One that lots of us traded out after Round 2. He's another in and around the top 6 mark on the run home, but he comes with the added bonus of having a good bye so will provide more respite during R14 and R15.

4. Rowan Marshall
The Saints have a lot of Marvel games after their bye. Rowan Marshall looks to be firming up as a great ruck option. Ignore last week against Max Gawn, it's past us now and he doesn't face him again this year. If you haven't committed to an R2 yet this is where I'd lean.

5. Gryan Miers
One of those fwds who could be good enough for F6 to finish the year. Very consistent role and the Cats like giving him the footy. You'll get lots of scores and score assists from him. Again you'll be buying directly into a very nice fixture and hopefully a spike score.

Who are your top picks for this week?
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I'm thinking exactly the same thing and am not keen on making any trades this week, but with Sweet out I now have a donut at R2 (Grundy), Richards injured and J.Cark suspended.

Of those you have listed, I could be interested in Holmes as my last defender upgrade, or maybe Young (who I traded out for NWM very early on!).

I still have 20 potential starters and am risking my rank by trying to get through this week and start being aggressive the next.


I'm happy with my top 3 here, the defenders. Less confident in Rowan Marshall and especially Gryan Miers after the weekend just gone.
Leader of the King Karl Amon fan club
Coach of WXV side Rio De Janeiro Jaguars
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