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Started by arbel, February 22, 2024, 03:38:55 PM

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Well that time of year again when we post some teams.

My first attempt is below what are peoples thoughts:

Have 33.4K left in the bank.
I'm generally happy of course have to wait and see how rookies go during preseason and which ones are selected to play etc.
Never gone this light in my FWD line before but seeing the obvious lack of choices have gone cheap.


I would probably go with only one of Steele or Miller. Miller if he is fit and back in the CBA's has the highest upside, I think I've seen enough from Steele the last couple years to put him down as a tease that may not be that 120 player again and may struggle to be in the 105 range.

Adams is out for at least a month so he has to go. Lynch may not be ready to play Carlton so that's a worry. I would maybe look at something like Adams to Fyfe, Lynch to Jordon and use the extra cash to upgrade Steele.


Well after practice and preseason games I'm happy sitting on this team until after opening round.
Fairly happy with it for now. Dropped Macrae for the time being to watch what happens this round as I think he may be vest bound. Adams injury through a curve but happy to go light in fwd's.

I really want to get Yeo in backline as I think he's finally got his body right but can't get it to work. Curtin is a watch as didn't play any practice games.

Still have 116k in bank so lots of wiggle room.



I just realised you meant Finn and not Jack Macrae after writing my original reply up haha

I'm in the minority not on the Young bandwagon here, he is super popular with the mid role but I think I'd rather someone like Sheezel, Short or maybe even Salem on a bigger discount. Howes showed enough tonight to lock him in and the Bowey injury will help his JS. You can probably turn Curtain into Howes to free up cash.

I really like your first 4 mids. I have had Bont and Laird locked in most of the pre-season. Merrett is super consistent and will probably average around 115 again, Green seems like an excellent high upside option and could become a top 5 mid. Personally not a fan of the Steele pick. Rookies are wait and see

Gawn looked absolutely cooked in the second half tonight after a monster first half. Really struggled to get around the ground and Grundy ran over the top of him. It was the first game and a warm night, but at his age he may need more of a chop out week in week out. I think I'm going to try and lock in English and Grundy as my two rucks but I see the value in Gawn.

I assume Jack Macrae is fit? Otherwise I really like the cheap forward line. Laurie and Billings have crossed their names off tonight as options, but between Fyfe, Jordon, Harmes and Fisher for those more expensive mid price types and Reid, Sexton, Wilson and a handful of others we'll get a bunch of cheap options


Okay think I have sorted out my side but having a slight dilemma... Not sure what to do with my cash. My team currently is this. Obviously pending rookie selections but think most should be fine.

After opening round games have gone:
Macrae to Heeney, good first game and although has burnt in the past, he finally had a solid preseason.
Curtin is gone and Howes in. JS should be more solid with Bowey injury.
Went Miller over Steele, first game was what I was looking for.
Naismith into ruck bench. Figured this is good move with Nank out and even if comes back should play. Plus with 4 of first 6 rounds having byes can use the bye players as captain loopholes, can downgrade after round 6.

So issue I have is I have 205.5k left?? So it's leave team as is or one of 4 options:

Option 1 - Young to Yeo, Fyfe to Flanders ... leaves 72.5k
Option 2 - Gawn to English (Only 1 bad game but seemed to struggle) ... leaves 74.1k
Option 3 - Young to Yeo, Gawn to English ... leaves 152.1k
Option 4 - Young to Yeo, Fyfe to Flanders, Miller to Steele/Brayshaw ... leaves 88.5k/9.1k



Quite a few $$$ on the bench.


Not sure what your gut is telling you. I am concerned with 5 Rd 0 premiums and Flanders adds another one.

I would like at Gawn to English only unless you want to upgrade Miller to another mid prem.  If a little extra cash required look at downgrading Windsor to say Cadman.

Alternatively team not too bad you can sit on the team and have a nice bank for upgrades or corrections. 


I really like the Gawn to English option, and you will still have close to 100k in the bank which is impressive. It's a good looking side. If you think Yeo can stay fit and score well (I have my doubts on his body) I also like that move along with Fyfe to Flanders.


Yeah I'm leaning towards Young to Yeo and Fyfe to Flanders.
I see what you're saying Ringo with the 5 round 0 premiums ... but with it being best 18 for those bye rounds and the worse one would be round 3 with Flanders, Miller, Green. I'm happy to wear that with it being early in season, or could wait and see if Steele burns it up and then downgrade Miller to Steele.

I want English in but Gawn should bounce back, was a hot night in Sydney so willing to leave him for now.
Heard Nankervis might be back and they liked Balta in ruck so Naismith might be vulnerable.


I heard Gawn may have been sick in the Sydney game, either way, I think the Swans went after him and he struggled to run it out.

Naismith is probably worth holding at R3. It's not worth burning a trade to sideways him back in if he comes in early. I think he'll be out as long as Nank is healthy, it was interesting to see the Tigers drop so many talls though


Hopefully that was the case. Richmond do have a lot of Sunday games so could keep him I guess.
I've ended up going with

Option 4 - Young to Yeo, Fyfe to Flanders, Miller to Steele

Leaves me 88.5k in the bank and with 40 trades doing corrections should be fine. Miller and Steele should be okay. If Steele only scores like 80-90 this week and Miller has another good score I'll just put Miller back in.

Happy to sit on the team now until teams announced for rookies.


Quote from: arbel on March 14, 2024, 01:48:28 PMHopefully that was the case. Richmond do have a lot of Sunday games so could keep him I guess.
I've ended up going with

I've actually flipped on this. I want to field as many rookies as possible this week and he doesn't help me with a captains loophole. If my vice destroys it I don't won't to get rid of a playing rookie when Naismith isn't in the 22 anyway. I'm leaning towards Livingstone with the DPP and WC playing basically Sunday every week


Round 1

Score: 2242
Rank: 6,418
Round Rank: 6,418
Cash: $110,000

Overall not too bad a start. Happy with the score considering had Gibcus on field. Obviously the issues are Gibcus and Reid at the moment. Likely do Gibcus to Hore or maybe even Dean to get that early price rise. With byes and best 18 I was hoping to give Clark another chance but Berry price rise is hard to ignore. Has a BE of -75 so will be good to get in.

So likely trades are Gibcus to probably Dean/Hore. Worried about Dean JS but seems okay for now.
Then do Clark to Berry via Wilson/Windsor to the mids.


I'd be more inclined to trade Lazzaro ahead of Clark this week. There were a stupid amount of CBA's in that game, he attended about 50% and finished with the same amount of touches as Clark who attended like 33%. Lazzaro had 2 contested possessions and went at about 61% by foot with 0 clearances. All pretty poor.

Clark's TOG and DE% is a big worry though, but I reckon you'll need to cut bait with both anyway


Yeah besides the injuries those 2 (clark and lazarro) are my next to do players. Looking at other rookies in mid though,Lazarro scored about the same as others bar a few. Clark seemed to be in and around it but his efficiency was horid. Also worried if Sanders is going to become a managed player as his price is quite high.

The Berry cash grab is too hard to ignore so it's how I fit it all in as my FWD line is decent.
So yeah likely Lazarro or Sanders will go for Berry and Gibcus out for Dean.

Can sit on the cash for next week with it being best 18 to see how Hore and D'Ambrosio go and they likely come in next week