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Supercoach Stats

Started by Drak, January 30, 2024, 03:55:17 PM

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Hey guys,

I really feel that Supercoach have gone overboard with stats and data equating to a complete vacuum of community and camaraderie  outside of the app.

These boards and forum are almost empty these days apart from a few team advice threads.

Its made the game way too easy and has teams almost identical from the onset.

The thing that I used to love, was trying to find and discuss rookies and players on the comeback. Now.... you just have to pull up the % of ownership stat and bobs your uncle.

Honestly feel like the fun has been taken away from the team planning at the very start.

Thoughts? Am I a sook?


Agree entirely.  40 is way too many trades.  last year in my league, every serious contender and some duffers had full premium before finals, so the challenge has gone.


I will be surprised if the majority on here aren't of the same opinion.


Agree ... and you ARE a sook!