Ringos Team Thread 2024

Started by Ringo, January 25, 2024, 10:26:49 AM

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Commencing my 2024 Team Thread

This is initial Team lodged in SC

Defence: Although Daicos plays Rd 0 feel he is a must to start with. Coleman could possibly be a keeper as the obvious Rich Replacement in Lions team and shown what could be with his GF performance. Williams and Chapman underpriced for what they are capable of and should make decent cash to remain as keeper or stepping stone,
Mids: Pretty self explanatory guns and rookies. Petracca and Walsh upgrade targets due to playing Rd ) and early byes, Curtin selected to allow Daicos to swing to mids if need be,
Rucks: To hard to ignore the GG combination despite playing Rd 0. Also gives 4/5 games to see who may be the Top tuck and allow a trade if need be at their byes,
FWDS: This is the difficult area as no real standouts apart from Macrae so going cheap here with rookies and Lynch and Harmes are possibly underpriced for what they can do. Macrae still a watch though.

10 keepers at this stage with Coleman possible.
Grundy, Daicos with Rd 5 Bye and Gawn Rd 6.
Prems major bye structures
Rd 12 1 + Coleman
Rd 13 2
Rd 14 3
Rd 15 4
Not too bad at this stage,

40 trades and 5 boosts sounds good but as we know not always that simple.


I agree that the forward line is the spot to go cheap this year with very limited stand out options and guys possibly getting DPP down the track. There also appear to be enough good cheap and mid price options that you can load up on other lines. I think backs are a bit in the same boat, grab a couple of the top guys and then load up on cheaper options.

I still think your best bet is to grab the best available players heading into the season and not worry about the Opening Round so much. It will be best 18 through those bye weeks and I think if guys have a big game during that round it's essentially a free hit knowing they will climb in price. It's not going to deter me from picking Grundy, Daicos etc. unless they get injured.


This is my sitting team till the preseason matches are complete when we will get a decent look at which rookies may start and changes of position eg Sexton of HB.

Injuries to players and effect on others reason for change eg Sicily drops an average of 10ppg when Blanc does bit play.

Couple of tossups Dawson v Laird and Rozee v Butters,  Gone with Dawson and Rozee at the moment as possible PODS.

Taking a risk with 4 RD0 prems Gawn Grundy to cheap to ignore, not starting Nick Daicos frought with danger. Petracca may make way for Parish though.

Daniel added to forwrad line as I think he will benefit from Bailey Smiths injury and uncertainity with Macrae


Macrae apparently hit full training this week but I don't hate the Daniel pick. When he is up and going he will probably be close to the top bracket of forwards. Interesting pick with Rozee, I think if one of he or Butters takes the next step it's Butters. With Wines going back inside I don't know if it hurts either one and their scoring output.