WXV International Draft 2023

Started by Purple 77, November 25, 2023, 04:23:31 PM

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Purple 77


- All new AFL players - and those that have played less than 10 AFL games in the past 3 years - are worth $100,000.
- You can not go over $10,600,000 - so BE CAREFUL WHEN PICKING PLAYERS WITH SALARIES ABOVE $100,000
- It is assumed you will be taking all of your international draft picks. However, you can choose to pass an international draft pick in order to get another PSD pick. To pass a pick, state that you are doing so in this thread to make it official. If you plan to pass a certain pick, you may want to do it in advance so we don't have to wait for you to pass.
- Each team has 24 hours to pick, but if you are online during the time of your pick, you only have 2 hours to make that selection (co-coaches need to be wary of this). After this time you'll be auto picked the next available player from the AFL draft, or alphabetically if no AFL draft players remain. However, the 2 hour rule DOES NOT APPLY TO FIRST ROUND DRAFT PICKS.
- You can also choose to have a pick automatically selected in advance; which will be the highest AFL draft pick available. If all AFL draft picks are picked, we then go alphabetically from the delisted players.
- You are able to modify your list lodgement until the end of the first round is completed (when Pick 18 is selected)

Current Salaries - as at end of draft

WXV ClubCurrent SalaryCurrent List Size
Beijing Pandas$8,634,00042
Berlin Brewers$8,635,00042
Buenos Aires Armadillos$10,389,00041
Cairo Sands$8,625,00043
Cape Town Cobras$9,876,00043
Christchurch Saints$8,706,00044
Dublin Destroyers$8,418,00042
London Royals$9,134,00042
Mexico City Suns$9,929,00042
New Delhi Tigers$9,970,00042
New York Revolution$9,680,00043
Pacific Islanders$10,495,00043
PNL Reindeers$8,428,00041
Rio de Janeiro Jaguars$9,849,00043
Rome Gladiators$10,394,00041
Seoul Magpies$9,829,00043
Tokyo Samurai$9,627,00042
Toronto Wolves$9,953,00041

Beijing Pandas: Urbaninfinnity 
Berlin Brewers: Purple 77 
Buenos Aires Armadillos: iZander
Cairo Sands: Nige
Cape Town Cobras: GoLions
Christchurch Saints: Koop & ChuckStig
Dublin Destroyers: Holz 
London Royals: Ringo & LF
Mexico City Suns: Pkbaldy
New Delhi Tigers: kilbluff1985 
New York Revolution: RaisyDaisy
Pacific Islanders: upthemaidens
PNL Reindeers: Hellopplz & DazBurg
Rio de Janeiro Jaguars: PowerBug
Rome Gladiators: Jukes & Torpedo10
Seoul Magpies: JBs-Hawks 
Tokyo Samurai: Boomz 
Toronto Wolves: fanTCfool

Players Available

National Draft

PickPlayerAFL Team2024 POS 12024 POS2
1Harley ReidWest CoastMIDFWD
2Colby McKercherNorth MelbourneMID
3Jed WalterGold CoastFWD
4Zane DuursmaNorth MelbourneMIDFWD
5Nick WatsonHawthornFWD
6Ryley SandersWestern BulldogsMID
7Caleb WindsorMelbourneMIDFWD
8Daniel CurtinAdelaideDEFMID
9Ethan ReadGold CoastRUC
10Nate CaddyEssendonFWD
11Connor O'SullivanGeelongDEF
12Phoenix GothardGWSFWD
13Koltyn TholstrupMelbourneFWD
14Jake RogersGold CoastMID
15Jordan CroftWestern BulldogsFWD
16Will GreenSydneyRUC
17James LeakeGWSDEF
18Darcy WilsonSt KildaMIDFWD
19William McCabeHawthornDEF
20Taylor GoadNorth MelbourneRUC
21Charlie EdwardsAdelaideDEFMID
22Will DawsonNorth MelbourneDEFFWD
23Riley HardemanNorth MelbourneDEF
24Caiden ClearySydneyMID
25Harry DemattiaCollingwoodMID
26Will GrahamGold CoastDEFMID
27Oscar RyanAdelaideDEF
28Lance CollardSt KildaFWD
29Ashton MoirCarltonFWD
30Archer ReidWest CoastRUCFWD
31Logan MorrisBrisbaneFWD
32Mitchell EdwardsGeelongRUC
33Angus HastieSt KildaDEF
34Billy WilsonCarltonDEFMID
35Cooper SimpsonFremantleMIDFWD
36Shaun MannaghGeelongMIDFWD
37Tew JiathCollingwoodDEF
38Clay HallWest CoastMID
39Luamon LualEssendonDEF
40Kane McAuliffeRichmondMID
41Ollie MurphyFremantleDEF
42Luke LloydBrisbaneFWD
43Liam FawcettRichmondFWD
44Joseph FontiGWSDEF
45Joel FreijahWestern BulldogsMIDFWD
46Bodie RyanHawthornDEF
47Lachlan SmithWestern BulldogsRUC
48Tom AnastasopolousPort AdelaideFWD
49Harvey JohnstonWest CoastMIDFWD
50Hugo GarciaSt KildaMIDFWD
51Zane ZakostelskyBrisbaneDEFRUC
52Lachlan CharlesonPort AdelaideMIDFWD
53Patrick SnellSydneyDEFFWD
54Archie RobertsEssendonDEF
55Aiden O'DriscollWestern BulldogsFWD
56Calsher DearHawthornFWD
57Will LorenzPort AdelaideMIDFWD
58George StevensGeelongMID
59Harvey ThomasGWSMIDFWD
60Jack DeleanFremantleFWD
61Oliver WiltshireGeelongMIDFWD
62Arie SchoenmakerSt KildaDEF
63Lawson HumphriesGeelongDEFMID
64Reece TorrentBrisbaneMID

SSP & Mid-Season Draftees

Alex CincottaCarltonDEF$140,000
Anthony CaminitiSt KildaFWD$131,000
Ryan MaricWest CoastFWD$126,000
James TreziseRichmondDEF$100,000
James O'DonnellWestern BulldogsDEF$100,000
Matt CoulthardRichmondFWD$100,000
Brandon RyanBrisbaneFWD$100,000
Jack BullerSydneyFWD$100,000
Robert HansenNorth MelbourneFWD$100,000
Ethan StanleyFremantleMID$100,000
Hudson O'KeefeCarltonRUC$100,000
Oscar SteeneCollingwoodRUCFWD$100,000
Clay TuckerHawthornRUC$100,000
Harry ArnoldSydneyDEF$100,000
Mitch HardieGeelongMID$100,000
Jaiden HunterEssendonFWD$100,000

Delisted WXV Players

PlayerFormer Club2024 POS12024 POS2Salary Cap
Jack MahonyDublin DestroyersMIDFWD$148,000
Sam DayBerlin BrewersFWD$102,000
Bailey MacdonaldTokyo SamuraiDEF$100,000
Angus McLennanNew York RevolutionDEF$100,000
Coby BurgielTokyo SamuraiDEF$100,000
Charlie ClarkeTokyo SamuraiFWD$100,000
Tex WanganeenTokyo SamuraiFWD$100,000
Conrad WilliamsBuenos Aires ArmadillosMIDFWD$100,000
Sam DurdinBuenos Aires ArmadillosDEF$100,000

International Draft Order

Round 1
1. Dublin - Harley Reid
2. Cairo - Colby McKercher
3. Christchurch - Ryley Sanders
4. Tokyo - Zane Duursma
5. Dublin - Ethan Read
6. Christchurch - Daniel Curtin
7. Mexico City - Jed Walter
8. Cairo - Nick Watson
9. Beijing - Jake Rogers
10. Pacific - Darcy Wilson
11. Berlin - Koltyn Tholstrup
12. Cape Town - Caiden Cleary
13. PNL - Nate Caddy
14. Rio de Janeiro - Connor O'Sullivan
15. PNL - Caleb Windsor
16. London - James Leake
17. Rio de Janeiro - Riley Hardeman
18. Christchurch - Will Graham

Round 2
19. Toronto - Harry Demattia
20. Christchurch - Shaun Mannagh
21. Seoul - Charlie Edwards
22. Cairo - Oscar Ryan
23. Christchurch - Clay Hall
24. London - Will Dawson
25. PNL - Will Green
26. Seoul - Coby Burgiel
27. PNL - Jordan Croft
28. Pacific - Mitchell Edwards
29. Cape Town - Phoenix Gothard
30. New York - George Stevens
31. Mexico City - Joel Freijah
32. Cairo - Cooper Simpson
33. Beijing - James Trezise
34. Buenos Aires - Taylor Goad
35. Tokyo - Billy Wilson
36. Buenos Aires - Ryan Maric

Round 3
37. London - Lachlan Smith
38. Seoul - Kane McAuliffe
39. Seoul - Arie Schoenmaker
40. New York - William McCabe
41. Rome - Ashton Moir
42. Mexico City - Archie Roberts
43. Tokyo - Oscar Steene
44. Cape Town - Alex Cincotta
45. Rome - Angus Hastie
46. Pacific - Charlie Clarke
47. Buenos Aires - Tew Jiath
48. Cape Town - Anthony Caminiti
49. Toronto - Ollie Murphy
50. Mexico City - Lance Collard
51. Cairo - Bodie Ryan
52. Seoul - Lawson Humphries
53. Toronto - Archer Reid
54. Buenos Aires - Luamon Lual

Round 4
55. London - Hugo Garcia
56. Rio de Janeiro - Brandon Ryan
57. Christchurch - Lachlan Charleson
58. New York - Harvey Johnston
59. London - Oliver Wiltshire
60. Cairo - Ethan Stanley
61. Seoul - Jack Buller
62. Rome - Joseph Fonti
63. New York - James O'Donnell
64. London - Zane Zakostelsky
65. Toronto - Logan Morris
66. Beijing - Jaiden Hunter
67. Mexico City - Will Lorenz
68. Toronto - Luke Lloyd
69. Rome - Jack Delean
70. New Delhi - Aiden O'Driscoll
71. Buenos Aires - Harvey Thomas
72. Buenos Aires - Clay Tucker

Round 5
73. Buenos Aires - Hudson O'Keefe
74. Cape Town - Reece Torrent
75. Toronto - Matt Coulthard
76. New York - Mitch Hardie
77. New Delhi - Calsher Dear
78. Rio de Janeiro - Liam Fawcett
79. Tokyo - Tom Anastasopolous
80. PNL - Jack Mahony
81. New Delhi - Patrick Snell
83. New Delhi - Robert Hansen
84. Cairo - Bailey Macdonald
85. Mexico City - Sam Durdin
86. Cairo - PASS
87. Rome - Harry Arnold
88. Seoul - Tex Wanganeen
89. Toronto - Conrad Williams
90. Toronto - PASS
91. New Delhi - Lachlan Bramble (SSP pre-selection - one time exemption due to shallow draft pool)
92. Rome - Angus McLennan

Purple 77


We have 89 players available, and 92 picks.

5 of these picks are currently unable to be used. However, they can still be traded.

If the situation happens where picks 90, 91 and 92 are due to be taken, they will be moved to next year.

But I doubt they are.

Purple 77

A reminder that list lodgements become LOCKED after the completion of Round 1. So if you've fked up, you have some time to fix it.

Purple 77









Gotta back in my boy Nick Watson here



With #10 Pacific select  Darcy Wilson

Purple 77