2023 Trade Confirmation Thread

Started by Ringo, August 30, 2023, 08:14:10 PM

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Re - Iterating trading rules here:
5.1 Trading between teams is allowed as long as trades are determined to be reasonably fair between both parties.
5.2 Trades must be listed in the Trading Thread in the following format:
X Team receives: Player A
Y Team receives: Player B
Reason: Justification for why the trade has been made

The trade must be then confirmed by the other party in the trade, and they must list their reasons also

5.3 Trades will either Passed or Rejected by the league administrator.  The administrator will take into consideration the short and long term impacts to both teams, to ensure the trade does not damage a team's future chances of being competitive.

5.4.a  Administration will rule on all trades and should 5 coaches object to the decision of Adminstrator then trade will be sent to a vote of all coaches. Coaches will have 5 days to object to decision.

5.6 Trades for Trade Period 1 will be on an unlimited basis and can include Draft Picks. For trade period 2 trades are on a one for one basis.

5.7 There will be two trade periods per season, one before the drafts, and one after. Teams are entitled to 20 Player movements over the 2 trade periods.

5.8 A player movement is defined as moving a player from one team to another. Draft picks or players you have received as part of a trade can be on traded but will not count as a movement.

Kindly note that this thread is for agreed trades only. Discussions to take place in the 2022 trade discussion thread

Trade etiquette -  Ensure you have advised any other interested parties that you have completed trade prior to posting. If this not done trade may be rejected,

Trade Period 1 will open on 1st September and close November 18th

Trade Period 2 will open on conclusion of drafts.