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Started by Purple 77, August 10, 2023, 06:58:29 AM

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Purple 77

All 18 votes have been received.

23. Remove Flood and Attacks
A) Scrap it 7
B) Keep as is (i.e. the 9%/-15% modified version) 11

24. Reinstate 'Small' IF Flood/Attack is kept
A) Reinstate it if Flood/Attack is kept 5
B) Keep it scrapped if Flood/Attack is kept 13

25. Remove Tagging
A) Remove it 8
B) Keep as is (i.e. the modified version currently in place) - see link 10

26. Implement sliding salary cap scale on top 10 draft picks - i.e. top 10 draft picks are now worth $200k each. Suggestion is to have Pick 1 - 200k, Pick 2 = 190k.... to Pick 9 - 120k, Pick 10 = 110k
A) Implement sliding scale 12
B) Keep as is 6


Very important that the rules topic is updated at some point during this off-season, could even argue that we should do it before opening trade period
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Purple 77

By 'we' you mean, me?  :P

I'm aware it needs updating. It's just normally hasn't taken priority over whatever else needs doing at WXVs, which is a lot.

I would gladly accept help from whoever to draft up the rulebook. Especially if wanting done before trade period.


I'm happy to help with it, depending on how much punctuation I can get away with in my posts
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I think the rule book can be structured as follows:

A.   Part A - Game Day
   1.   Team Submissions
      ->   Submission Format overview
      ->   Submission Description
      ->   Team Submission Chips (i.e. Flood, Attack)
      ->   Captains
      ->   Out Of Position players
         -->   Train-on players
      ->   Tagging
      ->   Non-submissions
         -->   Preferences
         -->   Penalties
      ->   The Practice of Loopholing
   2.   Emergencies
      ->   (All the different scenarios)
   3.   Home Ground Advantage
   4.   Resting
B.   Part B - Off-season
   1.   The Draft
      ->   Draft Order
      ->   International Draft
      ->   Rookie Draft
   2.   Voting on Rules
   3.   Trade Season
      ->   Voting on Trades
      ->   Trading of retired players
   4.   Salary Cap
   5.   List Lodgements
C.   Part C - General
   1.   Tanking
   2.   Scoring
      ->   Ladder
      ->   Rounding
   3.   Sacking

Most of the rules are already correctly written so can just be transferred inside this format. Just need to write up the new ones to fit inside this
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Like the structure well done.

Maybe start a new permanent topic World xvs PB with this structure - Nige and Pyrple as administrators can also edit as well as yourself.

Just a suggestion,


If Purps wants I can start a new topic for it, saves him from having to edit the current one.

---- ----

The intention behind a tag is to sacrifice part of your own players score (The Tagger) with the intention of lowering an opposition's player's score (The Victim) by more, to provide a net benefit to your matchup.
When a tag is applied, the raw scores of the two players are compared, which will result in one of two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A Successful Tag
The Tagger scores more than half the Victim's score. This results in:
   ->   The Tagger having their score reduced by 30%
   ->   The Victim having their score reduced to the Raw score of the Tagger
      -->   If the Tagger's raw score is higher, the Victim's score is unchanged.
Note: Within a successful tag there's a sub-category where the result is a net loss to the team applying the tag. In this case you can consider it a "wasted" tag.

Scenario 2: A Broken Tag
The Victim scores equal to or more than double the Tagger's score. This results in:
   ->   The Tagger having the score reduced by 50%
   ->   The Victim's score being unchanged.

Tagging is also subject to the following conditions:
   ->   The Tagger and the Victim must both be midfield eligible players named in midfield eligible positions (Mid line or Utility line).
   ->   Only 1 tag may be applied in a round
   ->   A maximum of 5 tags may be used across your entire season.
   ->   Captaincy and Resting bonuses are unaffected by tagging, they are still calculated separately.
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Train-on players
Each coach will have the ability to choose up to 2 players to have a train-on position added for the upcoming season. These players when played in this position are only given a 25% OOP penalty instead of the usual 50%.
- Coaches have from the end of the WXV Intl. Draft until Christmas to nominate any players they wish to use as a train-on player
- That player will not be able to be traded in Trade Period 2.
- For a player to be considered eligible for a ruck train-on spot, they need to have averaged at least 1 hitout per game the previous year. A full list will be provided but here is the link to the source.
- There are no restrictions on who can be added as a def, mid, or fwd train-on.
- A train-on position may be added to a player who is already DPP.
- The train-on player may be named in their added position as many times as necessary across your entire season.
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Team Submission Adjustment Chip
(I'm renaming this from "Flood/Attack")
Moving forward, Flood and attack options will contain a score adjustment element to them. The basics still remain, Flooding is a 5-4-1-3-2 submission and Attacking is a 3-4-1-5-2 submission, however:
- When you Flood, each of your 5 defenders will have a 9% score increase, whilst each of your 3 forwards will have a 15% score decrease.
- When you Attack, each of your 3 defenders will have a 15% score decrease, whilst each of your 5 forwards will have a 9% score increase.

Other important notes:
- OOP players can be named. The 50% penalty is captured by the adjustment amount. For example an OOP forward when flooding is 42.5% of the raw score (1 * 0.85 * 0.5).
- Other bonuses (captaincy, resting) are applied to the raw score separately.
- Your opponent can't cancel out your choice to flood or attack.
- You can only use this feature 5 times across your entire season.
- You can't use it multiple times in one week (I.e. no 8-4-1-0-2 formation is allowed)
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Coach of WXV side Rio De Janeiro Jaguars
2023 SC: Rank 126