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Author Topic: 2022 Finals Week Two Lodgement Thread  (Read 191 times)
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ADT Admin

« on: August 02, 2022, 09:04:43 pm »

Finals Week Two


AFL teams will be announcing their teams at 6:20pm AEST on Thursday (Wednesday for Thursday night games)
Sunday teams are confirmed at 5pm AEST on Friday (Saturday for Monday games)

We WILL NOT be using a partial lockout, please read the rule below.

You are encouraged to name your full team at the start of the round and edit accordingly as teams drop each day. I understand this is not possible for everyone, hence why it would be preferred that people name their full team to begin with.

If you make any edits to your team, please do so in a new 'quote' post.

There is no loopholing allowed in ADT

- With Fri-Sun games back, you can name four (4) emergencies.

- In the event a coach either submits an incomplete team or fails to submit a team at all without contacting the admin, they will receive a warning/strike and their submission from last week will be used. Penalties for this can be found in the rules post (no sacking coaches because we barely have enough as is). It's finals so I hope this doesn't happen

Friday night FULL LOCKOUT at 7.50pm AEST

- Teams are to be posted in this format only

C: Player name
VC: Player name
EVC: Player name

D: x, x, x, x
M: x, x, x, x, x, x
R: x
F: x, x, x, x
I: x, x, x

Emergencies: x, x, x, x (any position, in preference order)

- HGA for the first team named in the fixture and is the lowest scoring player (raw score) on field.
- C is worth x2 and VC is worth x1.5
- OOP Players are worth 50% of their total score


Finals Week Two:

Semi Final 1: Arizona Scorpions v Los Angeles Kings

Semi Final 2: Washington Senators v Springfield Isotopes (Elimination)
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Washington Senators

« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2022, 01:39:16 pm »

Washington Senators

C: Hugh McCluggage
VC: Patrick Cripps
EVC: Max Gawn

D: Mark Blicavs, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Luke Ryan, Ryan Burton
M: Hugh McCluggage, Patrick Cripps, Tom Liberatore, Andrew Gaff, Kyle Langford, Jacob Hopper
R: Max Gawn
F: Stephen Coniglio, Connor Rozee, Jesse Hogan, Jaidyn Stephenson
I: Jarrod Witts, Liam Duggan, Josh Ward

Emergencies: Jack Scrimshaw, Trent Rivers, Max King, Willie Rioli
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UTG Admin

« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2022, 02:39:59 pm »

Springfield Isotopes

Captain: Rory Laird
Vice Captain: Rowan Marshall
Emergency Vice: Oliver Wines

Adam Saad, Caleb Daniel, Shannon Hurn, Mason Redman
Rory Laird (C), Oliver Wines (EVC), Karl Amon, Dion Prestia, Adam Cerra, Brandon Ellis
Rowan Marshall (VC)
Toby Greene, Josh Battle, TJ Lynch, Liam Ryan
Reilly O'Brien, Andrew McGrath, Hugh Greenwood

Blake Hardwick, Dylan Stephens, Michael Walters, Kieran Strachan
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« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2022, 05:15:40 am »

Arizona Scorpions:

C: Jackson Macrae.
VC: Touk Miller.
EVC: Marcus Bontempelli.

D: Jack Crisp - Jayden Short - James Sicily - James Aish.
M: Jackson Macrae - Josh Kelly - Marcus Bontempelli - Tim Kelly - Touk Miller - Will Hoskin-Elliot.
R: Sean Darcy.
F: Isaac Heeney - Jack Darling - Harry McKay - Jamie Elliot.
U: Josh Dunkley (M/F) - Jake Stringer (F/M) - Tom Sparrow (M/F).

E: Rory Lobb (F) - Jack Ziebell (D) - Ben Brown (F) - Harrison Himmelburg (F).
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« Reply #4 on: August 05, 2022, 06:21:30 pm »

LA Kings

Captain: Chad Warner
Vice Captain: Andrew Brayshaw
Emergency Vice Captain: Sam Docherty

D: Sam Docherty, Lachie Whitfield, Nick Blakey, Tom Barrass
M: Andrew Brayshaw, Chad Warner, Jack Redden, Jy Simpkin, Caleb Serong, James Rowbottom
R: Tom Hickey
F: Tim Taranto, Zak Butters, Darcy Cameron, Lance Franklin
U: Charlie Curnow, Sam Powell-Pepper, Harry Morrison

E: David Mundy, Brandan Parfitt, Dane Rampe, Will Hayward
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ADT Admin

« Reply #5 on: August 07, 2022, 06:33:28 pm »

Finals Week Two

Scorpions Stung in Defeat
Arizona Scorpions (1618) defeated by Los Angeles Kings (1788)

Arizona lowered their colours here, there's no room for a mere 1600 score in the finals area, which was proven by Los Angeles walking away handsome winners. The floor was too low with WHE, McKay, Stringer and Sparrow all dragging the team down, and the usual star power failed to fire once again as Arizona fumble a home prelim final. For Los Angeles, it's a powerful return to early season form and will hopefully be bolstered by the return of Hewett in the coming weeks as they face the winner of our next match at home.

Washington Goes to DEFCON 1
Washington Senators (1969) defeated Springfield Isotopes (1790)

Boy oh boy wowee Washington really went nuclear in this matchup. They'll be ruing the HGA draw last week as it's cost them a home prelim as they would've blown away Arizona, but they continue on in 2022 and make it to the final 4 which is the main thing. Gawn and Luke Ryan dropped 150+ scores on Springfield followed by 6 other 100+ scores as they maintained the rage all weekend and will have to be the favourites going into next week despite playing away from home. For Springfield, nothing could be done. A 1790 is no laughing matter as they were simply beaten by a better side on the day. A 5th place may seem disappointing, but considering their position early on, it could've been worse.

I'm looking forward to these juicy prelim finals next week!
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