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Author Topic: 2021 Round Thirteen Thread  (Read 494 times)
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Quito Quetzals 21.12.138 defeated Colorado Avalanche 15.12.102
(Real: 2070 vs 1532)

A far-cry from their 120-112 close one two rounds ago, as Quito get a truckload of % by curbstomping Colorado. Preuss' injury and JHF being garbage, plus no sub, hurt Colorado, but even that would've scraped them to an average score, which wouldn't have been close to Greene and Mills' onslaught.

Anaheim Mighty Ducks 15.8.98 lost to Boston Terriers 17.9.111
(Real: 1467 vs 1668)

It's a blessing that Boston were only playing Anaheim, because they would've been knocked off by a lot of teams this week. Cumming 45, Langdon 38, Sidebottom 51, Wingard 54, Howe 45, and even Keays and Pendlebury in the 60s had their chances of their guaranteed win slipping, but CCs Neale and Laird steadied the ship to get the win against a continued-disappointing Anaheim.

Ottawa Otters 16.12.108 lost to Carolina Panthers 18.11.119
(Real: 1618 vs 1789)

Josh Kelly did everything he could to throw the game, but the Panthers prevail - let's just hope the % missed from Kelly going 50 under average as captain won't hurt them...but an expected scoreline and a necessary win for Carolina.

San Francisco Grizzlies 19.8.122 defeated Houston Bombers 18.7.115
(Real: 1825 vs 1722)

Another week, another scalp for the rampaging Grizzlies! They've won 5 of their last 7 and sit firmly in the box seat to flower their draft positioning, or maybe get in between another team and their finals plans. The Jacks did their best for Houston, and they had a few other 120+ scores to help, but 115 just isn't enough against a class opposition, as Redman, Viney, and Saad put them to the sword.

New Brooklyn Hawks 16.12.108 lost to Las Vegas Sinners 16.13.109
(Real: 1619 vs 1631)

Teams around Vegas on the ladder can blame PKBronson for this one, as they surely get a win if he had named a team recently. Alas, M1 Lachie Weller and CC Jack Steele were replaced and they just fell short of an underperforming Sinners, which of course directly correlates to Sydney getting stuffed.

Wisconsin Cockerels 18.8.116 lost to Chicago Sharks 20.10.130
(Real: 1733 vs 1949)

Surely this Chicago team deserve to play finals? They may not be able to match the San Francisco juggernaut, but they've made Wisconsin look very average in a big road win.
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