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Author Topic: WXV Round 10: Pandas in Peril?  (Read 799 times)
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He did it

« Reply #45 on: May 22, 2022, 07:56:37 pm »

Dillo defenders hold together against Royals

... there was only 2 of them, so that was very impressive! A strong performance all round sees Buenos Aires carry 2 OOP defenders against an underwhelming Touk Miller.

Buenos Aires Armadillos (22.10.142) def London Royals (20.10.130)

Buenos Aires: Caleb Serong, Darcy Parish, Jayden Short, Ollie Wines, Tom Green     
London: Adam Saad, Jack Redden, Keidean Coleman, Liam Baker   

Late Changes
Buenos Aires: Jack Scrimshaw, Lachlan Ash replaced by Cameron Rayner, Will Hayward
London: Nil

WXV Debut
Buenos Aires: Nil
London: Nil

Club debut
Buenos Aires: Nil
London: Nil


La Plata Armada (14.9.93) def Imperial Princes (13.8.86)

La Plata: Corey Durdin, Joel Jeffrey, Lochie O'Brien     
Imperial: Jake Waterman, Jy Farrar, Zach Guthrie     
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He did it

« Reply #46 on: May 22, 2022, 07:58:45 pm »

The 4-on-the-trot Tigers!

The Tigers continue to size up their opponents beautifully, and seem destined to make finals. This loss makes it hard for Cape Town now.

Cape Town Cobras (21.7.133) lost to New Delhi Tigers (22.6.138)

Cape Town: Callum Mills, Luke McDonald, Toby Nankervis     
New Delhi: Jack Sinclair, Jordan Dawson     

Late Changes
Cape Town: Jaidyn Stephenson, Quinton Narkle replaced by Ivan Soldo, Mabior Chol
New Delhi: Ed Langdon replaced by Sam Durham

WXV Debut
Cape Town: Nil
New Delhi: Nil

Club debut
Cape Town: Nil
New Delhi: Nil


Durban Pirates (7.6.48) lost to Mumbai Elephants (13.7.85)

Durban: Jaxon Prior, Will Hamill     
Mumbai: James Peatling       
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He did it

« Reply #47 on: May 22, 2022, 08:01:26 pm »

The Gladiators emerge from the Colosseum

In what was clearly the MOTR, an inspired Clarry captain performance wasn't enough to get Seoul over the line against a resolute Roman performance. Yes, they ultimately won on HGA, but when Clarry went bonkers they held their nerve, none more so than Captain Kelly (125) who produced for his team.

A mammoth win for Rome!

Rome Gladiators (23.6.144) def Seoul Magpies (22.9.141)

Rome: Dan Houston, Dylan Moore, Josh Kelly, Luke Parker, Nick Blakey     
Seoul: Bailey Scott, Charlie Curnow, Clayton Oliver, Jack Crisp, Zac Fisher     

Late Changes
Rome: Nil
Seoul: Toby Conway replaced by Logan McDonald

WXV Debut
Rome: Nil
Seoul: Nil

Club debut
Rome: Brandon Starcevich
Seoul: Nil


San Marino Broncos (17.11.113) def Pyongyang Chollimas (0.7.7)

San Marino: Jack Ziebell, Tom Fullarton     
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He did it

« Reply #48 on: May 22, 2022, 08:02:30 pm »

Super Saints brush aside Bloated Brewers

Sh!thouse by us, GG Christchurch

Christchurch Saints (22.10.142) def Berlin Brewers (19.6.120)

Christchurch: Callum Wilkie, George Hewett, Jade Gresham, Jesse Hogan, Mason Redman, Sean Darcy   
Berlin: Brodie Smith       

Late Changes
Christchurch: Nil
Berlin: Josh P Kennedy replaced by Ryan Gardner

WXV Debut
Christchurch: Nil
Berlin: Ryan Gardner & Zach Sproule

Club debut
Christchurch: Nil
Berlin: Nil


Wellington Weta (10.9.69) lost to Rhineland Rum-Runners (10.11.71)

Wellington: Jack Payne       
Rhineland: Jamie Cripps       
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He did it

« Reply #49 on: May 22, 2022, 08:05:11 pm »

Homewrecking Revs stall Cairo Charge

The Revs capitalised on a meek Cairo performance, thanks to a fine Cameron Guthrie performance.

Cairo Sands (20.6.126) lost to New York Revolution (21.6.132)

Cairo: Ed Richards, Jordan Clark, Matthew Flynn, Tom Stewart   
New York: Cameron Guthrie, Darcy Fort, Mark Blicavs     

Late Changes
Cairo: Braydon Preuss replaced by Matthew Flynn
New York: Rhys Stanley replaced by Robbie McComb

WXV Debut
Cairo: Nil
New York: Nil

Club debut
Cairo: Nil
New York: Nil


Alexandria Hieroglyphics (15.8.98) lost to Washington Rebellion (16.8.104)

Alexandria: Hugh Greenwood, Sean Lemmens, Shane Edwards     
Washington: Luke Cleary, Luke Dunstan, Will Hoskin-Elliott     
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He did it

« Reply #50 on: May 22, 2022, 08:07:14 pm »

And ze proof:

PNL ReindeersToronto Wolves
D1Luke Ryan102102D1Alex Witherden6868
D2Darcy Moore9393D2Nathan Broad7979
D3Dougal Howard8484D3Ryan Burton7878
D4Sam De Koning8585D4Tom Atkins7979
M1Zach Merrett102102D5Jake Bowey4141
M2Ben Keays9696M1Jack Macrae104104
M3Scott Pendlebury7373M2Travis Boak8686
M4Will Brodie144144M3Dion Prestia126126
R1Todd Goldstein8888M4Tim Kelly8080
F1Steele Sidebottom8080R1Rowan Marshall8989
F2Lance Franklin4040F1Isaac Heeney9494
F3Robbie Gray9494F2Max King120120
F4Darcy Cameron130130F3Anthony Scott7777
U1 (MID)Jack Billings4848U1 (MID)Jai Newcombe121121
U2 (MID)Luke Shuey8181U2 (DEF MID)Justin McInerney5252
E1 (DEF)Charlie Ballard88DNP0E1 (MID)Lachlan Sholl15DNP0
E2 (RUC)Max Lynch67DNP0E2 (MID FWD)Josh Rachele49DNP0
E3 (FWD)Paul Curtis33DNP0E3 (DEF)Jake Stein0DNP0
E4 (MID FWD)Marcus Windhager60DNP0E4 (DEF)Denver Grainger-Barras78DNP0
CZach Merrett102102CJack Macrae104104
VCBen Keays960VCTravis Boak860
RP00RPJake Bowey419
HALance Franklin4040
Beijing PandasTokyo Samurai
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Dyson Heppell103103D1Jordan Ridley0DNP0
D2Jeremy Howe7777D2Connor Budarick3030
D3Wil Powell6666D3Lachie Whitfield0DNP0
D4Taylor Duryea0DNP0D4Jarman Impey5353
M1Lachie Neale100100M1Sebastian Ross6363
M2Dayne Zorko8484M2Tom Liberatore9292
M3Blake Acres7373M3Oliver Florent7575
M4Brandon Ellis5454M4Isaac Smith8181
R1Patrick Ryder5151R1Peter Ladhams3333
F1Stephen Coniglio140140F1Charlie Cameron7777
F2Tom Hawkins8585F2Josh Dunkley116116
F3Tyson Stengle6565F3Daniel Rioli106106
F4Kane Lambert2525F4Ben Long2222
U1 (MID)David Swallow119119U1 (FWD)Michael Walters6161
U2 (FWD)Connor West7575U2 (RUC)Tom Hickey4949
E1 (MID FWD)Conor Nash74DNP0E1 (FWD)Nick Holman470.524
E2 (MID FWD)Kane Farrell92DNP0E2 (FWD)James Rowe73DNP0
E3 (FWD)Luke Breust62DNP0E3 (MID)Matt Guelfi49DNP0
E4 (DEF)Dane Rampe5757E4 (DEF)Lachie Plowman6464
CLachie Neale100100CJosh Dunkley116116
VCDayne Zorko840VCTom Liberatore920
RPTaylor Duryea0DNP0RP00
NRDylan Shiel85NR0
HAKane Lambert2525
Mexico City SunsDublin Destroyers
D1James Sicily122122D1Jake Lever9797
D2Hayden Young8080D2Mark O'Connor6262
D3Bradley Hill135135D3Josh Gibcus6060
D4Nic Newman9595D4Jackson Nelson5252
D5Jacob Weitering108108M1Greg Clark5555
M1Sam Walsh133133M2Andrew McGrath8989
M2Christian Petracca114114M3Andrew Brayshaw9494
M3David Mundy105105M4Bailey Smith117117
M4Luke Davies-Uniacke9797R1Jed Bews540.527
R1Callum Jamieson6666F1Lachlan Schultz6363
F1Shai Bolton5252F2Jack Riewoldt9999
F2Aaron Naughton114114F3Izak Rankine8989
F3Mitch Georgiades6161F4Edward McHenry7979
U1 (DEF)James Aish3737U1 (MID)Trent Cotchin6666
U2 (MID)Jackson Hately8888U2 (FWD)Tristan Xerri7171
E1 (DEF)Flynn Perez64DNP0E1 (DEF)Kayne Turner83DNP0
E2 (FWD)Archie Perkins40DNP0E2 (DEF)Jayden Hunt40DNP0
E3 (FWD)Sam Flanders0DNP0E3 (MID FWD)Sam Butler49DNP0
E4 (FWD)James Bell22DNP0E4 ()000
CCSam Walsh13367CCAndrew Brayshaw9447
CCChristian Petracca11457CCBailey Smith11759
HAJames Aish3737
Pacific IslandersRio de Janeiro Jaguars
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Harry Perryman138138D1Isaac Cumming7171
D2Aliir Aliir7373D2Daniel Rich127127
D3Liam Duggan5353D3Will Day3838
D4Connor Idun3737D4Changkuoth Jiath5353
M1Rory Laird105105M1Brad Crouch127127
M2Marcus Bontempelli130130M2Jack Viney0DNP0
M3Tom Mitchell129129M3Matthew Kennedy113113
M4Jarryd Lyons113113M4Karl Amon9999
R1Jarrod Witts131131R1Sam Hayes7272
F1Taylor Walker6767F1Tim Taranto0DNP0
F2Zac Bailey2222F2Ben Brown5353
F3Matt Taberner2222F3Mason Wood5353
F4Harrison Himmelberg8080F4Todd Marshall5353
U1 (MID)Andrew Gaff5959U1 (RUC)Tom De Koning8989
U2 (RUC FWD)Peter Wright4040U2 (MID)James Jordon5252
E1 (MID)Jack Ross90DNP0E1 (FWD)Jeremy Cameron114114
E2 (FWD)Devon Smith35DNP0E2 (DEF)Brayden Maynard8181
E3 (DEF)Jake Kolodjashnij45DNP0E3 (FWD)Eric Hipwood21DNP0
E4 (DEF)Harry Edwards34DNP0E4 (MID)Ben Hobbs73DNP0
CCRory Laird10553CCBrad Crouch12764
CCJarrod Witts13166CCBen Brown5327
RPConnor Idun378RPMason Wood5311
NRTim O'Brien54NRJeremy Finlayson52
HAZac Bailey2222
Purple 77
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He did it

« Reply #51 on: May 22, 2022, 08:07:21 pm »

Buenos Aires ArmadillosLondon Royals
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Jayden Short110110D1Adam Saad112112
D2Tom Doedee9393D2Darcy Gardiner6868
D3Jack Scrimshaw0DNP0D3John Noble8484
D4Lachlan Ash0DNP0D4Liam Baker134134
M1Darcy Parish128128M1Touk Miller5959
M2Tom Green102102M2Willem Drew8181
M3Ollie Wines101101M3Lachie Young9696
M4Adam Cerra5050M4Jack Redden112112
R1Kieran Strachan8484R1Jordon Sweet7676
F1Jordan De Goey8282F1Charlie Spargo8080
F2Dustin Martin7878F2Keidean Coleman104104
F3Toby Greene8989F3Tim Membrey6363
F4Chad Wingard7676F4Jamaine Jones2424
U1 (MID)Caleb Serong107107U1 (DEF)Nick Hind8383
U2 (MID)Jarrod Berry8282U2 (MID FWD)Maurice Rioli6767
E1 (RUC)Reilly O'Brien0DNP0E1 (FWD)Alec Waterman48DNP0
E2 (FWD)Cameron Rayner860.543E2 (DEF)Zach Guthrie80DNP0
E3 (FWD)Will Hayward580.529E3 (DEF)Jy Farrar86DNP0
E4 (MID)Lochie O'Brien77DNP0E4 (FWD)Jake Waterman71DNP0
CCDarcy Parish12864CTouk Miller5959
CCTom Green10251VCJack Redden1120
HAAdam Cerra5050
Cape Town CobrasNew Delhi Tigers
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Harris Andrews6262D1Jake Lloyd8282
D2Trent Rivers6262D2Jordan Dawson130130
D3Griffin Logue7272D3Thomas Barrass1818
D4Isaac Quaynor5454D4Jack Sinclair138138
M1Callum Mills101101M1Noah Anderson6262
M2Chad Warner5151M2Ed Langdon37DNP0
M3Luke McDonald127127M3Angus Brayshaw5454
M4Jaeger O'Meara9393M4Adam Kennedy9898
R1Toby Nankervis135135R1Oscar McInerney9898
F1Josh Battle7474F1Zak Butters118118
F2Tom Papley7272F2Sam Switkowski6161
F3Jaidyn Stephenson0DNP0F3Mitchell Lewis8686
F4Tanner Bruhn8989F4Harry Morrison6363
U1 (MID FWD)Mitch Duncan8282U1 (DEF FWD)Patrick McCartin8585
U2 (MID)Quinton Narkle0DNP0U2 (DEF)Lachlan Bramble5252
E1 (RUC)Ivan Soldo6363E1 (DEF)Noah Answerth52DNP0
E2 (RUC)Mabior Chol4747E2 (DEF)Mitchell Hinge58DNP0
E3 (FWD)Shane McAdam37DNP0E3 (FWD)Samuel Wicks42DNP0
E4 (DEF)Nick Murray48DNP0E4 (MID)Sam Durham7676
CCallum Mills101101CJack Sinclair138138
VCChad Warner510VCJake Lloyd820
RP00RPAdam Kennedy9820
HAMabior Chol4747
Rome GladiatorsSeoul Magpies
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Sam Docherty7878D1Jack Crisp107107
D2Dan Houston139139D2Zach Tuohy7474
D3Nick Blakey106106D3Samuel Collins8484
D4Heath Chapman7676D4Josh Rotham4646
M1Josh Kelly125125M1Clayton Oliver178178
M2Luke Parker112112M2Patrick Cripps7878
M3Nick Daicos6565M3Matt Rowell3939
M4Adam Treloar9393M4Patrick Dangerfield6565
R1Sam Draper4242R1Toby Conway0DNP0
F1Connor Rozee4646F1Charlie Curnow122122
F2Errol Gulden7272F2Rhylee West7979
F3Dylan Moore101101F3Bailey Scott110110
F4Sam Berry7979F4Zac Fisher110110
U1 (FWD)Kysaiah Pickett6262U1 (MID FWD)Curtis Taylor4646
U2 (DEF)Brandon Starcevich7777U2 (MID FWD)Lachie Weller5454
E1 (DEF)Tom Jonas60DNP0E1 (FWD)Logan McDonald850.543
E2 (MID FWD)Patrick Naish29DNP0E2 (MID)Will Setterfield0DNP0
E3 (MID)Jack Carroll38DNP0E3 (FWD)Toby Bedford37DNP0
E4 (RUC)Nick Bryan59DNP0E4 (RUC)Ned Moyle0DNP0
CJosh Kelly125125CClayton Oliver178178
VCAdam Treloar930VCPatrick Cripps780
HASam Draper4242
Christchurch SaintsBerlin Brewers
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Mason Redman113113D1Jeremy McGovern6868
D2Callum Wilkie121121D2Steven May8989
D3Tom Cutler6363D3Brodie Smith108108
D4Lachlan Jones2929D4Darcy Byrne-Jones6262
M1George Hewett120120M1Callan Ward8787
M2Jade Gresham115115M2Joel Selwood6767
M3Brandan Parfitt9494M3Josh P Kennedy24DNP0
M4Tyler Brown4646M4Zak Jones6565
R1Sean Darcy134134R1Max Gawn8989
F1Rory Lobb6262F1Luke Jackson7474
F2Jesse Hogan110110F2Sam Powell-Pepper3232
F3Jack Silvagni5454F3Bayley Fritsch7878
F4Jamie Elliott4444F4Cameron Zurhaar6868
U1 (DEF RUC)Lewis Young7575U1 (MID FWD)Tom Sparrow8888
U2 (FWD)Tom McDonald8686U2 (FWD)Zach Sproule8989
E1 (FWD)Jacob Koschitzke68DNP0E1 (DEF)Ryan Gardner4242
E2 (DEF)Liam Stocker43DNP0E2 (DEF)Harrison Petty48DNP0
E3 (DEF)Tom Clurey54DNP0E3 (DEF)Lachlan Keeffe0DNP0
E4 (MID FWD)Ryan Byrnes0DNP0E4 (MID)Daniel Howe59DNP0
CGeorge Hewett120120CMax Gawn8989
VCSean Darcy1340VCJeremy McGovern680
HALachlan Jones2929
Cairo SandsNew York Revolution
POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ Nil Nil   POSTraditionalSCOPENADJ
D1Tom Stewart122122D1Bailey Dale9494
D2Nick Vlastuin6868D2Caleb Daniel8686
D3Brennan Cox8181D3Sam Taylor7070
D4Ed Richards121121D4Mark Blicavs101101
M1Hugh McCluggage7878M1Cameron Guthrie124124
M2Taylor Adams9393M2Patrick Lipinski7979
M3Jordan Clark105105M3Jy Simpkin3737
M4Daniel McKenzie5050M4Trent Dumont6868
R1Braydon Preuss0DNP0R1Rhys Stanley0DNP0
F1Tom J Lynch3333F1Jack Darling6161
F2Alex Neal-Bullen5959F2Jed Anderson8787
F3Lincoln McCarthy4040F3Tom Powell7272
F4Jason Castagna6969F4Bradley Close9898
U1 (MID)Josh Daicos5959U1 (DEF)Blake Hardwick4949
U2 (DEF)Buku Khamis1212U2 (RUC)Darcy Fort103103
E1 (DEF)Alex Keath28DNP0E1 (MID)Robbie McComb7878
E2 (FWD)Travis Colyer43DNP0E2 (DEF)Jake Kelly65DNP0
E3 (MID)Kamdyn McIntosh62DNP0E3 (MID)Will Hoskin-Elliott88DNP0
E4 (RUC)Matthew Flynn133133E4 (MID FWD)Jake Riccardi69DNP0
CCTom Stewart122122CCBailey Dale9447
CCBraydon Preuss0DNP0CCCameron Guthrie12462
RPConor Stone0DNP0RP00
NRHugh Greenwood81NR0
HABuku Khamis1212
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