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Author Topic: WXV Round 10: Pandas in Peril?  (Read 804 times)
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He did it

« on: May 16, 2022, 06:04:55 pm »

Friday night FULL LOCKOUT at 7.50pm AEST


Round 10, AFL Round 10
Home Team                             Away Team                             Venue                                                                                 Head-to-Head
PNL ReindeersToronto WolvesStade du Ray6  v  6
Beijing PandasTokyo SamuraiBeijing Olympic Park, EurAsia, Asia6  v  4
Mexico City SunsDublin DestroyersFireball Stadium6  v  7
Pacific IslandersRio de Janeiro JaguarsTuanaimato International Stadium, AAP Alliance6  v  1
Buenos Aires ArmadillosLondon RoyalsEstadio de River4  v  6
Cape Town CobrasNew Delhi TigersNewlands Cricket Ground7  v  3
Rome GladiatorsSeoul MagpiesThe Colosseum, EurAsia5  v  5
Christchurch SaintsBerlin BrewersAMI Stadium3  v  4
Cairo SandsNew York RevolutionBorg El Arab Stadium, AAP Alliance6  v  4

PNL Reindeers vs Toronto Wolves

Active Streak: PNL (4)

WXV Average (History): 1362
WXV Average (against Toronto): 1419
Average Winning Margin (against Toronto): 186

WXV Average (History): 1389
WXV Average (against PNL): 1368
Average Winning Margin (against PNL): 138

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

Beijing Pandas vs Tokyo Samurai

Active Streak: Tokyo (1)

WXV Average (History): 1364
WXV Average (against Tokyo): 1382
Average Winning Margin (against Tokyo): 172

WXV Average (History): 1327
WXV Average (against Beijing): 1350
Average Winning Margin (against Beijing): 179

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

Mexico City Suns vs Dublin Destroyers

Active Streak: Dublin (1)

Mexico City
WXV Average (History): 1425
WXV Average (against Dublin): 1473
Average Winning Margin (against Dublin): 152

WXV Average (History): 1423
WXV Average (against Mexico City): 1515
Average Winning Margin (against Mexico City): 237

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012Mexico City1307Dublin127235
22013Mexico City1713Dublin1366347
32014Dublin1638Mexico City1366272
42014Dublin1830Mexico City1500330
52015Dublin1638Mexico City1524114
62015Dublin1738Mexico City1496242
72015Mexico City1623Dublin1473150
82016Dublin1595Mexico City1484111
92017Mexico City1520Dublin1279241
102018Dublin1618Mexico City1268350
112019Mexico City1434Dublin1330104
122020Mexico City1439Dublin140534
132021Dublin1401Mexico City1253148

Pacific Islanders vs Rio de Janeiro Jaguars

Active Streak: Pacific (5)

WXV Average (History): 1362
WXV Average (against Rio de Janeiro): 1489
Average Winning Margin (against Rio de Janeiro): 189

Rio de Janeiro
WXV Average (History): 1363
WXV Average (against Pacific): 1369
Average Winning Margin (against Pacific): 296

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12015Pacific1478Rio de Janeiro1344134
22016Rio de Janeiro1687Pacific1391296
32017Pacific1608Rio de Janeiro1312296
42018Pacific1624Rio de Janeiro1278346
52019Pacific1450Rio de Janeiro140644
62020Pacific1300Rio de Janeiro128911
72021Pacific1574Rio de Janeiro1270304

Buenos Aires Armadillos vs London Royals

Active Streak: Buenos Aires (1)

Buenos Aires
WXV Average (History): 1322
WXV Average (against London): 1319
Average Winning Margin (against London): 122

WXV Average (History): 1293
WXV Average (against Buenos Aires): 1325
Average Winning Margin (against Buenos Aires): 93

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012London1470Buenos Aires1353117
22013Buenos Aires1436London139937
32014Buenos Aires1621London1280341
42015London1383Buenos Aires1242141
52016Buenos Aires1349London1248101
62017London1236Buenos Aires1107129
72018London1248Buenos Aires119553
82019London1267Buenos Aires12589
92020London1386Buenos Aires1280106
102021Buenos Aires1344London13359

Cape Town Cobras vs New Delhi Tigers

Active Streak: Cape Town (3)

Cape Town
WXV Average (History): 1352
WXV Average (against New Delhi): 1388
Average Winning Margin (against New Delhi): 191

New Delhi
WXV Average (History): 1303
WXV Average (against Cape Town): 1320
Average Winning Margin (against Cape Town): 218

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012Cape Town1582New Delhi1142440
22013Cape Town1356New Delhi1180176
32014New Delhi1279Cape Town126415
42015Cape Town1522New Delhi1417105
52016Cape Town1298New Delhi125147
62017New Delhi1548Cape Town1184364
72018New Delhi1559Cape Town1283276
82019Cape Town1309New Delhi121594
92020Cape Town1671New Delhi1251420
102021Cape Town1410New Delhi135852

Rome Gladiators vs Seoul Magpies

Active Streak: Rome (Nil)

WXV Average (History): 1443

WXV Average (History): 1406

Christchurch Saints vs Berlin Brewers

Active Streak: Berlin (1)

WXV Average (History): 1287
WXV Average (against Berlin): 1327
Average Winning Margin (against Berlin): 61

WXV Average (History): 1370
WXV Average (against Christchurch): 1387
Average Winning Margin (against Christchurch): 151

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin

Cairo Sands vs New York Revolution

Active Streak: New York (1)

WXV Average (History): 1323
WXV Average (against New York): 1393
Average Winning Margin (against New York): 197

New York
WXV Average (History): 1323
WXV Average (against Cairo): 1325
Average Winning Margin (against Cairo): 125

ClashYearWinning TeamScoreLosing TeamScoreMargin
12012Cairo1603New York1257346
22013Cairo1588New York1196392
32014New York1374Cairo136212
42015New York1474Cairo1313161
52016Cairo1412New York134369
62017New York1534Cairo1403131
72018Cairo1416New York132690
82019Cairo1209New York1107102
92020Cairo1319New York1137182
102021New York1502Cairo1307195
Purple 77
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He did it

« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2022, 06:08:57 pm »

Beijing have lost its past 3 matches - games where its opponent has averaged 148ppg. Whilst one of those teams was ladder leader Buenos Aires, losses against 'speculative' top 8 teams in Cairo and New Delhi means it enters the 2nd half of the year with Toronto, Rio, Mexico City, Pacific and fellow top 8 contender PNL.  Now sitting at 9th spot... they cannot afford to lose this match, against a cruelly 17th placed Tokyo team that has three 140+ scores to its name.
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He did it

« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2022, 06:10:51 pm »

Also a shout out to our 7-2 teams going head-to-head, Pacific take on Rio in my MATCH OF THE ROUND!

The winner will be 1 game clear of 3rd and establish a very strong position for the 2nd half of the year
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ADT Admin

« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2022, 10:18:30 pm »

Beijing Pandas

D: Dyson Heppell, Jeremy Howe, Wil Powell, Taylor Duryea (RB)
M: Lachie Neale (C), Dayne Zorko (VC), Blake Acres, Brandon Ellis
R: Patrick Ryder
F: Stephen Coniglio, Tom Hawkins, Tyson Stengle, Kane Lambert
U: David Swallow, Dylan Shiel

Emergencies: Conor Nash, Connor West, Aiden Begg, Dane Rampe

IN: Taylor Duryea
OUT: Kane Farrell
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ASC Admin

« Reply #4 on: May 16, 2022, 11:19:04 pm »

D: S. Docherty, D. Houston, N. Blakey, H. Chapman
M: J. Kelly (c), L. Parker, N. Daicos, A. Treloar (vc)
R: S. Draper
F: C. Rozee, E. Gulden, D. Moore, S. Berry
U: K. Pickett, B. Starcevich

Emg: T. Jonas, P. Naish, J. Carroll, N. Bryan
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« Reply #5 on: May 17, 2022, 01:04:29 am »

      Pacific Islanders   

DEF: Harry Perryman, Aliir Aliir, Liam Duggan, Connor Idun(Rested)   
MID: Rory Laird (CC), Marcus Bontempelli, Tom Mitchell, Jarryd Lyons 
RCK: Jarrod Witts (CC)   
FWD: Taylor Walker, Zac Bailey, Matt Taberner, Harry Himmelberg 
UTL: Peter Wright(F/R), Andrew Gaff(M)     

EMG: Caleb Poulter(M), Harry Edwards(D), Bailey Williams(D), Lachlan McNeil(F)

Resting: Tim O'Brien
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #6 on: May 17, 2022, 02:11:15 am »

Christchurch Saints

D: Mason Redman, Callum Wilkie, Tom Cutler, Lachie Jones
M: George Hewett (C), Jade Gresham, Jack Graham, Brandan Parfitt
R: Sean Darcy (VC)
F: Rory Lobb, Jesse Hogan, Jack Silvagni, Jacob Koschitzke
U: Lewis Young, Tom McDonald

E: Xavier Duursma, Paddy Dow, Zaine Cordy, Hayden McLean
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UTG Admin

« Reply #7 on: May 17, 2022, 10:24:24 am »

Toronto Wolves


Alex Witherden, Nathan Broad, Ryan Burton, Tom Atkins, Jake Bowey (Rested)
Jackson Macrae (C), Travis Boak (VC), Dion Prestia, Tim Kelly
Rowan Marshall
Isaac Heeney, Max King, Anthony Scott
Jai Newcombe, Lachlan Sholl

Josh Rachele, Connor MacDonald, Denver Grainger-Barras, Brent Daniels

Rest: Justin McInerney
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Dublin Destroyers

« Reply #8 on: May 17, 2022, 01:04:33 pm »

Dublin Destroyers

Jake Lever, Mark O'Connor, Josh Gibcus, Brodie Kemp
Greg Clark, Andrew McGrath, James Harmes, Finn Callaghan
Trent Cotchin
Lachlan Schultz, Jack Riewoldt, Izak Rankine, Ned McHenry     
Andrew Brayshaw (CC), Bailey Smith (CC)

Jack Mahony, Josh Treacy, Jackson Nelson, Bigoa Nyuon
Reserves Reserves: Levi Casboult, Sam Butler, Ben McKay , Jayden Hunt, Kayne Turner
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #9 on: May 17, 2022, 01:43:04 pm »

New Delhi Tigers

D: Jake Lloyd (VC), Jordan Dawson, Tom Barrass, Jack Sinclair (C)
M: Noah Anderson, Ed Langdon, Angus Brayshaw, Adam Kennedy (RESTED)
R: Oscar McInerney
F: Zak Butters, Paddy McCartin, Mitch Lewis, Harry Morrison
U: Sam Wicks, Lachlan Bramble

Emg: Noah Answerth (M), Mitch Hinge (D), Sam Switkowski (F), Brayden Fiorini

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2014 RDT Elxam m0nty medalist

« Reply #10 on: May 17, 2022, 04:18:08 pm »

LONDON ROYALS (Traditional)

D: Adam Saad, Darcy Gardiner  John Noble, Liam Baker
M: Touk Miller (C) Jack Newnes, Willem Drew, Jack Redden (VC)
R: Jordan Sweet
F: Jack Higgins, Keidean Coleman, Tim Membrey, Jamaine Jones
U:  Lachie Young, Nick Hind
E: Maurice Rioli (Jr), Charlie Spargo, Zac Guthrie , Dylan Grimes

Captain: Touk Miller
Vice Captain: Jack Redden

In:  Newnes, Coleman
Out: Rioli, McStay
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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #11 on: May 17, 2022, 04:46:43 pm »


Daniel Andrews, Jack Bowes, Griffin Logue, Isaac Quaynor
Callum Mills (C), Chadley Warner (VC), Luke McDonald, Jaeger O'Meara
Toby Nankervis
Josh Battle, Tom Papley, Jaidyn Stephenson, Tanner Bruhn
Mitch Duncan, Quinton Narkle

Ivan Soldo, Mabior Chol, Trent Rivers, Shaun Higgins
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2017 SC m0nty medalist

« Reply #12 on: May 17, 2022, 06:57:24 pm »

Rio de Janeiro #Flaguars

Def: Isaac Cumming, Daniel Rich, Will Day, Brayden Maynard.
Mid: Brad Crouch (CC), Jack Viney (CC), Matthew Kennedy, Karl Amon.
Ruck: Sam Hayes.
Fwd: Tim Taranto [Mid], Ben Brown, Mason Wood (RB), Todd Marshall.
Util: Tom De Koning [Ruck], James Jordon [Mid].

Emerg: Jeremy Cameron [Fwd], Eric Hipwood [Fwd], Josh Walker [Def], Ben Hobbs [Mid].

In: Brayden Maynard, James Jordon, Mason Wood.
Out: Tarryn Thomas (Omit), Jeremy Cameron (Omit), Jeremy Finlayson (Rested).

Axe comes down on Tarryn Thomas again. 9th highest average among #Flaguar forwards he really needs to spend a significant amount of time with the Capuchins to regain his form. Both Jezzas go out with Fin getting a rest ahead of the Essendon game next week.
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Fantasy Coach

« Reply #13 on: May 17, 2022, 07:12:26 pm »

New Delhi Tigers

D: Jake Lloyd (VC), Jordan Dawson, Tom Barrass, Jack Sinclair (C)
M: Noah Anderson, Ed Langdon, Angus Brayshaw, Adam Kennedy (RESTED)
R: Oscar McInerney
F: Zak Butters, Sam Switkowski, Mitch Lewis, Harry Morrison
U: Paddy McCartin, Lachlan Bramble

Emg: Noah Answerth (M), Mitch Hinge (D), Sam Wicks (F), Sam Durham

Rest: Brayden Fiorini

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Coach of the Tokyo Samurai

« Reply #14 on: May 19, 2022, 05:31:49 am »

Def: Ridley, Budarick, Whitfield, Impey
Mid: Ross, Liberatore (VC), Florent, Smith
Ruc: Ladhams
Fwd: Cameron, Dunkley (C), Rioli, Long
UT: Walters, Hickey
EMG: Holman, Rowe, Guelfi, Plowman

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