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Author Topic: Rd 9 Banter and Lodgement  (Read 463 times)
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2014 RDT Elxam m0nty medalist

« on: May 10, 2022, 06:57:34 pm »

Round 9 is here and we have a standard suite of games from Friday night to Sunday,

We will still have a partial lock out as this year full lock out occurs at bounce of first Saturday game.
As a result Captains, Vice Captain and EVC as well as Dogs/Pies players will be locked at bounce on Friday 7:50pm, with full lockout at bounce of Tigers/Hawks game  1:45pm Saturday,

Teams are to be lodged in this format in this thread:

Def: xxxx  xxxx  xxxx xxxx
Mid: xxxx  xxxx  xxxx xxxx
Ruck: xxxx
Fwds: xxxx  xxxx  xxxx xxxx
Util: xxxx xxxx (can be in any position)
Emergencies: xxxx  xxxx  xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxxx (name in priority order and post in UF)

Captain, Vice Captain and emergency vice captain to be specified,
Teams to be lodged in UF and this thread with Emergencies in order so Admin can make the required adjustments if necessary. Can you please keep UF updated with changes to lockout to assist Admin

Note when changing team lodgements use quote or create new post.

Rd 9 Draw with first named team HGA,
Oxford Lions v Leeds Leeches
2nd v 12th
Blackpool Bunnies v Swansea Breakers
5th v 11th
Hebden Bridge Hedgehogs v Huddersfield Hawks
3rd v 9th
Nottingham Hoods v Birmingham Dragons
8th v 16th
Manchester Magic v Staines Steins
7th v 4th
Hastings Hurricanes v Bradford Badgers
1st v 14th
Grope Lane Giants v Wrexham Knights
6th v 10th
Liverpool Rams v Winchester Werewolves
13th v 15th

Most games pit top teams against lower teams so lets see some upsets. may get to write ups later but May is my busy month with so much on so apologies for missing.

Let the banter begin. 
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UTG Admin

« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2022, 06:38:03 pm »

Midchester Midgic

Dan Houston, Zac Williams, Justin McInerney, Brodie Smith
Patrick Cripps (C), Brad Crouch (VC), Gregory Clark, Hugh Greenwood
Rhys Stanley
Errol Gulden, Sam Powell-Pepper, Bailey Scott, Jeremy Cameron
Angus Brayshaw, Darcy Fort

Callum Wilkie, Tom De Koning, Jack Silvagni, James Worpel, Lachlan Sholl, Maxwell King
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« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2022, 06:59:38 pm »

Oxford Lions

Def: Sam Docherty, Jarman Impey, Sam Taylor, Mason Redman
Mid: Ollie Wines (VC), Ben Keays (C), Tom Liberatore, Jaeger O'Meara
Ruck: Peter Ladhams
Fwd: Jed Anderson, Connor Rozee, Alex Neal-Bullen, Todd Marshall
Util: Bailey Smith (M) (EVC), Noah Anderson (M)

Emg: Brandon Starcevich (D), Lincoln McCarthy (F), Sam Durham (M), Zach Guthrie (D), Sam Hayes (R), Mabior Chol (R/F)

Ins: Noah Anderson, Todd Marshall
Outs: Lincoln McCarthy, Sam Hayes
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« Reply #3 on: May 12, 2022, 06:17:18 pm »

Jack Crisp, Jy Farrar, Aidan Corr, Jordan Dawson (VC)

Tyler Brown, Zach Merrett (C), Will Hoskin-Elliott, Joshua Rachele

Sam Draper

Luke Breust, Lachlan McNeil, Tom Hawkins, Bradley Close

Jamaine Jones, Malcolm Rosas

Sean Lemmens, Jake Soligo, James Bell, Matt Cottrell, Charlie Lazzaro
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Happy to Be Here

« Reply #4 on: May 12, 2022, 06:32:36 pm »

Grope Lane Giants

D: Jake Lloyd (VC), Will Day, Zach Tuohy, Tom Jonas   
M: Sam Walsh (C), Andrew McGrath, Adam Cerra, Taylor Adams
R: Tom Hickey
F: Jordan De Goey (EVC), Jade Gresham, Charlie Curnow, Tyson Stengle
U: Dayne Zorko (M), Nick Haynes (D)

E: Andrew Gaff (M), Jack Newnes (M), Jimmy Webster (D), Will Hayward (F), Jordan Sweet (R), Chayce Jones (D)
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #5 on: May 12, 2022, 06:57:22 pm »

Nottingham  Hoods
B - May, J McGovern, Saad, T Atkins
M - J Macrae (c), J Berry, LDU, Drew
R - Jamieson
F - Taranto (Vc), D Moore (Haw), Coniglio (Dvc),
 C Cameron
U/T - Doedee, Duursma
E - Duryea, Carroll, Higgins, B Cox,
 Rayner, B Williams
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2014 RDT Elxam m0nty medalist

« Reply #6 on: May 12, 2022, 07:48:32 pm »

Swansea Breakers:

Def: Andrews,Ballard, Gardiner, Chapman
Mid: Tim Kelly,Cam Guthrie (vc), Pendlebury,Redden
Ruck : McInerney
Fwds:  Bolton, Darling, Farrell,  DeKonning
Util: Green (c), Rankine

Emergencies: Brown,  Banfield, Himmelberg, Coleman, Perez, Kemp

In:  Gardiner, Rankine
Out: Coleman, Himmelberg,
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Fantasy coach

« Reply #7 on: May 12, 2022, 08:25:21 pm »

Winchester Werewolves

Def: Lachie Whitfield (EVC), James Sicily (VC), Ed Richards, Mark O'Connor
Mid: Jack Steele (C), Ollie Florent, James Harmes, Jordan Clark
Ruck: Toby Nankervis
Fwd: Harry Himmelberg, Jason Castagna, Ollie Henry, Booper Hamilton
Util: Ben Hobbs (M), Kieran Strachan (R)

Emg:  Jake Kelly (D), Josh Rotham (D), Jake Riccardi (F/M), Sam Butler (F/M), Jordan Butts (D), Ivan Soldo (R)
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2017 RDT Rank: 304

« Reply #8 on: May 13, 2022, 12:55:24 am »

Hebden Bridge

B: George Hewett (vc), Alex Witherden, Darcy Byrne-Jones, Nathan Broad
M: Lachie Neale (C), Dion Prestia, Zak Jones, Patrick Lipinski
R: Mark Blicavs
F: Will Brodie, Toby Greene, Brandan Parfitt, Mason Wood
U: James Rowbottom, Paddy Ryder

E: Tom McDonald, Lachie Young, Nick Holman, Kayne Turner, Stevie Motlop, Conor Stone
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« Reply #9 on: May 13, 2022, 07:46:22 am »


Noah Balta, Nick Hind, Trent Rivers, Luke Foley
Jarryd Lyons, Josh Daicos, Matt Rowell, Finn Callaghan
Braydon Preuss (c)
Jack Graham, Daniel Rioli, Zac Fisher, Adam Treloar (vc)
Todd Goldstein (evc), Trent Cotchin

Charlie Spargo, Callum Coleman-Jones, Cooper Sharman, Nick Larkey, Hayden Crozier, Roarke Smith
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« Reply #10 on: May 13, 2022, 11:11:44 am »


McDonald, Short, Ryan, Aliir.
Petracca, Kelly, Bontempelli, Mills (VC)
Gawn (c)
Hogan, Finlayson, Hipwood, M Rioli.
Vlastuin, Amon.

Frost (D), Fiorini (M). Flynn (R), Hill (F) Petty (D), West (F)

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Get around the Kate Upton Cobras!

« Reply #11 on: May 13, 2022, 02:57:22 pm »


Caleb, Rich, HepD, Maynard
Chadley (C), Narkle, Erasmus, Hately
Witts (EVC)
Bailey (VC), Papley, Battle, West
Duggan, Stepho

Cutler, Bruhn, Collins, Gray, KMac, Gryan
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This Is Straya

« Reply #12 on: May 13, 2022, 03:37:42 pm »

Wrexham Knights

D: Bailey Dale, Blake Hardwick, James Aish, Nathan O'Driscoll
M: Patrick Dangerfield (C), Luke Parker (VC), Jy Simpkin, Hugh McCluggage
R: Rowan Marshall
F: Dusty Martin, Lachie Weller, Jack Martin, Tom Sparrow
U: Seb Ross, Daniel McKenzie

E: Lewis Young, Tom Clurey, Jack Gunston, Paul Curtis
Bench Steward
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ADT Admin

« Reply #13 on: May 13, 2022, 05:25:29 pm »

Blackpool Bunnies

C: Travis Boak
VC: Matt Kennedy
EVC: Isaac Heeney

D: Isaac Cumming, Nick Blakey, Jake Bowey, Darcy Moore
M: Travis Boak, Matt Kennedy, Callan Ward, Jai Newcombe
R: Lance Franklin (OOP)
F: Isaac Heeney, Mitch Duncan, Steele Sidebottom, Tom Powell
U: Brandon Ellis (M), Dylan Shiel (M)

E: Wil Powell (D), Dougal Howard (D), Brody Mihocek (F), Conor Nash (M), Mitch Georgiades (F), Martin Frederick (D)

IN: Tom Powell, Lance Franklin
OUT: Brody Mihocek, Shannon Hurn
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« Reply #14 on: May 13, 2022, 05:40:56 pm »

Def: Perryman, Weitering, Barrass, Newman
Mid: Parish, Laird (C), Miller, Brayshaw (VC)
Ruck: Darcy
Fwd: Billings, Cameron, Thomas, Lobb
Int: Jelwood, Acres

Int: JPK, Answerth, 2MP, Guelfi, Maginness, Pearce
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