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Author Topic: Round 1 Lodgement and Banter Thread  (Read 289 times)
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Happy to Be Here

« Reply #15 on: March 17, 2022, 05:24:15 pm »

Calgary Fireflies

C: Christian Petracca
VC: Tom Stewart
EVC: Zac Bailey

D: Tom Stewart, Aaron Hall, Jordan Ridley, Steven May
M: Christian Petracca, Cam Guthrie, Darcy Parish, Luke Davies-Uniacke, David Swallow, Jaegar O'Meara
R: Rhys Stanley
F: Tarryn Thomas, Jed Anderson Max Holmes, Zac Bailey, Robbie Gray
U: Justin McInerney (D/M), Dan Houston (D), Isaac Smith (M)

E: Brayden Fiorini (M), Rory Sloane (M), Harry Cunningham (D), Jack Silvagni (F), Max Holmes (M/F), Jacob Koschitzke (F), Jason Horne-Francis (M), Angus Brayshaw (M)

New: Max Holmes
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« Reply #16 on: March 17, 2022, 05:49:28 pm »

Arizona Scorpions:

C: Jackson Macrae.
VC: Touk Miller.
EVC: Brodie Grundy.

D: Jack Crisp - Jayden Short - James Sicily - Jack Ziebell.
M: Jackson Macrae - Josh Kelly - Marcus Bontempelli - Dylan Shiel - Taylor Adams - Touk Miller.
R: Brodie Grundy.
F: Isaac Heeney - Ben Brown - Harry McKay - Jamie Elliot.
U: Josh Dunkley (M/F) - Jake Stringer (F/M) Rory Lobb (F) - Sean Darcy (R) - Max Lynch (R)

E: Will Hoskin-Elliot - Tom Sparrow (M/F) - Devon Smith - Zachary Williams - Harrison Himmelburg - Dougal Howard - Noah Balta - Maurice Rioli (M/F) - James Aish - Rory Lobb - Max Lynch (R)
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« Reply #17 on: March 17, 2022, 05:58:25 pm »


Jack Lukosius, Nick Hind, Tom Atkins, Lachie Jones
Jack Steele (c), Brad Crouch, Jarryd Lyons (evc), Ben Keays (vc), Jack Graham, Josh Daicos
Oscar McInerney
Jack Gunston, Tom Hawkins, Tim Membrey, Alex Neal-Bullen
Luke Jackson, Ed Richards, Jackson Mead

Callum Coleman-Jones, Bayley Fritsch, Darcy Fort, Nick Holman, Dylan Grimes, Jeremy Finlayson, Luke Foley, Darcy Gardiner
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« Reply #18 on: March 18, 2022, 10:18:58 am »


Backs: Jeremy McGovern, Brodie Smith,Bailey Williams, Dyson Heppell
Mids: Scott Pendlebury,Dayne Zorko,Patrick Dangerfield ,Adam Treloar,  Steele Sidebottom
Ruck:Nick Naitanui
Forwards: Jack Riewoldt, Aaron Naughton. Lincoln McCarthy, Jeremy Cameron
Utilities:  Matt Rowell,  Jarrod Berry, Scott Lycett
Emer:Isaac Quaynor, Charlie Cameron, Mitch McGovern, Heath Chapman, Jarrod Brander, Archie Perkins, Hayden Young

Captain: Dayne Zorko
Vice Captain: Patrick Dangerfield
Deputy Vice Captain:  Scott Pendlebury

Jeremy Cameron replaces Jamie Cripps  and emergencies adjusted,
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« Reply #19 on: March 18, 2022, 01:32:18 pm »

LA Kings

C: Tim Taranto
VC: Andrew Brayshaw
EVC: Lachie Whitfield

D: Lachie Whitfield, Sam Docherty, George Hewett, John Noble
M: Andrew Brayshaw, Matt Crouch, Jy Simpkin, Caleb Serong, James Rowbottom, Brandan Parfitt
R: Tom Hickey
F: Tim Taranto, Zak Butters, Jack Higgins, Charlie Curnow
U: Jack Redden, David Mundy, Willem Drew

E: Darcy Tucker, Neil Erasmus, Josh P. Kennedy, Braeden Campbell, Harry Schoenberg, Harry Edwards, Lance Franklin, Ryan Byrnes
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ADT Admin

« Reply #20 on: March 23, 2022, 02:24:13 pm »

Round 1 - Sonny's still got it

Springfield (1568) defeat El Paso (1562)

Boy oh boy, what a game to start the season! Both sides carried wounded to the siren in Prestia (37) and Salem (3) respectively, with El Paso almost pulling off an amazing win through the efforts of Tom Green (133) and captains Merrett (119), Parker (119). As it stands however, Springfield take the W off the back of their own centurions, including Josh Rachele (100) on debut, and of course the man himself Sonny Walters (26) who was the one to drag Springfield in front (thanks to some HGA).

Hawaii (1346) defeated by Bermuda (1530)

Some interesting decisions made at team selection by Bermuda, naming players with covid, cooked shoulders and a guy not even on their list anymore! Also Lachie Hunter. Unlike Luke Beveridge though, Bermuda managed to stroll to a convincing win to start the year off right. Boom recruit Lachie Neale (118) and stalwart Travis Boak (115) led from the front, while Hawaii's efforts were dashed by a brutal score from their captain Dayne Zorko (32). At least Rowell (117) looks to be back in touch.

Los Angeles (1803) defeat Arizona (1659)

MASSIVE score from Los Angeles, sending an warning to the rest of the league. Taranto (128) led the line in an all-round consistent performance, aside from Charlie Curnow (31) who was still the lowest scorer with HGA! Could this be the year of the Sinners? Arizona put up a respectable score themselves, led by Macrae (120) as always, and carrying Max Lynch (17) along for the ride.

Washington (1399) defeated by Dallas (1625)

Carn Dallas. Washington tried to outdo Bermuda in naming donuts, but like in the real game, they fell short. Rozee (21), Ryan (45), Ash (37) and subbed in debutant Josh Ward (44) were just some of many passengers aboard the Washington train, while Gawn (79) disappointed as captain. On Dallas' end, 5 centurions led by an unleashed Patrick Lipinski (117) blazed the way in what was a cruisy victory.

Guadalajara (1683) defeated Calgary (1630)

Another close game in the grand final rematch! Guadalajara take revenge for last years decider in a well fought game by both sides. Calgary boasted some ridiculous scores with Houston (150), Petracca (142) and Hall (125) putting in work, but it wasn't enough to make up for passengers Gray (27), Swallow (43), McInerney (43) JOM (49) and Thomas (49) in a polarising display. Guadalajara were far more consistent with Ben Keays (132) contributing and debutant Jack Mead (44) the only straggler.
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