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Author Topic: 2022 Round Two Thread  (Read 393 times)
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« Reply #15 on: March 24, 2022, 05:32:33 pm »

Anaheim Mighty Ducks

Def: Jordan Ridley (EVC), Nick Hind, Blake Hardwick, Luke Brown
Mid: Zach Merrett (C), Patrick Dangerfield (VC), Travis Boak, Josh P. Kennedy, Matt Guelfi, Trent Cotchin
Ruck: Sam Draper
Fwd: Tom Hawkins, Sam Switkowski, Archie Perkins, Devon Smith
Util: Willie Rioli, Mabior Chol, Marcus Adams

Emerg: Jack Petruccelle (F), Connor MacDonald (M), Caleb Graham (D),  Jack Mahony (Sub)
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« Reply #16 on: March 24, 2022, 06:13:01 pm »

D: James Sicily, Harris Andrews, Harry Perryman, Shannon Hurn
M: Clayton Oliver (C), Cameron Guthrie (VC), Luke Parker, Andrew Brayshaw, Andrew Gaff, Oliver Florent
R: Matthew Flynn
F: Tom Mcdonald, Jack Darling, Rory Lobb, Josh Rachele
U: Jack Bowes, Jackson Nelson, Jye Caldwell

Emg: Isaac Quaynor, Jack Henry, CCJ, Max King (sub)
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« Reply #17 on: March 24, 2022, 07:36:49 pm »

Las Vegas Sinners

D: Jake Lloyd (EVC), Jordan Dawson, Wil Powell, George Hewett (VC)
M: Christian Petracca (C), Jarryd Lyons, Tom Mitchell, Andrew McGrath, Nat Fyfe Chad Warner, James Rowbottom
R: Nic Naitanui
F: Zak Butters, Errol Gulden, Peter Ladhams Will Hayward, Tim English
U: Nick Blakey (D), Chad Warner (M) Darcy Moore (D), Harry Himmelberg (F)

E: Riley Bonner (D/M), Will Hoskin-Elliot (M) Jaegar O'Meara (M), Will Hayward (F) Brad Close (F), James Harmes (M) - SUB

In: Jake Lloyd, Jordan Dawson, Peter Ladhams, Chad Warner, Nat Fyfe, Harry Himmelberg, Nick Blakey
Out: Nic Newman, Nathan Broad, Nik Cox, Darcy Moore, Jaegar O'Meara, Lance Franklin, Jaidyn Stephenson
New: Peter Ladhams

Call me David Bowie because there are some ch-ch-ch-changes made
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« Reply #18 on: March 25, 2022, 01:40:25 pm »

DEF: Aaron Hall (VC), Jeremy Howe, Brodie Smith, Isaac Cumming

MID: Lachie Neale (C), Ben Keays (EVC), Ed Langdon, Rory Sloane, Brandan Parfitt, Scott Pendlebury

RUC: Oscar McInerney

FWD: Steele Sidebottom, Chad Wingard, Mitch McGovern, Todd Marshall

UTIL: Todd Goldstein (RUC), Joel Selwood (MID), Callum Wilkie (DEF)

EMG: Nick Larkey (FWD), Jake Waterman (FWD), Noah Answerth (DEF), Jack Ross (MID - SUB)
Laird out, Pendlebury to Mids, Wilkie to Util, Larkey to Emg
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« Reply #19 on: March 25, 2022, 04:02:11 pm »

D: Stewart, Saad (evc), Williams, Heppell
M: Adams (cc), Viney, Green (cc), Powell, Ward, Coniglio
R: Soldo
F: McCarthy, Dow, Rankine, Riewoldt
U: Baker, Redman, Hill

Emg: Parker, Ryan, Kelly, Guthrie (sub)

In: Powell
Out: Langford (injured)
Can't tinker with a successful line-up too much clearly.
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« Reply #20 on: March 25, 2022, 04:08:53 pm »

Carolina Panthers:

D: Sam Docherty - Luke Ryan - Jayden Short - Tom Atkins.
M: Dylan Shiel - Marcus Bontempelli (EVC) - Josh Kelly (VC) - Tim Kelly - Karl Amon - Josh Daicos.
R: Brodie Grundy (C).
F: Connor Rozee - Joe Daniher - Harry McKay - Aaron Naughton.
U: Jake Stringer (M/F) - Daniel Rioli (D/F) - Brody Mihocek (F).

E: Dougal Howard Adam Tomlinson (D) - Tom Sparrow (M) - Rhys Stanley (R) - Luke McDonald (Sub)
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« Reply #21 on: March 25, 2022, 06:23:33 pm »

Houston Bombers

Def: Jack Crisp (VC), Jacob Weitering, Sam Taylor, Jack Sinclair
Mid: Ollie Wines (C), Brayden Fiorini (EVC), Brandon Ellis, Lachie Hunter, Jarrod Berry, Sam Powell-Pepper
Ruck: Marc Pittonet
Fwd: Zac Bailey, Isaac Heeney, Dan McStay, Conor Nash
Util: Tom Doedee (D), Darcy Byrne-Jones (D), Darcy Tucker (D)

Emg: Jeremy Sharp (M), Nakia Cockatoo (F), Tom De Koning (R), Finn Maginness (F/M - Sub)

Ins: Sam Powell-Pepper, Finn Maginness
Outs: Jack Redden, Jeremy Sharp

New: Finn Maginness
SPP on for Redden. Cockatoo replaces Finn at E2, and, pulling a clarko, Maginness to debut as sub.
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ASC Admin

« Reply #22 on: March 27, 2022, 11:04:55 pm »

New Brooklyn Hawks 20.9.129 defeated Colorado Avalanche 15.11.101
(Real: 1928 vs 1515)

The Hawks brought out the big guns this week...shame it was against Colorado and not one of the better/scummier teams like Vegas (better), Anaheim (scummier), or Wisconsin (both). Cripps was obviously the main man with his 162x1.75, but the team all around was pretty good in support. Luke Jackson starred for the Avalanche but it was without support, so they drop back down after last week's solid showing. Did adding Walsh back into the mix turn them shower?

Chicago Sharks 17.9.111 defeated Anaheim Mighty Ducks 17.8.110
(Real: 1671 vs 1644)

Going into the last match of the round, it was Chicago with Brayshaw and King against Anaheim with Switkowski and a 191 point lead. An almost insurmountable task, especially with Switkowski scoring reasonably well, but King was good and Brayshaw was insane and Chicago got home with room to wriggle.

Boston Terriers 20.11.131 defeated Ottawa Otters 15.8.98
(Real: 1962 vs 1476)

Imagine if Boston's forward line didn't combine for under 200 points (not like they had a forward score 134 as an emergency)...could've been a historic score, but they'll have to settle for a big percentage boost over Ottawa who were very poor, but I guess it's best to put up a dog's dinner of a score in a game you're almost always going to lose anyway rather than in a closer contest like last week - wish I rigged the fixture now hey. Neale as captain was obviously the catalyst for the big score, while Ottawa also failed to combine for 200 points between their forward four and their last two midfielders didn't fare any better (27 and 39).

San Francisco Grizzlies 15.16.106 lost to Houston Bombers 17.11.113
(Real: 1583 vs 1699)

Speaking of forward lines combining for under 200 points...mine managed 285, so suck it (thanks to Riewoldt and Rankine being too injured to suck). But Heeney managed half of that on his own and the Jacks in Crisp and Sinclair performed well down back, while Houston's trophy case manager, Jack Shi,t, watched on.

Carolina Panthers 20.5.125 defeated Quito Quetzals 19.10.124
(Real: 1880 vs 1857)

This looked like Quito's game to lose, and I had teed up a great idea for a write-up in that case...but they choked it away as that write-up idea went on the to-do list for next week if they can actually win a game (spoiler alert: they will win next week), just pls remind me to do it. Luke Ryan carried Carolina to the win, while U3 Milo's score was literally the difference here.

Wisconsin Cockerels 20.12.132 defeated Las Vegas Sinners 20.7.127
(Real: 1981 vs 1908)

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